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  1. Most likely Camp Wah-tut-ca in Northwood, New Hampshire. Questions about the 2016 season have been answered with the "We haven't planned that far" song and dance, and e-mails and snail mails I've received seem to be promoting Camp Sayre and ignoring Wah-tut-ca. Developers have been drooling over the waterfront property on Northwood Lake for years. If I were a betting man........ I do hope I'm wrong about this.
  2. Boston's Museum Of Science offers Scout-Level programs, and I believe even an overnight program! Give them a call! Hartford is only about 90 minutes from Boston.
  3. Oh yes. Every. Single. Time. It does a major disservice to the Troop. And "disservice" is used in the G2SS.
  4. Thank you Stosh! I've actually been around for a while, though, old account: Frank Scout. My old account got messed up somehow, I think deactivated. We think very much alike, for sure!
  5. Raise what you need, and spend what you raise! Keep enough in reserve for startup at the beginning of the Scout year, and enough to replace all your equipment in case of catastrophe.
  6. Don't expect a doctoral thesis, (as seemingly your CC does) these are teenagers we're talking about! Your SM is on the right track. There are no guidelines for this in the GTA. "Do Your Best" is the guideline here.
  7. It's not and never was! All decisions are arrived at by consensus, or per order of the CO.
  8. A few thoughts: First, unless you are sponsored by a military installation that requires it, you don't need by-laws. Everything you need to run a unit is spelled out in BSA literature, including the Scout Oath and Scout Law. A SHORT list of "rules" for health & safety purposes are all you need. One page of Troop POLICIES are all you need. Know the difference between rules and policies! Rules are hard and fast. Policies can be adapted to each individual situation. By-laws serve no purpose but to perpetuate endless bickering and drama. This is a Scout troop, not Hewlett-Packard
  9. Been there, done that, left my unit this summer after being an adult leader of 34 years. When you are no longer a Troop Committee Chairman, but an adviser of a drama club, it's time to go. KDD's response to the OP was well thought out and appropriate. BD, can I be your ASM?
  10. Usually someone who is un- or under-employed (too much time on their hands) and/or they have "control issues". Position doesn't matter. Smile, shrug it off, excuse yourself, and walk away.
  11. OldScout448: We used a few drops of Elmer's Glue--washes right out afterward.
  12. Agree totally. Our troop adds a thin black strip through our troop numbers to show mourning.
  13. KDD, are you channeling Allan Sherman?
  14. Yes, a skilled driver and proper maintenance is key.
  15. The 15-16 seaters tend to be top-heavy and the suspensions wear quickly, so insurance companies aren't too fond of them. Agree with SSScout, DON'T buy a bus!!! You WILL regret it! Search the topic for more info!
  16. LS/MFT.....has THREE meanings.....Who's old enough to know 'em all?
  17. Our council used to have the Katherine Beich (sp?) candy bar program years ago. We found out that the distributor was located in the next town over...make a phone call, show up with a check, and back the pickup truck up to the loading dock.
  18. Correct! Otherwise...let's see.... When the scout needs a merit badge counselor the SM should say "Go find one." When the scout asks where, you tell him the District Advancement chairman has that. When he asks who that is or how to contact him, you say, "Go find him!" Absurd. Every unit leader and/or advancement chair should have a reasonably up-to-date list of counselors in their council. There is a reason that system is in place. You are NOT "doing the work for the scout," simply giving him names and numbers to contact which have been vetted by you. That's right, v
  19. I was getting ready to write almost exactly what Scoutnut wrote. Try it---it's worked for us for 43 years!
  20. The troop should be providing the name/phone of a counselor or choice of counselors. A Scout should not have to "find" one. Worksheets are nice supplements for many badges, but are not official BSA and certainly are not officially required.
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