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  1. I was fortunate. I heard about the problem with the letters falling off and asked the wife to embroider over the iron-on letters since I can embroider. Now the other modifications to the shirt, redoing the cuff buttons on the long sleeves and making it so that the right breast pocket actually buttons so that temp patches won't fall off, I did myself. Don't recommend the breast pocket alteration unless you have a OA flap to cover it up.
  2. Skeptic, Trust me it could be worse When I was district training chair a few years back, I was the one responsible for getting the records up to date in my district. Try telling the district commissioner, who not only teaches various courses at the local Commissioner College, but went to and has served as faculty at PTC in regards to commissioner training, that he was "untrained" in his position according to SCOUTNET.
  3. Never, ever use a dull knife as they are more dangerous to use than a sharp knife. Why I like carbon steel blades, they keep their edge. As a wise man once said, 'A sharp knife is a safe knife."
  4. Forgot to add, I too remember my trips best of all. Especially my Canada trip. And while I am proud of being an Eagle, I have friends who did not get that far, but I would trust with my life in the outdoors if things hit the fan.
  5. My understanding is that the District Training CHair has access to changing the SCOUTNET training records. If not him, then they should be able to get you to the right person .
  6. I don't know. I am going to assume now, and you know what happens when you assume 1) parents, and grandparents in some cases, who got Eagle pushing their kids to get it. 2) parents who were involved in Scouting, but never got it pushing their kids. 3) the "everyone wins a trophy" mentality our society has today and how Eagle can be seen as a real accomplishment. 40 How some folks see it as a check list item to get the job, college, military occupational specialty they want.
  7. Problem is that some of the pros i've dealt with have very long memories and don't forgive either. Kinda sad that a pro will tell you to "watch your back" about another pro. And yes, even after I left their employ, the pro tried twice to get back at me.
  8. Unfortunately it could be scouts from any council as they have a program that attracts scouts from all over. And it could ANYBODY who was at the park that weekend. It's just that the scouts will get the blame. One time when I was on the ALABAMA with their overnight program, a sorority was having their winter formal in the officers' wardroom. Kinda funny with me in all black clothes for a game of manhunt with the scouts talking to a friend in her formal dress that I had not seeni n a while.
  9. I admit I have mixed emotions on this. On one hand I too have questions on how we went about the process. If he focused on himself and his goal instead of working with the troop on event as someone mentioned, I think the priority is in the wrong place. If the MBs were pencil whipped, I have a problem with it. BUT if someone really ticked him off, and he created this goal as a way of proving the other guy wrong AND went about it the proper way, then OUT FREAKING STANDING. Way back when I was a young ASM I got ticked off at some folks at RT and on the district committee who said I didn
  10. Moose, I feel for ya. I was in a very similar situation. Troop is deteriorating, and many folks, including their UC, former SM, one of their Eagles, the district training chair, and I have been offering advice and trying to counsel the leadership. We've been ignored, told we don't know what we are doing, and, and this really chaps my hide, don't offer training when it's convenient for them. Each district in my council offers ITOLs throughout the year,. PLUS I did an ITOLS class for specifically for them since no one had ITOLS when the new SM took over. I scheduled the ITOLS class around
  11. JoeBob, Just wait until national requires you to redo basic training every time they change the name of the courses. They already tried to do that once, and the result is it is up to the discretion of the local training chairs. Just follow the advice of one DE I had, every time I teach a course, I put my name on the rooster. as a student as well.
  12. In regards to behavior control, one of the best tools my SPL had was the Scout Sign and Game Time. Our meetings were 1:30 long with about usually 30 minutes of that spent doing games or interpatrol competitions, basically having FUN. The Game Time was just before the SM's minute and closing. BUT, we had to get everything else needed to get done before we could have game time. So if we misbehaved, the SPL would stop everything, raise his handle in the Scout Sign, and say 'Gentlemen, we are now wasting your Game Time." That usually settle things down.
  13. Eagle92

    Train Wreck!

    Peri, One reason why I want a troop committee member position instead of ASM or SM (don't ask). I know I need some deprogramming, and I know better. Plus I don't have the time commitment since I am still involved in Cubs. But yes, committee positions with a specific focus are a good way of redirecting them. Also having experienced leaders mentoring them also helps. BUT, IMHO, having a CC and SM who will run interference for the scouts, and get the interfering adults out of the way is a VITAL (emphasis) key. I've see one unit fallign apart becasue the CC and SM are not keeping the
  14. Eagle92


    In regards to non-Cubs joining a troop and hoopla, there use to be in the form of a Scout Investiture Ceremony that was in the older Scoutijng literature.. My troop had one, especially since we didn't have a feeder pack until the last year I was a youth, That was when we presented the troop necker, woogle, and troop totem. Sometimes, but not always (depended upon supplies), they also got their Scout rank. I vividly remember the confusion at one Pack AOL/Crossover we were invited. The Host troop and us both presented troop neckerchiefs as part of the Crossover Ceremony to the new Scouts.
  15. Eagle92


    There have been some changes in the age requirements. IMHO it gets confusing. But I admit I'm glad of grade based rule since Cub Scouts is mostly grade based.. Oldest son is in 5th grade, but with a September Bday. If he had to wait 6 months since turning 10, he would have to wait until March instead of December 1 before Crossing Over, He's already chomping at the bit to be a Boy Scout. Let's face it, when your son wants his own camping gear for his birthday and Christmas presents, you may have a Scouting addict. For AOL, MacScouter.com states here http://usscouts.org/advance/cubscout/a
  16. BD, I can understand a delay until sometime in December due to the 6 months since completing 4th grade, but until FEBRUARY OR MARCH?!?!?!?! (not screaming at ya, but in utter disbeleif.) Is she an old time Cub Scout leader? Does the pack have a long history with "Tradidtions?" I knew of a pack that would not due AOL/Crossover until May, as late as 2007, becasue th pack ALWAYS did AOL/ Crossove rin may,
  17. For whatever reason, we had a family with a Webelos show up at the boy scout camporee. Don't know if they got the weekend confused with the CS Family Camp the next weekend, but they did their own thing, and visited a few troops. It was a distraction to a degree, but overlooked since it was one family an they were on their own. But I cased me concerns since A) they were out of place and B) my oldest who was camping and doing the rounds with a troop ended up fishing with his friend.
  18. Eagle92

    Train Wreck!

    Stosh, 1) Yes deprogramming Cub Scout leaders is extremely difficult. the qualities that make them good DLs make them lousy Boy Scout leaders. As Yoda would say, "You must unlearn what you have learned." In fact I think think I will start a 12 step deprogramming program in 31 days when oldest becomes a Boy Scout. ( No, I'm not counting down ) 2) Sure you don't want to move to NC, I know a bunch a scouts AND parents who are looking for a troop like you envision.
  19. i haven't seen exec committee, but I have held in my hand national supply issued Lodge Chief and chapter chief POR patches before they were recalled. I find it amusing that council and district VOA presidents have POR patches, but not the OA folks. I know some folks still make repros of the lodge chief and chapter chief. Heck I bought several of the chapter chief repros and handed them out back when I was .chapter advisor. In regards to what my lodge does, the lodge chief gets a council executive committee member patch as he is a member. Chapter chief technically are on the distri
  20. Well I will be keeping tabs on one of my Cubs. He's already stated that he is going wherever oldest goes, he goes. Talked to his mom about it too. Although says he will "probably" join a troop he's visited and camped with, he won't tell me, or anyone else, with certainty. I am glad about that becasue there are some adult politics going on, and I don't want to deal with it, nor do I want it to affect him.
  21. As some may know, I gave up my oldest son's den 2 years ago in order to be the Tiger DL for middle son. I admit I have not been as active with them, seeing them at meetings, campouts, and other 'Webelos Only" activities. But I still consider them "my den." I've seen them grow, take on more responsibilities, try new things, and now chomping at the bit to be Boy Scouts. They are now getting ready to become Boy Scouts next month. Some know where they are going, some are still searching. But my den is "going to the winds." and It's getting to me. I know I'll see them around at camporee, and
  22. I have mixed emotions on this one. On one hand, I have known folks who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) at the age 18, 19, 20 etc to teach the IOLS skills. Heck I've already used 15 and 16 year olds to help staff the course. And I admit, I was one of those who were bored stiff during SM Fundamentals, except for the paperwork lessons, because I grew up in the program, and I also took the old Brownsea 22 course that focused on scoutcraft and leadership. So on one hand I can understand them not wanting to spend a weekend redoing skills they already have mastered, and probably taug
  23. I got Opinels for myself and the boys. I have the carbon steel #7 and I love it. Easy to lock, easy to fold, and carbon steel keeps its edge. But Any Opinel will do as they come in a variety of sizes. Just wish we could get the WOSM ones here.
  24. Berliner, Person telling me this worked for supply division. It was when I had to custom order Tagalog. They said if it is a real language and not ordinarily made, they would custom make it. Gave the example of English and Puerto Rico. In regards to Klingon, I knew a Trekie who spoke fluent Klingon and tried to use it to meet his foreign language requirement for college. Didn't happen. On a Scouting note, I've seen the joke patches for Klingon.
  25. JB, Not necessarily. two of my friends in the troop had younger brothers who joined another troop with their brothers. Also my troop lost it's COR/CC when his Cub Scout age son moved up to Boy Scouts and joined another troop. Like your son, in both cases, the Scouts went with his friends.
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