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  1. To sheldonsmom's point about homosexual leaders and scouts at events, they are already there. I've known gay scouts, gay leaders and gay staff at national camps. The only change is acknowledging the existing situation. In the end, youth protection still exists and parents and the leaders who you entrust your children to have to do their jobs. They should have been doing them all along so you'll see little difference other than a huge potential for recruiting scouts and parents who were turned off by the membership policy.
  2. My local professional tells me that he can't say anything yet...but they had a meeting today with the council executive and I can read into that what I want... In any case, I've been saying for years that this should be a choice for the chartered organization. Little will actually change but at least in my left leaning neighborhood it removes a big barrier to recruiting.
  3. I almost never wear the uniform without an arrowhead. I've noticed, especially with former staffers, that if people have them, they wear them.
  4. I could see it from philmont wifi in August. Probably just a hiccup.
  5. At all the join nights I tell the parents that regardless of the year that their boy is in, we require that they take charge of at least one den meetings. With Tigers there are 16 suggested meetings but the program only really needs about 10-12. So with a den of 8 boys, the den leader only has to do 3-5 meetings. I also suggest that the den leader volunteer for the go-see-its. I also try to make sure that we have 2 den leaders per den on paper. With that reduced work load its a lot easier to recruit the den leader(s).
  6. Find a neighbor who is friendly to scouting and lives across the street from the school. Set up a couple tents and a banner during school pick up. Do it at a couple friendly churches as well. You definitely have to incentify the boys to recruit. Makes me appreciative of our schools and the fact they let us flyer and generally do boy talks.
  7. Just got this email from the Denver Area Council which was sent to all the parents and scouter. Trying to get out in front. I think it was well written. Dear Scouting Parent, Leader and Friend, We recognize you have entrusted to Scouting the development and safety of your child. We are honored by your faith in this organization and want you to know these are top priorities. In this period of heightened awareness about youth safety, we want to share with you Scoutings many important programs, policies, and procedures that help protect our members. We are committed to consi
  8. Good for you Brother Fox. No shortage of posts on this forum about tickets.
  9. I tell them that we don't talk about sex in cub scouts. The membership policy is a national policy, our chartered org is a service club and doesn't care and if you'd like it to change you need to join the organization.
  10. If I just ask the group I get no responses. If I ask individuals it works at least half the time. I tell the den leaders that they have to have an assistant leader recruited and generally they can do it. At join night I tell them that it's a family program and they'll be leading at least one meeting for their son's den. Our committee jobs are harder to fill than the den jobs.
  11. We charge $90 to join and then $90 at each February except the Webelos Ii year. They get fees, boys life, neckerchiefs and slides and handbooks, then whatever they earn. Pinewood derby and raingutter regatta kits and it pays for the leader fees and room rentals. We get little pushback because it's so cheap compared to sports. We have enough to scholarship the occasional boy who can't afford it.
  12. To answer the original question, I've had one family (son and leader) who quit over the national membership policy. Nobody else has brought it up. But we've added about 20 boys to the pack. Its hard to judge if we would have added 15 or 30 otherwise. My bet is no real difference.
  13. Besides scouting, I've also planned quite a few functions for the American Institute of Architects and architects are notorious for being poor at the RSVP. With that said, if its an event that they hold every year they should have a good overage factor to apply plus the RSVP's. So if they get 200 people every year and they get 120 replies every year, its easy to figure out what number to buy for. Worst case overbuy and coordinate with a shelter to take the overage. The cold food isn't acceptable (unless its ice cream) and isn't safe. I'd agree to let the people in charge know, but you mi
  14. I just got back from a week long wood badge course at Philmont. Now part of why I did it out of council was so I could go to Philmont and part of it was because I wanted to do it in one week. Total immersion I figured. I've talked to a number of people who did it over two long weekends and it sounds like they spent a lot of time between the weekends working on their project. We just had to stay up late but we had limited time. I also know that we didn't have to mess with meal planning. So I would suppose that some of you may have done it one way and staffed it another. Other than s
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