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  1. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. As for my son's friends, many of them know about the issues but are afraid to stand up to the bully scout. They don't want to be an added target. It is easier to just go with the flow than to create a bulls eye on their own head. They don't bully my son, but they don't stand up or stop it either. This first troop is obviously not a boy-led troop. Every adult who was attempting to create that atmosphere has been gutted from leadership/committee. It is not even a SM led troop. It is a CC led troop. She is a former Pack CC who refuses to c
  2. I am requesting advice regarding how to handle harrassment issues. My son has been the harrassment target of a scout who previously had been a close friend. Once my son started advancing in rank ahead of the other scout (who is extremely competitive but not enough to motivate himself to advance alongside my son), the scout started harrassing my son. My son never came to us with these issues, I first became aware because other adults I barely knew were coming to me to alert me. I asked my son about it and he acknowledge that it was continuously happening but didn't know what to do about it
  3. I am curious to know why it seems difficult to find a troop who actually follows the guidelines set forth by National? Of the troops in our area, one uses the SM conference and BOR to seriously test the scout on their knowledge to the point where some of the scouts won't progress to the next level. Another has a new CC who has basically gutted the committee to put in place only people that he/she can manipulate (which are only a couple at this point), runs the troop like a pack (definitely not boy led), controls everything (which means that things are gong downhill because one person can't do
  4. Thanks everyone for your help with this post. I figured it had an easy answer, but I just didn't know what it was!
  5. I'm hoping this is an easy straightforward question. It is possible for one person, who has ties to two different troops, to be a CC in one and a MC in the other? Thanks!
  6. Wow,....seriously? Not one adult in our troop has the letters, M.D., D.O., N.D. or the like after their names. I would think that medication would always be a decision between the scout's dr, the parents, and the scout. Seems crazy that something like that would be put into bylaws or policies, let alone be legal or followed. Many of these answers are really off question.
  7. Well said emb021, thank you for the info.
  8. No axes being sharpened, no major issues being discussed.....everyone automatically goes to the dark side..... MC1 has been in the troop probably a little over a year, done a lot for the troop as far as getting things organized, records updated where there were none being kept, etc. CC is not new. He on his way out in the next six months or so on his own accord. He is the type that is amicable yet perhaps a bit controlling, tends to make decisions for the committee and announce that the committee decided xyz, etc. Hence the denial for access, I suppose. Bylaws have come up now a
  9. A committee member (MC1) from our troop asked during a meeting for a copy of the troop bylaws. The CC stated that they were way out of date, over 30 pages long, and needed to be edited down to about 3 pages. MC2 said that he had a copy or access to a copy and would gladly get that to MC1 and no objections were made by the CC. Some time went by and this copy never materialized. When the MC1 emailed a request reminder to the MC2, a reply was sent back stating that the CC did not want any disbursement of the bylaws and that they would be changed at the next committee meeting. Therefore no bylaws
  10. Would this position be a good position for a 12 year old Star scout who has already served as a Den Chief for over a year and recieved many great reviews from the leaders he's served under for that? He's eager to teach new scouts what he's learned. I don't see an age requirement in the discription, just a rank, which he's earned. Just trying to figure out if this is a position usually reserved for older scouts or not.(This message has been edited by ScouterCa)
  11. I was wondering how many of your troops had a scout serving as a Troup Guide. I don't think our troop has ever had one serve as a Troop Guide. If you do, in what capacity does this scout fulfill his position? How does he use his position to serve in his troop? I know what the requirements of position say, I was just wondering how it worked in your troop.
  12. Fred - you basically hit the nail on the head, my question is about boundries and crossing the line. The first instance is a non issue because the scouts have, on their own, decided to seek out a different MBC, and the ones who weren't in the class had to anyway. However, I was only curious about the one rule. In the second instance, I am not aware of anyone having a problem with it (yet) but just was wondering about the rule that was set up. Since the MBC has all of the blue cards, he has the option of not signing any of the requirements off, even ones he knows were done, if his ru
  13. Beavah: Thanks for the imput. #1 Yes, he whittled the class size down to 3 instead of the 7 or 8 that would have taken it if it didn't have that requirement. I wouldn't have thought that was too big of a class to learn it. (All three have dropped out because he doesn't meet with them. If they want to get tested on the info, he'll ask questions, then tell them to come back in two weeks if they want him to ask more questions, again and again. But that is a whole other issue..My son was one of the three who was actually in the class who decided to go elsewhere to find better & hands-on e
  14. Eagle 92: Thank for the $.02. That's why I posted. I imagine I'll get varied opinions. Second Class: Thanks for your imput. 1. MBC has a grandson who received his First Aide MB as a Scout Rank (but not with him) so was surprised when I learned of that. 2. MBC has two sons in the troop (a new scout and a 1st Class) and as far as I know hasn't done any MBCing in the past. I do have my opinion on things, but am relying on those of you who are more experienced than I to educate me.
  15. I have a question about MBs. As I understand it, whether in rank or MB, no one can add or subtract from the requirements. I have come across two instances recently where people are upset with MB counselors and wonder what the "rules" are concerning these. 1. A First Aid MB counselor working with the troop restricted the scouts who could work on it to those above 1st Class. Although the requirements say to "Satisfy to the counselor that you have current knowledge of T-2-1 first-aid requirements", it doesn't seem to say that only First Class and above were allowed to earn this MB. This rule
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