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  1. No two Eagle ceremonies are ever, or should be, the same. You're only limited by your imagination--have fun with it!
  2. Here in the Peoples' Republic Of Massachusetts, there is a helmet law for cyclists. Penalty for violation: none. Go figure!
  3. Funny thing is, we have a similar issue in our troop, but it isn't the SM, it's the BOYS! They don't want any part of OA. The adults do NOT speak ill of the OA either, but the boys won't openly tell us in BORs why they don't want to go to the ordeal when they are elected. A few years ago, at a Pack event, I chatted with some of the Lodge officers who wondered why elected boys from our Troop don't attend the ordeals, or otherwise show any interest in the OA. Eventually the SM told me that the some of the boys, once elected and inducted, would attend chapter and lodge meetings and basically be i
  4. Troop, yes. Pack, no. Why would a Cub leader need Wood Badge?
  5. We've "required" this since 1970. So, are we "ahead of the times"? ELL OH ELL!
  6. Things that raised "red flags" with me": "Dads of" CO: These kinds of COs always seem to have issues, and too many of them. "No 300', citing safety issues": Potential "helicopterism"---I've run into this before. "Told committee of 40, 20 have WB, hoard of ASMs": How in HADES do you find jobs in a single scout troop for 40 people???? Their committee meetings must be LOOOONNNG! "At the back of troop meeting there was a table of 3 Banana Republic Generals taking notes to provide feedback after the meeting to the PLC." : Who are they? Why are they doing this? Is this really a B
  7. Why not just convene a Board Of Review to deal with these issues? BORs are not just for advancement! CC chairs, and the SM, SPL, PL,...whoever you like--reviews the Scout's actions and decides on possible remedies. A BOR alone may provide enough "shock factor" to remedy the problem.
  8. Ah, I only mentioned injury as one instance of possible liability. What I'm saying in short form is that the CO is ultimately responsible for the actions of it's leaders.
  9. Government efficiency. Let's spend 2-3x the funds to keep people OUT. Makes a lot of sense.
  10. Agreed. I, too, would just politely decline.
  11. This is the parents' responsibility, not the Troop's. They are the ones who must sign and approve the Youth Application. What goes on outside the unit (unless it's a YP matter) is none of the unit's concern.
  12. You are not gambling, you are accepting a donation from a legal business. I don't see the problem here.
  13. Yes, even the old-timers won't mention the "Bellamy Salute" because most people are or were ashamed of it after the Nazis adopted it! I judge a Flag Etiquette event at an annual camporee, and you'd be surprised at the reaction of the scouts (and adults!) when I demonstrate the salute and ask, "True or False, this is how the Flag was saluted before WW2". Fun Fact: Hitler also got the idea for SS uniforms from pictures of the Massachusetts State Police! How un-original he was, eh? OK..sorry...back to the topic: I've never heard of a prohibitiion of JWs joining from the BSA side of things
  14. Our pack is pretty good with my "Raise what you need--Spend what you raise" dictate. Generally we have enough in the bank for the September pack meeting. Of course, dues start to come in, so that helps, and fundraising begins right after the first Pack meeting.
  15. A DOB can mean the difference between identifying John Q.Smith, the serial killer, and John Q. Smith, the average citizen.
  16. I'd be more hesitant in that case to give my SSN....but why DOB?
  17. They don't want to give their DOBs???? Why? Are they afraid that someone might send them a birthday card? I'd be curious as to what else they might be "hiding". Something doesn't gel here.
  18. I have always felt that way about FOS. There's nothing like seeing the faces of the parents during an FOS presentation after they have just shelled out $300 apiece for summer camp. Many have asked "Does any of this money go directly to our troop?" The FOS presenter will dance around the question, with stories of new canoes and rifles for summer camp. If they ask me after the meeting, I just say "nope." More parents will throw ME a $20 bill and say "spend this where it's most needed". I had a friend, a recently returning Iraq War Veteran, ask me how much one of our winter camping trips cost us.
  19. "Legal threats"? Yeah, right. Have your lawyer call me. When my phone doesn't ring, it's him. My wise old Scoutmaster said before he retired: "Always go by the book, and you'll never be 'called out'".
  20. MA here too (NE). What part of Mass.?
  21. Those who do not wish to profess Patriotism are free to not do so. Skip the first three words. There is nothing "inefficient" about being an American and proud of it. DS, are you also a proponent of removing the recital of the Pledge Of Allegiance from our public schools, too? It's terribly inefficient and redundant to do it every day! Brewmeister: You are correct, and you haven't done anything but tell the truth.
  22. Tacky enough that if anyone ever attempted that at one of our ECOHs, I'd bodily throw them out. We have a program. If you're not in it, you sit quietly in the audience and honor and respect the Eagle recipient. Period.
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