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  1. duplicate post(This message has been edited by FrankScout)
  2. duplicate post(This message has been edited by FrankScout)
  3. "The issue is being way overthought. Whatever you do, retire the flag with dignity. There is no right or wrong way." That is correct.
  4. Wow! Sounds like the PERFECT reason for your COR (and the others!) to attend district meetings. A roomful of us Cranky Old Rebels CANNOT be ignored! See what I did there?
  5. As far as I know, your Council/District are defined by the location of your Chartered Organization. If your CO were to move, then yes. Otherwise, I don't think it's possible. Does anyone know differently?(This message has been edited by FrankScout)
  6. Ohh..the loose/lose thing drives me NUTS!!! I've seen the error in our local newspaper, repeatedly!!! I just bite my tongue...
  7. It's happened with our Troop FB page. I just delete the posts and send them a brief message, "Take it outside, not here. Thank you." Seems to do the trick. Very few problems now.
  8. A Unit Commissioner (assuming you have one) can be an excellent moderator. Getting units like this "back on track" is part of their job!
  9. Hopefully your COR is active/involved with your troop. You might want to consult with him on this. From what you've written, it appears that one "faction" suffers from a lack of training or outdated training. (And I don't mean to say 20th Century Wood Badge is "outdated"--the basics are still there) Your COR would be well within his rights to require all adults have updated training pertaining to their specific position (or better!--imposing a set of requirements) before recharter. No training, no registration. This will either discourage your P.I.T.A.-type adults, or get everyone on t
  10. CC or Advancement chair should have been notified of a BOR taking place on a campout. The scoutmaster shouldn't be going willy-nilly holding BORs without CC/AC knowing IN ADVANCE. Sorry, that's just common courtesy. Regardless, as far as Mrs. Was, she should have a stock of Official BSA Complaint Forms on hand. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf
  11. Yeah..it's a big no-no. I'm guessing the adults in this troop just didn't know. Well, I would HOPE that's the case!
  12. Oops BD...my bad. I think it was just a matter of bad timing. There are probably some folks (ie, retirees) that can take on those extra jobs and do them quite well--they have the time! For someone who works a full time job and has a home and family, not so much. I've been approached before about taking a district committee position, and I had to politely decline. The reason: My units come first, and they keep me quite busy enough, thank you! Need advice or an idea? Give me a call, I don't need silver loops to help out that way. But, being out of the house 4-5+ nights a week sh
  13. "While not doing any of the jobs particularly well or to your full ability." I'm sorry, you know this HOW?
  14. Oh sure, it's done all the time! Very common. I'm COR of a pack and troop, also CC of the troop and and MC in the pack. And yes, only one fee is paid for the whole mess.
  15. In our Boy-Lead troop, we let the boys make those decisions. As long as everyone is the same, no problem. The sun will continue to rise every morning.
  16. As an 11-year school bus driver, and member of a troop that's owned 2 buses in the last 40 years: -You better have more than one CDL licensed driver! -You need a place to store the bus. (Not MY front yard!) -Replacement parts are VERY expensive. You can't get 'em at Pep Boys either! (ONE tire can cost $300) -Filters (fuel, air)must be replaced regularly regardless of mileage. ($$$$!!!) -A breakdown resulting in a tow could cost hundreds of $$. (AAA ain't gonna help ya!) You're better off renting a bus if you really need one for a longer trip. My troop has the advantage that
  17. We have the Eagle advisor or CC receive the letters and submit them to the chair of the EBOR. The Eagle Scout then receives those letters in a binder with all of his other congratulatory letters, presented at the Eagle Court.
  18. Welcome to the forums, Backroads! As far as I know, An MBC may counsel any merit badge (for which he is registered & qualified) to any registered scout. I'm not aware of any "limits" like the ones you list. It might be worth a phone call to your local council for clarification, as your council just might have such a policy.
  19. Yes, consult with your COR for guidance on this issue.
  20. 40 minutes for a beading ceremony?? Our ECOHs last 45 minutes! These types of things are best done at a Pack/Troop meeting/COH, not a district Cub event! As far as "baubled peacocks," I won't wear the bling, even with 30+ years in. I just wear my li'l old service stars. The best bauble I ever receive is when a former Scout who I meet years later as an adult gives a handshake or hug and says "Thank You for all you've done." That's an award that's worn on the INSIDE. No one sees it, but a lot of people know you have it. Not to say WB is not a worthwhile program. It is EXCELLENT
  21. "Ellen could have sent 60 needy Scouts to summer camp that might not ever get the chance to go instead of giving 20 grand to a rich kid." Agree, agree, a THOUSAND times agree! But she won't because it doesn't further her agenda.
  22. "I've asked each scout in a POR to get with their ASPL and define what they will do during their tenure. That's what they will be held to." You mean actually write down a set of expectations and goals and then expect the scout to do his best to live up to them? Oh my. (sarcasm OFF)
  23. If a unit or council wants to vary a little something to make themselves unique, I don't see the harm. It's silly to bicker about it. This is Scouts, not the US Military. Uniforming is A method, not THE method.
  24. So, they showed up, and out loud called you a "liar and cheater," and called your cubs the same? Really????? You can call council all day long, but they WILL NOT, i repeat, WILL NOT get involved in inter-unit disputes. If your phone ain't ringin', it's council. You handled the matter professionally, but as for that Scoutmaster's UNprofessional behavior, a call AND a written letter (certified, and NO E-MAILS) to his IH and COR are not only warranted, but MANDATORY in my opinion. As a COR, I would take IMMEDIATE action if something like this was brought to my attention. It is p
  25. Complete silliness. At what point do we totally stop kids from being kids?
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