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  1. I tired that already, when the popcorn days are done at school they use popcorn kits that area pre-measured with the correct amount of kernels, oil and seasoning, you just cut the top off the package and pour it in. Thank you for the response though.
  2. So I have finally found a use for all the silly popping corn we ended up with at the end of the year. One of my parents "forgot" it was at their house after a show and sell and we missed the return date for full cases. So we paid for and have 3 unopened cases of popping corn. Whatever it's over with, I already did my unhappy dance in the privacy of my own home for no one to hear or feel bad about; onto our plan to recoup the loss. We are a small group and 6 other small groups and ourselves decided to get together since only one of us owns a pinewood derby track, the other of us donated the spa
  3. K1986


    I wish we had a separate place specifically for Webelos topics within these forums. Anyway, my Webelos group has decided to dive into the Readyman activity pin next. Each month I let the boys (with guidance) plan their activity topics and then give each of them a small job but over all the content is still delivered by myself, the assistant and our den chief. The Readyman activity drives me NUTS, it has for years because my problem with cub scouts is that the content is either way too simple and boring or way over their heads and impossible to teach unless just sitting there and preaching at t
  4. It is my hope that they are eliminating the belt loops to put in place a different program that offers the boys immediate recognition for activities other than those they earn for their rank badge. The belt loop program is huge in my group, because it offers my den leaders activities that can be completed along side their regular program as well as gives us excuses to get all the dens together to play games and bond between the different age groups and it also ensures that each scout is awarded something each pack meeting. So to answer your question, bad if they are just eliminating it
  5. I try not to double as much as possible, I really want the boys to be proud of what they have done so we put a lot of time and effort into every single project. If there was a reason to double up like qwazse said where the work was so intricate and really fit all the requirements then maybe. I just don't like to rush the program because when you get done then what are you going to do? I hate feeling like I am reaching for things to do and not giving them a great scouting experience.
  6. A few years ago for Pinewood I was wandering through my local Hobby Lobby and found that they sold race checkered bandannas. I bought many, brought them home and cut them in half so each bandanna became two neckers the same size of the official one. Then I took them to the meeting the week before pinewood and as a skill we sewed on (with lots of parent help) a generic pinewood patch in the middle of the necker. We took a two inch section of 1/2 in PVC and sanded down the ends and hot glued on a mini matchbox car. This was their "official" race day gear. It took a whole meeting and they had a b
  7. From the Webelos leader stance I can definitely agree that scrapping the separate laws and oaths will be great. I would love to see the Lion program run in our council, this year alone I turned away 6 kindergarteners whose parents were sure their child could join and brought them to round-up despite the flyers saying grades 1-5. Sure they are rowdy and short attention spanned but if they integrated it like Tigers where it was one boy, one adult and packs could get a really strong kid oriented leader I am sure it would really improve our scouting numbers. In my experience the younger they start
  8. We are scrapping popcorn this year, we have lost so much money or barely broken even the last few years. We have a grandfather who is willing to front the cost of wholesale Christmas trees it is also a bonus that we know the tree farm family. We have two locations to set up retail lots, and we are in a major city. My question; how many trees should we purchase up front? We are hesitant because we have been burned by popcorn and were only going to do 100 but the farm family is telling us in our city they can turn over 1500 from Thanksgiving day to Christmas Eve and that 100 won't last us the Th
  9. I am the leader of both Webelos 1 and 2 dens in our pack. This is my fourth year after having worked my way up the ranks from Tiger with my oldest. Now my younger boy is a Webelos 1 and the oldest is a year into Boy Scouts. I do the meetings with both age levels together, staggering the acheivements so neither group ever has to do the same thing twice except Outdoorsman, Readyman, Citizen and Fitness, which has never been an issue as I do the activities a little different each time. Here is my problem, My Webelos den is very small right now. I crossed a large group (seven boys) over
  10. Sorry, it's been a busy week. So I went Saturday morning with my kid even though I wasn't scheduled to help out a new parent I didn't want there alone in case they showed up. Good thing I did, about an hour after we arrived so did they. I pulled them aside away from the cubs and explained to them that we had permission to be there and showed them the business card of the HR manager we had dealt with. They said they didn't care, had been granted permission last night to be there too and marched inside, I followed them explaining that making a stink to the management would only make it so that N
  11. Sorry, a little late on my response, I haven't been on here much in the past few weeks. I haven't had anyone drop out because of the policy issue that I know of, like so many have said though, people don't always tell you why they leave. *frustrating* But I did have three places tell me that they wouldn't let us sell popcorn in front of their store this year because of that policy. I know it isn't a new policy but it's been in the news alot and apparently some stores aren't going to put up with it. I thanked them for their time, told them I completely understood and agreed, it was just a shame
  12. So barely into the popcorn season I've made the largest mistake I've made in the six years I've been popcorn kernal for our group. I thought show and sell dates started today, Friday 9/28 and had one group set up for a local hardware store. I got a call about 30 mins into their sale from an upset parent. There was a scoutmaster there from another group YELLING at the cubs bc sales didn't start until tomorrow 9/29 and he wasn't leaving until they packed it up. Thankfully I don't live far away and headed straight over. I contacted our cubmaster and sorted thru papers and our council website and
  13. This is a little off topic but still within the guides to post here. I've seen a couple posts about packs that make their own neckers. Our group has talked about doing this, we have the resources to make good quality neckers. (Thank goodness for Cricuit Machines!) But according to national, packs should not make their own neckers like troops do. I understand the way that the colors make them distinctive but it seems to me they just want to ensure uniform sales for continuing years. I work with what I would call a lot of financially disabled families and we typically award new neckers each year
  14. I am celebrating five years as a cub scout leader this year, my oldest crosses to Boy Scouts next Monday I love the program and look forward to my current Bear child moving up to Webelos with me soon. This is my issue; I have a current Webelos 1 scout who is driving me INSANE! Like I said, it's been five years I've seen a lot of kids come and go, if anyone follows my other posts and comments I've seen what you all have seen, difficult scouts and crazy parents, *lol* I think it comes with the program. But the scout in question crossed over with us last June, he started out okay, he jus
  15. Thanks everyone for your comments and support, I think we have a solution. As far as age goes he will be 10 when it is time to cross over to boy scouts a few years down the road. He only missed the age cut off of December 1st to start Kindergarten by 18 days, so he is already the same age as the current wolves. We have talked to his parents and decided that since he is done with his Tiger badge, they are going to spend the rest of this school year until June first working on the Wolf badge. We will not rush him through it, we will go at a good pace and if he gets it all done by June first he c
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