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  1. I love the arts and sciences, in fact I listen to classical music. I have 2 daughters with Ms degrees amd a daughter and a wife with BS degrees. My son on the other hand was never very good with the scholastic stuff. Real smart kid with a good head on his shoulders but not much good with the scholastic stuff. When budget cuts hit the schools, to many times one of the first things that gets cut is the vo techs. and shop. At least that is the way it was around here. Now the demarcates are talking about free college. I personally like the fact that many of the merit badges are still about basi
  2. Wait a minute, The boy is 15, Senior Patrol Leader, and life Scout working on Eagle and nobody in the troop likes him? Maybe it's me, but something doesn't seem to add up here. It is very rare that I see anyone younger that 16 pushing 17 working on Eagle. I sounds like the kid has done good so far. Have him call the Scout Master and you listen in. If that doesn't work go to one of the district executives for guidance. But If he wants to be an Eagle, Let him address the issues. I know I respect a kid that comes to me a lot more than I would if Mama Bear comes to me complaining. He's learn
  3. At the camp my Scout troop goes to for summer camp, Thursday night the mess hall is closed. The camp provides steak, corn and potatoes to be cooked in camp. On my way to camp I stopped and bought a $1 toilet brush. Thursday afternoon when the potatoes arrived I grabbed them and headed for the bath house where there is a laundry tub and running water. Some of my Scouts had a cooler they were filling with water to soak the corn. You should have seen the look in their eyes when I said. " Look at the cool potato brush someone left here at the bath house! All you have to do is push the potat
  4. Stosh, we are on the same page. I just getting frustrated with some of the people in the troop trying to tell me I'm being to harsh when a kid that wants to be an Eagle, only knows a square knot and that is it. In the year and a half he has been in our troop he has only come to one camping trip and none of the Eagle projects. The last time he came in front of the committee to present his project for the 2nd time he stumbled all over the Scout law, had no idea what the slogan and motto were let alone the outdoor code. Now I have people telling me I can not retest his skills and he has been acti
  5. I'm dyslexic and haven't read all the guidelines yet but I'm trying. Unfortunately, everything I've seen so far is, learn it, forget it and move on. It is all beginning to look like a participation trophy to me. A kids skills or lack thereof can not be retested. If the kid doesn't come to any of the troop outings, oh, well, I'm sure he had a reason. You still have to advance him, he came to 1/3 of the meetings and did nothing. That counts and you can't deny it. The troop I am in needs more structure and I'm trying to get the Scouts to take control of their troop. This hasn't been success
  6. My troop is in the process of re writing the by laws. One of the qualifications for advancement is to be active in the troop. Ok, that being said, what is the official definition of "ACTIVE"
  7. Eagle 90, My prayers are with you, the Family and your Scouts. Two years ago I lost one of my Scouts to an enlarged heart that with no warning. At the funeral, we couldn't find a bugler to play taps. After the ceremonies at the grave site one of my Scouts yelled "Circle Up!" We formed a circle with the break just of the corner of Mike's casket and sang the Scout Vespers. The Scout Masters voice cracked as he recited the Scout Masters Prayer. I was Mikes Eagle advisor and stood in his place as we finished the project he had designed. He got his Eagle Honors posthumously. I have a kn
  8. I've been in Scouting for about 15 years. I've helped a lot of Scouts get to the rank of Eagle. Unfortunately, one of them posthumously. The young man that attains the rank of Eagle should stand out a a leader and a man of character. This kids lack of attendance at meetings and Outings shows a lack of commitment to the Troop and a lack of interest in Scouting in general. Twice he has had a POR and did nothing in those positions. In his old troop, the boys wanted him removed. That is when he came to our Troop. We didn't know any of this until 4 months ago. I have tried to work wit
  9. This is the first time I have posted here but I need some guidance. I have a Scout that came to my troop about 2 years ago complaining his old Scout master wasn't being fair to him and was picking on him.(about 16 yrs old). He seemed to be a nice kid with a dominant mother. We greeted him into the troop and got to know him a bit. It seemed to me that he needed a confidence builder. The boys decided on a trip to Wright Patterson AFB for our June trip last year. I put this kid in charge of setting it up. He/ his mom did a great job. That is the last trip he has attended. I have approach
  10. What happened at your Pack is unfortunate and inexcusable. The best way to rein a good time for the kids is to get the parents involved. The last thing my son and I did as he was crossing over to Boy Scouts was to build a NEW Pinewood Derby Track for the pack he was leaving. The design for the track was out of my head and the timer schematic and programing can be found at The Worlds least expensive Pinewood Derby Timer on Line. I can only suspect the parent didn't like the finish. This may help the Pack ovoid another irate Parent.
  11. Keep talking guys I like what I am hearing and I am learning.
  12. Up until now my troops Scout Master conferences have been a test of what the scout knew in relation to the rank the scout wanted to attain. We have been lenient with the young scouts and brutal on our Eagles. I have just read an article that says we are doing it wrong. That the Scout Master Conference is not to be a grueling test of what a scout has learned but a chance for us to get to know our scouts better. I like that idea! My Scouts often refer to me as the Assistant Fun Master.A title I proudly accept! OK so if my troop is to change the way we have conducted ourselves with regar
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