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  1. I have a scout who has just gotten his Eagle Card from National. We are considering of having a small Eagle Ceremony at Scout Camp with OA. Do anyone of you have any experiences with doing at OA Eagle Scout Ceremony at Camp? Does anyone has any ceremonies than the basic OA ceremonies at http://www.eaglescout.org/finale/coh/template06.html Thanks
  2. I have a boy who primary lives on the West coast for most of the year and he is highly active with the troops on the East Coast for the summer. On West coast where his home troop is he has tons of family, but none really attends his COH or any of his scouting activities. He is pretty much alone in support in scouting except for his mother and step dad. His troop is very badly organized. It takes the troop a year to setup a COR and most time the troop loses the MB blue cards. On the East Coast, many scouters are involved with him and they take him to scout campouts and summers camps
  3. I was searching for this on scouting.org and could not find it. This is perfect for what I need.
  4. Behavioral contacts(Standards) can be useful when educating the scout and parents of what the troop expects. The rules are common sense, but a lot of parents seems to be missing that. The scouting age is a good time to teach boys common sense. One rule in the contract is a parent is not allowed to drop off their child(camping trip) and leave until they are cleared with a leader. In the past, parents has drop of their children with no supervision and did not know the trip was canceled. The parents(who left without checking) screamed at the leaders for their children being left alone.
  5. Some scout troops are creating behavior contracts that parents must sign for their children to join. The contracts lists the proper behaviors that scout must provide and it lists the consequences. If the parent realizes that their child can not handle the proper behavior then they might realize that scouting is not for their child. Each autistic child is wired differently. Some children does not want to be in scouts because of the self control it teaches(scout oath and law). My aspergers son has completed COPE because he followed the contract and plan he was given. Without t
  6. Can anyone recommend a good site for the patch placement for a venturing shirt? especially on the sides of the shirt. I am seeing so many sites with the patches together and patches separate.
  7. My 15 year old son has agree to do a Phimont trip in 2015, if I go with him. Now I do not know too much about Philmont and would like to try to plan for next summer. I have been a scout leader since he was a tiger scout, but I feel that I am over my head on how to approach this. I am getting very little info from Counsel about Philmont Continguents. I have see the Philmont videos and read the website, but I feel all the programs are about the same skill set. So any suggestion on how to approach this?
  8. I know that the WB Patrol Patches are not allowed on the Adult Shirts, but my son and I are getting Photos done and he wants us to match. So the question is which WB Patch are you putting on your uniform? BTW, I am Fox. I seen a few examples but I want a patch that looks similar to my son's patrol patch.
  9. In the past troops, he was told by SM to get the worksheet done and find a counsler, then he would get a blue card signed by SM. I had to buy the blue cards from the scout shop because the troop never had any blue cards.
  10. My son with Aspergers has filled out the worksheets for several of his merit badges including his Personal Fitness(90 day chart) and Personal Management(90 day chart). He is being told that they are not being accepted by counslers because he was supposed to contact the counlsers first. The counsler are refusing to sign any of the requirements including the written ones. Does anyone know anything about this?
  11. We are looking for two types of drums. One type of drum will be used for marching cadense. The other type will be used for about 2 or 3 hours constant drumming. The drums must be light enough to be picked up by a scout and carried(incase of rain storm). Also please recommend a good vendor(cost), because we have several scouts and leaders interested in buying their own drums.
  12. Another book I found is Das Pfadfinder- Handbuch. Tipps, Tricks, Abenteuer. Paperback by Walter Hansen. Had to find the proper German spelling for Scout. But I don't know if these books are actually used.
  13. The closest I found is "Handbuch für Pfadfinder" by Klaus Eicheler but there is no reviews about it.
  14. My son is taking German in school and was asking me if there is such thing as a German Scout Book?
  15. I have a scout doing the programming merit badge, but how do you award a scout a Cyber Chip? There seems to be no really info about this for leaders.
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