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  1. On the eve of St. Nicholas, I am proud to announce that my son was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. I have never seen him so nervous. Did not help that my hubby told him he would not need his sash and when we got to the community center, saw another Eagle with his sash on and had to race home for the sash before the meeting which would begin in 5 minutes. The committee took me in first anyway, which gave hubby time to go home to retrieve sash. The committee was soooo very nice. Asked me a couple of questions and then it was my sons turn. He went in there and did what he does best. Th
  2. Hi all, I know I have been absent for awhile and you probably would like to know what is happening with my son. Since my last post, he has joined a new troop, one which meets on Mondays, has like 60 scouts instead of 15, and he fits right in. There are other sports guys in the troop, they have existing Eagles, a couple who are just 13 and 14, so no excuse why he won't be able to get Eagle at 15. New SM asked him if he could get to know him for couple of months and then he would be happy to give SMC and sign his application. The first two meetings while son was interviewing troop, SM el
  3. Big, huge question. Is the troop boy led or adult led. Take a look at WHO is telling whom to do what at the meetings. If there are a lot of adults telling the boyscout what to do at the meetings, RUN! Do not look back. Trust me you do not want adult led unless you want a glorified cub scout troop in boyscouts.
  4. No, he has not talked to SM of receiving troop yet. He met with one troop last week to work on an eagle project, but I don't think he mention the app to the SM. He has a meeting with another troop tonight. I will remind him to ask.
  5. Hi all, we'll SM told son last week he will not sign his application or give him a SMC on the grounds that son did not act appropriately at summer camp and he did not show correct leadership while SPL from Jan till last week.son already has POR signed off in book as,PLC for liferank. My question to y'all is this. Should he just have his new troop SM sign it, or should he go the disputed route. He wanted to leave this troop after how he has been treated the past couple of months. SM and ASM claim that they were constantly trying to work with him, but no results. Rather hard to have res
  6. David CO you are way off base. SPL JUST made the decision to leave this week. SM does not have "wind" Of anything. This guy had been pegged correctly by most of these posters, he is not a good SM and has never even read a scout masters book, doesn't even have one.
  7. Oh Beavah, you funny. Thanks for the chuckle
  8. Son has a few troops in mind. Hubby already knows three troops that wanted son after he Eagles, maybe they can be bumped up a bit.
  9. Eagle based on dispute. Can son then have his Eagle COH with his new troop? How long would dispute take and would it involve son having to testify?
  10. COR wants NOTHING to do with this troop. The feeder pack will not get close with a ten foot pole. UC has tried to get COR invomved, they want nothing to do with this troop. Have not had any cross overs now for three years. They do not even try to get new scouts. Had a mad exodus of 8 families lije 4 years ago. Gee, I wonder why. Son joined this troop two years ago in fall when he needed a troop that met on Sundays, and they do.
  11. Council wanted the advancements taken away from SM, he loses all blue cards and does not "seem" to submit them to council. Sits on everything and when he is asked for the blue cards, amazingly "loses" them. He is also MBC for "all" merit badges. Most of the signatures on the scouts in this troop are SM's or ASM's. I could go on for about an hour about what is not right about this troop. What is right, is that they have about 9-10 boys that would like to be scouts and enjoy the scouting program, if only they did not have a ASM that is constantly telling them what and how to do it.
  12. These are monies that have been transferred over from the old troop. Sons have not really done any canvassing since they joined this troop and husband pays for campouts and summer camp cash usually.
  13. Council is rather upset right now and wants answers from the troop for questions. Even they told hubby to encourage son to find a new troop or just have another SM sign off. Sad sad sad.
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