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  1. I agree that 13 is too young due to lack of sufficient leadership experience. (my opinion only) BUT, if he's completed all of the requirements, Eagle is possible by age 13, and no one can stop that. If the scout goes before an Eagle Board of Review, he can still pass the board without the Scoutmaster's signature, or even the Troop committee chairman's signature! The council can waive that with an explanation. There is no such thing as 'Pass/Fail" in an SM conference. The only requirement is to HAVE one. The SM in this case is trying to make a statement, and I can understand that. BU
  2. I remember that---your ranks were signed off in a separate "Progress Awards Record Book" that fit in your shirt pocket and was washable! I remember the hardest part of Tenderfoot was having to earn one merit badge. Mine was Rowing--got it at summer camp. (1975 or 76) Skill Awards-good memories!
  3. As long as you don't put yourself in a one on one situation, you're good to go. For example, if I counsel an MB at home, I ask 'em to bring a buddy. I usually prefer to do them in public places like the library, or a coffee shop whenever possible. You get the idea..
  4. No fireworks here! Sounds like you have a great idea---gets the folks to attend and gets the job done!
  5. Our district does host events with "adult beverages." So, yes, I guess there is a "double standard" there! Stosh, we're a Legion troop too---It's considered "bad form" if the Commander (IH) offers to buy you a drink and you decline---unless of course there are still Scouts around, then he understands. But I think we've all had those troop meetings after which we'd gladly accept the Commander's invitation!!
  6. Yes, it is your choice. You certainly would not look "out of place" in uniform, but, again, it is your choice. Either is perfectly appropriate.
  7. BD has nailed it! When leaders and parents gripe about the cost of Scout Summer Camp, I show them brochures of other area day camps that call themselves "Nature" camps. They open at 9am, close at 4pm, provide bus transportation to and from, and provide 0-1 meals/snacks per day. No overnight stays. No real "program" to speak of. (We have a pool! whoopee!) Cost is between $800-$1200 per WEEK! When they see that, it opens their eyes as to what a great value our Scout camps really are. In these parts, $1200 is the majority of the Jambo fee!
  8. Just so I cover "all the bases": For Cubmaster: Blue Loops and Cubmaster patch. For CC: Green loops and CC patch. In other words, wear the uniform of whatever role your fulfilling at the moment! Your choice as to have one uniform or two. I have one uniform and I switch loops/patches for Pack Committee, Troop Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep (Silver Loops)---it gets crazy! Thank God for Velcro!
  9. In our units, the CO policy is that all equipment purchases are made in the name of the CO, never "Troop/Pack XXX" In the event that the units were to fold, the CO has paperwork showing that they own everything, and were "loaning" it to the scouts--with the paperwork to prove it. The CO in turn distributes the property to whom they feel would most benefit by it---The other packs/troops in our town, There's no guarantee that the local council would do the same..
  10. $500? Wow. Our town gives us those festival-only permits for free! Luckily, one of our ASMs has the required "ServSafe" certification. (That's what it's called here). Should he retire, we plan on building that training and cert into our budget for one committee member if we have to.
  11. Can't sell 'em in Concord, Mass.! It's illegal, believe it or not.
  12. May the Ambidextrous join in on the celebration?
  13. Agree TT. 15 passenger vans are a much better option all around from a cost and driver licensing standpoint. (Class C license as opposed to a Class A or B).
  14. We went through this about 15 years ago with our small 5-town Council. A meeting was held with someone from Regional, and they explained that the Council did not meet the standards for a "Quality Council". Many were passionate about our summer camp and were afraid that we would lose it. Ideas proposed for "saving" the council were pooh-poohed by the regional guy--their minds were made up, we merged. Our old council became a district in the new council. We had one summer camp; it was saved. However it's now the only camp in the present council and it's CROWDED! The new council sold one of
  15. There's a difference between requiring and encouraging. From what I understand, you're saying the OA will not hold elections in your troop unless you agree to their "requirement" of attending the council camp. That is WRONG!! Your CC should never sign any agreement like that! Have your COR contact the Scout Executive in your council ASAP. This is NOT kosher. The OA is there to support your troop program, not to run it. Khaliela: No, you can go to any camp you want, or hold your own camp. I can't see how you can be "required" to attend your council camp. Money talks.
  16. Are you sure? How can the OA "require" your troop to do anything? Your unit is free to attend any camp they want. And I mean ANY.
  17. Reminds me of a story. Years ago one of the dads who worked in a print shop had 500 blue cards made up for us. This, after he heard me complaining about our council charging .05 each for them! (Yes, really, for an APPLICATION!). We got quite a few years out of the supply. Then, one year at summer camp, a staff member noticed that our cards weren't perforated. He was yelling "Counterfeit" all over the place, and found it his duty to spread it all over camp, and to the Camp Director, who just laughed. That staff member quickly became a "persona non grata" with our unit, as well as others.
  18. Three failures! Wow, I hope that had at least access to nearby repair facilities or replacement buses. Sure, I'd be soured too after that. I guess my point was that a professional company is better equipped to handle such things than a single Scout Troop. I certainly hope they "Did Their Best!"
  19. Pack Leader, methinks....Took me a minute..
  20. That recipe sounds great! Consider it shared!
  21. KDD, there are minor differences state to state, but most of the regulations are based on Federal requirements.
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