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  1. I've never heard of a "Council List of Approved Facilities." Is this for insurance reasons?? I was always under the impression that all registered Scouts/Scouters had the same accident & sickness policy (from Mutual of Omaha?). If insurance isn't the reason for this "list", then your council is reaching way over the line in their self-perceived scope of "authority." Take your Pack wherever you want and don't worry about it. BSA insurance doesn't kick in until all other avenues have been exhausted anyway! The "Tour Permit" went away some 5 years ago, Richard B is correct. It was r
  2. A Court of Honor is by the boys, and for the boys; no one else. They are the ones being honored and doing the honoring. The adults are observers/guests of the boys and just need to learn to tolerate it. We as leaders have seen the same things over and over dozens, even hundreds of times! It doesn't mean everyone else has! One of the reasons TV has "reruns"!
  3. As others have said, there should be total transparency in unit finances. I was Treasurer for our Troop/Pack for over twenty years. Along came a couple of cronies who, for some reason, just didn't want me to have the job. Mind you, I would bring a large ring binder with ALL the bank statements and cancelled checks, all receipts, the checkbook itself, and the ledger. I too would just copy transactions and numbers from the previous month onto a word document. (Excel is NOT my friend!) Spending categories were accurately and painstakingly broken down and accounted for to the penny. Despite t
  4. If the sight of a few booze bottles might curdle the milk then may I suggest: -A few cardboard boxes to cover the "offending" containers? -Asking the CO to move the bottles beneath the bar/out of sight? (They really should be doing this anyway.) -Then of course there remains the issue of the BAR STRUCTURE. (How offensive!) Just declare the area OFF LIMITS to all Scouts and Scouters. If you see someone head toward that area, speak up. Worked for us meeting in an American Legion function hall. 10 years, never a problem. If the above steps don't solve the "problem," then meet across
  5. Blackballed from Council??? OHH NOOO My widdle feewings are so hurt! Whoop dee doo, Edith. Whoop dee doo! What's so important about a district or council position anyway? Do what you feel is right and concentrate on YOUR boys.
  6. All you need there is the 6-P Principle. "Proper Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance". No long winded Mission Statements necessary.
  7. Then let them work on their time-wasting silliness as a TEAM, then. Why dump it on one person? I would take that as a question of my methods and abilities. A direct affront. Now that I think about it, "Grow Up" is a perfect title for this thread!
  8. @@MattR I still don't understand why you're agonizing over this. It's a Scout Troop, not a corporation. You're a volunteer, not a CEO. Get a copy of The Scoutmaster's Handbook, The Boy Scout Handbook, and The Troop Committee Guidebook and place them on the table. "Ladies & Gentlemen, all you need to know about our Troop can be found here. There are additional training opportunities available, and I'll be happy to assist you in exploring them. Will there be anything else?" Boy Scout Troops do not need Mission Statements, Philosophies, Visions, Aims and Goals Statements, Rev
  9. I had one scout 10 years ago who got a master's in Sports Management, and works for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I'm very proud of him, and follow his adventures on Instagram. But the parents don't often think of these kinds of positions (nor do the kids). You might be a "big fish in a small pond" for four years, but the "pond" gets a lot bigger, as do the other fish, after that. That's culture shock to the kid who was the star quarterback on the varsity high school team, but now is the third-stringer who rarely gets to play in a college three states away.
  10. Once, since I graduated, in 1980. Jason Bere to the Chicago White Sox in 1990. 36th round draft pick. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Bere I always told Jock-Scouts "The day after graduation, you start all over again." The axiom proves true time after time. Nicest kid, and made one heck of an Italian sub when he worked at Uncle Mickey's sub shop!
  11. As an addendum (a repeat story for some): I once, as a CC, had a committee member (allegedly trained) ask me in front of the full committee, "Why can't we have a troop like in the training videos?" My answer: "Oh we sure can! I'll get the phone number of the local SAG (Screen Actors' Guild), and find out how much that will cost us! We'll need to hire a director and producer of course. I'll get the cost information, and we can vote on the expenditure at the next meeting?" I received a very puzzled look. "You do know those are all actors, don't you?" The topic never came
  12. @@MattR THIS is what you should give your committee. Yes!
  13. Welcome to the forum @@RivetSmasher Several decades in this "Scouting Thing" has taught me: That things aren't always what they seem to be. Eagle by age 14: In many cases this is "parent driven" not Troop driven. The parent wants that badge and is "earning" it through their son. I've seen this many times. Full Uniforms: Could there be a reason for the jeans? Is a full uniform a deal-breaker for a lot of parents? In times of recession or hardship, our troop did the same thing, not at all detracting from the quality of our program. At least we were all wearing the same out
  14. MattR, if you feel you have to do this for your committee then they clearly don't "get it". Suggest training, chuckle, and keep doing what you're doing!
  15. How about a "Human Bridge?" Half made up of Webelos on each side, and half made up of Scouts on each side. Cubs make the Cub Sign, Scouts make the Scout Sign as the graduate(s) cross(es). Best of all, Cost: $0.00. No materials needed!
  16. More imagination? These are pre-teen and teenage boys. Don't expect Hemingway. And I can't help but find myself answering, "Yes, I did. Really!" I guess if boys want to continue to do the "Important Papers" or the "The Viper Is Coming" skit, they'll have to provide a "Safe Zone" for those who might be scarred for life because of the sight of a roll of toilet paper! (Or, those who don't poop. Let's be all-inclusive here!) Oh, and "Crowbar From Sears" (How violent!) Those time-tested skits do get a laugh from boys who have never seen them before. Puh-leez!
  17. Would have been a very short campfire when I was a Scout. Truly amazing that we all turned out OK.
  18. You can rotate adults in and out all week long. You only need two: One 21+ (registered) and an 18+. Have the 18+ fill out an adult application and keep it "on file" for the week. See who's available what days/nights and develop a schedule. We've done it for years. Sounds like an "adult-run" troop to me too. Does the committee dictate all of the activities?
  19. And then there is the situation you can't fault the boy for: Helicopter Parents. Over the years I've heard things like "No driver's license until you get your Eagle," etc. These are the boys who not only make a quick exit from your Troop (being 18 or close to it), but select a college far out of Helicopter Range and start a career and family several states away. See you at Christmas, Mom and Dad. Also, sad but true! Years ago, one of our leaders approached a parent like this and told her (knowing the boy was unhappy) that if she wanted the Eagle badge, just fork over $3.50 and he'd get
  20. Section here. Piece of PA 3 years ago, and all of Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive) over the last 2. I try to cover 10-12 miles a day over 10 days every summer. Just started the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the journey continues South this July.
  21. I do the exact same thing! When one is careless with an axe or knife, there may not BE a second, third, fourth chance,
  22. A council or a district "taking over" a fundraiser? I had to laugh. There would be a few choice words exchanged if they even attempted or suggested doing this to my unit. Sailors would blush, trust me. I can only imagine seeing our IH and a few dozen members of our CO, battle-hardened veterans, showing up on the scene of this situation. Our fundraising activities are no one's business except ours and the COs. We don't file a fundraising application because of the questions on it. Those questions are no one's business. Period. We raise what we need, and spend what we raise. Th
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