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  1. The religious inclusion will take a lot more time and a lot more support from the minority in order to gain traction.
  2. Is there a list somewhere naming who's who on the Mod Squad? I never really knew until just five minutes ago.
  3. Okay... so BB code fails. I WAS going to complain that the oldest topics were popping up first in individual forums, but I think this is a guest feature. I have no problems when I log in.
  4. You'll probably have a small exodus from Utah also. And with the new proposed policy you are completely welcome to do just that. There is absolutely nothing in the new policy that prevents a CO from continuing to discriminate based on sexual orientation just as they always have. Did the policy officially change yet?
  5. This question is a bit stale (no offence), simply because it's really similar to the "our kids are getting worse and here's why" phraseology. If you look 100 years back and try to compare, then yeah. Everything is gonna seem dumbed down. But Scouting changes with society. Back then, an 8th Grade education was sufficient enough to become independent. Now, it's moving toward a "why don't you have a Masters?" mentality. And considering the cost of college... yeah. You're gonna have kids living at home still. Hell, I'm still trying to find a big boy job because $10/hr won't work. In that case
  6. second because homosexuals recruit and influence to their lifestyle. That is not somthing that a person who understands traditional family values wants around their boys. No, youre wrong. This is nothing more than a crude stereotype of the flamboyant gay forcing everybody to accept their lifestyle, as if all gays make noise on pride day. Where the problem comes in is when they start promoting, and or discussing their sexual preferences, they are then asked to leave and that is as it should be... if I were to go on campouts and discuss my sexual preferences and discuss that with the b
  7. lol sthumper, had an inkling you'd say that. I gotta do stuff today, but I'll respond when I have the chance.
  8. I can't believe how fast this news is spreading. Six months after going "nope, no gays," they consider it as an option. The funniest comments I've read about this whole thing are on the BSA's Facebook page.
  9. Local option is best option. Nearly a hundred years ago, people didn't want integrated troops. What did West do? Well, he didn't force a specific policy applicable to a diverse nation. He wanted local units to follow their local school system policies. It's clear that if this passes, certain segments of society will not be as willing to accept this as others. So give some leverage and incentive to those who don't want to include gays.
  10. Some will leave, but I think a lot of those threats are just tactics to goad National into not allowing gays in. BSA will be fine.
  11. This is a description of the "Who Me" game (after dinner on Day 1), and not The Game of Life. In that case, this explains a bit. But it makes the game even more unmemorable since I never recall doing it. At all.
  12. You basically reveal stuff about your personal life like who your best friend is. I actually don't remember much of it other than "I don't want to be here doing this." But then I read that horror story thread. The only reason I advocated removing the game was because it seemed to draw a LOT of complainers. If these issues are isolated, then it leads to a bigger, underlying problem. Maybe if that was the case, then why keep it? Again, it wasn't memorable for me, so I actually forgot a lot of it. I was surprised to see how many people had a serious problem with it, though.
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