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  1. Hello, I have an official update to the original question. This answer is per The District Commissioner: Ineligible Volunteers (those rejected by BSA application background checks to become registered with BSA) are NOT allowed to be active in Troop or BSA activities. This means the applicant is not allowed to attend weekend trips or to be an unregistered volunteer in any BSA activities. We were told that the applicant should follow the instructions per the rejection letter and to "sever all ties with the BSA" at this time. The only course of action for the rejected applicant is t
  2. Hello, A Life Scout has performed 88 hours of work on his own Eagle Project. I am aware that the hours get listed in his workbook. Do those hours also count as Service Project hours in other record keeping, such as Troopmaster, so that when the Life Scout goes to his Eagle BOR, it also shows those hours? Looking for policy determination not opinions! Thanks.
  3. "If National decides a volunteer is ineligible, he can observe only as a parent." Where did you find this in policy or is this your opinion? This is the gist of the entire thread. Parents are allowed with YPT to attend weekend trips, are ineligible volunteers allowed to do the same?
  4. I back up the database regularly and it gets synced to 2 other hard drives within my network.
  5. Solved. Option in File, TM Mobile about Auto Process MB's for those have have write access for Advancements was not checked. Checked it. Synced TM Mobile. Synced Desktop to TM Web. Completed MB's entered via TM Mobile showed in all areas.
  6. No one else has a desktop version. They enter via Troopmaster Web or, recently, TM Mobile.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am the Troopmaster Administrator with the master DB and ability to sync the master DB to Troopmaster Web. 1) Database is backed up. 2) We do not use dotnet. 3) Moot since we dont use dotnet. 4) Master desktop was synced to Troopmaster Web. TM Mobiles were synced before and after. TM Mobile (for the test change I made on one Scout) still shows the completed Merit Badge but not in TM desktop or TM Web. I should have noted that I also tested connectivity by adding an attendance update on a previous activity and it updated it properly in all areas. Ad
  8. Completed Merit Badges were entered into Troopmaster Mobile (TM Moblie) for 2 separate Scouts. TM Mobile was synced. Desktop version of Troopmaster was synced with Troopmaster Web. Completed Merit Badges were not shown completed in desktop Troopmaster or in Troopmaster Web or in other TM Mobile apps on other phones. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. This is my biggest concern. From my understanding, all adults on a trip are supposed to be listed on the Tour Permit filed with Council, so the applicants name would appear on official paperwork. I want to make sure that the applicant is eligible to stick around after being placed on an Ineligible Volunteer File. The BSA is a voluntary membership program and you are granted the privilege of being involved, no one has a right to join or be included in any way. Even as it says "parents can view all activities" that really only based on the fact that your child was accepted into the BSA.
  10. Per application and a followup email from applicant to me, it was "forging a financial instrument" (i.e. theft via bad checks), it was also about 15 years ago. Interestingly enough, a DUI was also disclosed. I dont think the DUI disqualified the applicant because another adult app also had DUI and was approved with no problem. I asked the applicant to restrain from immediately replying so they could do it with a cool head. My main concern is that if National said "sever all ties" and policy is "parents can view all" where is the line for this person. Yes, I understand its for the ap
  11. Per BSA, National's CBC is performed by LexisNexis. Thanks again for info so far, still lookong for any actual policy regarding the conflict.
  12. I am of the attitude that if National says "No", Im good with that. It does conflict with the parents being able to view and be involved. This is the only reason why I am looking for clarification in Scout policy before approaching the applicant who has asked for assistance.
  13. I was only told by the Registrar that the applicant was rejected by National and the applicant told me about the letter they received. As of today, the Troop has not eeceived communication from Council or National. There does not appear to be a publicly available copy of what the standards are that could cause someone to not meet the 'high standards' and to be placed in the 'Ineligible Volunteer' file.
  14. The applicant is a parent who we are OK with because of the strong relationship between the Scout and applicant. My concern is exactly that National has rejected them and if the Troop would be subject to sanctions if the applicants name showed up on an injury report or sunmer camp list. I appreciate all the feedback so far. Can anyone point to actual policy? The conflict is as a parent, they should be able to be present and active per BSA guidelines but National has said 'sever all ties'. I wanted to have as much information available to me before approaching Council, which I'd pre
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