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  1. The "well meaning vigilante" was the SPL, what he did cannot be undone. (unless someone wants to go latrine-diving.) He did not have to come to me, but felt he should do so in conscience. I did not see it, therefore it is only hearsay. Years of experience with boys this age have taught me that in most cases, one stern warning is enough to end the wrongdoing. The boy doesn't know he's committed a felony (misdemeanor in this state, equal to a traffic ticket). Bringing in the authorities would be a waste of time and resources, and would fold the troop and harbor lots of ill feelings. Since
  2. The G2SS is a dull, dry read. Has anyone ever tried to sit and read, much less interpret, the whole thing? You'll have about as much success as with the writings of Chaucer in Middle English. Fact is, laser tag IS prohibited, because it involves pointing and shooting a "weapon". No one gets hurt, right? Well...if someone were to slip and fall, break a bone, get a concussion, etc., then there would be problems. G2SS in a nutshell says this(MY interpretation): "Here are the things you CAN'T do. If you do them and someone gets hurt, the BSA will not stand behind you, your leaders, or y
  3. To clarify, by CM I mean Committee member, not Cubmaster. I think MC is used in the boards for committee member?
  4. I had a similar situation occur recently. We held BORs the other night, one for Star, and two for Life. (advice: limit 'em to 2 in a night, they can go LONG!). One of the Life candidates, our SPL breezed through his board, a model scout. Then, I asked him a hypothetical, only because he is an SPL. "If you were on a camping trip, and you happened upon two other scouts doing something inappropriate, such as smoking cigarettes or maybe pot, or drinking, what would YOU do?" (emphasis being what the boy would do, not what he thinks should be done). He seemed extremely uncomfortable and fi
  5. Hi everyone! I've been continuously registered the the same unit (Pack then Troop, then Pack/Troop) since 1970. I'm currently a Pack CM and Troop CC, as well as DMAL. Formerly a troop ASM and CM as well. I'm entering my 30th year as an adult in the Troop (7th in the Pack). I have enjoyed reading the offerings in the forums for quite some time, and hope to be active in them as well. YIS, Frank
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