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  1. Base, He actually left a "high speed, low drag" troop because they were not camping enough. I honestly do not know why he procrastinated like he has. I don't know if it was b/c of some of the Eagles he had seen who were in such units( he's made comments about that). Don't know if he thought he couldn't live up to the standard set by some of the "old school" leaders ( he made a comment to me about not being ready for Brotherhood when I was surprised that he wasn't Brotherhood already, "Mr. Chapter Ceremonies VC). Don't know if he was having too much fun doing Scouting, i.e.
  2. As a former chapter adviser here are my thoughts. 1) As soon as you have a date, LET THEM KNOW ASAP! (emphasis not shouting). I know that in one chapter I was in, we were booked solid in the February-April time frame with ceremonies, OA meetings, Ordeal, and Conclave. In fact there was one time where there was 3 ceremonies on the same day: Two in the day and one at nite. Now I will admit, one of the day ceremonies had a recently turned 21 y.o. Arrowman do a one man Eagle Ceremony while the team did the AOL/Crossovers at the same time. 2) Food is always appreciated . 99.9999999% of th
  3. Yep I know the rules and was surprised when I found out what happened. And I admit I cut the guy some slack when it came to camping MB since i and everyone who knows the scout were surprised he didn't have camping already. I made him do the paperwork, but only asked a few questions about his expereince as related to specific activities that I didn't know about, i.e. elevation on a backpacking trip, when he did the climbing repelling, etc. I've seen the kid grow up from Webelos to now, and have served as an MBC for him, Elangomat advisor for his Ordeal, recruited him to teach IOLS to adults, et
  4. Base, Good question. He's involved extracurriculars at school, specifically soccer, and was not able to make the normal meeting nite due to a game. My understanding was that the adults were suppose to meet with him the next nite, but something came up last minute. The adults talked amongst themselves and decided to do it that way. Troop is interesting becasue the committee is basically the former SM and former ASMs. They go camping with the troop when they can. They know the scouts very well. Reason they are now committee and not active leaders is due to work commitment. While their
  5. Well here's an interesting update to the situation. Scout in question completed the 2 Eagle required MBs needed for Life in time for him to have a BOR at his 17.5 years old mark, Problem was the adults; they could not meet with him in person in time. Since the have worked with him over the past 3-4 years, have tried to encourage him to go for Eagle, etc etc, they did a BOR in absentia for him. Paperwork was signed off and sent in. He now has exactly 180 days to get Eagle. As I mentioned a lot of folks have tried to encourage him. FWIW, he did not see himself as an Eagle, yet he is one of
  6. Yep I didn't like the color change of the ranks in 1989, and was very glad I got Life prior to that. The weight of the Skill Awards wasn't bad. In my troop, only folks wearing leather belts were adults as the Skill Awards were advancement, and you were expected. stressing expected, to wear them, even in you were an Eagle. Minute you turned 18, most folks wore a leather belt of some kind:
  7. Hate to say it, but in my neck of the woods, LDS units do not recruit as their youth are automatically signed up to the unit.
  8. Yep district and council level folks, except the pros, can go through training for their position and wear the trained patch. Some don't because they know that in a year or so they will be doing another district level position and need new training. It's easier that way. Maybe when I earn the comissioner Arrowhead Award will I wear the trained strip and that is IF i'm a RT commish. Only pros are not allowed to wear a trained strip. Rationale behind that is that they must constantly undergo training every year. Although they can be eligible for District Committee Key, and have their own p
  9. Skill Awards came about with the Improved Scouting Program of the 1970s, aka "Urban Scouting," as it took the " OUTING out of ScOUTING," and was a major fiasco. From 1972 to 1979, it was possible to get Eagle Scout with out camping. William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt had to come out of retirement and write your husband's handbook in order to save Scouting. The concept behind the Skill Awards was that the scout mastered certain set of skills on one topic and received immediate recognition. IMHO, Skill Awards are the only they got right. As for the book not being useful today, I comple
  10. Chai, If varsity will fall under Venturing, will it be co-ed? LDS, which are the ones that created this program and the primary users I have had experience with, will not be happy.
  11. Fred, In response to your question on why change from the CO after Cub Scouts, people have already mentioned that every troop meets different needs. But sometimes the folks who make great Cub Scout leaders and make an excellent, active pack because they are organized, goal oriented, etc are horrible Boy Scout leaders because they do not allow the boys to make any decisions and constantly have them working on advancement and civic service in stead of having fun. Now don't get me wrong, I do like advancement. It give the Scouts goals to aim for, and more importantly gives them importa
  12. 441, While I am not as familiar with Kodiak and Kodiak X as I probably should be, I can tell you from first hand expereince that there are many, not all but many, who have the attitude that if you don't wear beads,you don't mean squat. Didn't matter that I not only had the same training as WB when I did BA22 but also taught the same material as WB when I staffed JLT. Because I don't have bead and am one of the regular critters, my opinions and recommendations were to be ignored. And I have seen youth who been through these courses be ignored by some of the adults in their units becau
  13. Caveat: I have not taken WB so this is based upon my experiences, conversations with others, obersvations, and reading. So take it for what it is worth. When I took the old BA22 course way back when, I was told it is almost identical to WB. In the council I grew up in,the only people who wore campaign ocvers were the WB and BA22 Folks. In fact the campaign cover was given to BA22 graduates along with the patch. When I staffed JLTC as SPL a few years later, one of my youth staffers registered for WB since he was turning 18 before the course and the PTB were waiving the 2 year tenure
  14. This sentence stands out for me. "He verbally abused a scout in the troop and a camp counselor. He also got physical with one of the boys in the troop which was witnessed by the under 21 adult leader. " Will both the folks involved talk, especially the physical incident? If memory serves, that is grounds revocation of membership.
  15. Ok long story short, I like the idea of youth teaching as I am old school. So when i did my last IOLS class, I had 2 youth staffers. Both did very well, and would use them again in a heartbeat. In fact I think 1 will be giving a class on camping to our pack's new Cubs and their parents as he will be the TC Den Chief, his cousin will be in the den and the Scout specificallya sked to work with them. And best of all, most of the adults got the concept of "Train them, Trust them, LET THEM LEAD!" Anyway it's the other one. Great guy, had him on CSDC staff and wrote the recommendation for him t
  16. Kudu, Don't get me started! Some of BSA's Rules do not make any sense. A Cub can climb on a climbing wall, but cannot repel. A scout can take Climbing MB, but not do COPE. And I'm not even touching the new rules and regs on service projects based upon Dept. of Labor laws! Wise man once said, "Train them. Trust Them, LET THEM LEAD!"
  17. I'd wear a uniform, but that's me. I'm also an Eagle so the medal is worn. Not an official website, but http://www.scoutinsignia.com/eagmedal.htm states you can wear the medal in civilian dress. I know I read it once that it was ok, wish I could remember where. And I just noticed that "Adults wear onlyon formal Eagle occasions." p 30 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia.
  18. Actually the Corps of Discovery is an unofficial Venturing Honor Society that is starting to takeoff. http://www.venturingcorps.com/ Sea Scouts in SR7 have created the Order of the Golden Dragons. http://sasserrc.tripod.com/cardinalwardroom/id37.htm
  19. Wish I could spin off, but an FYI here. The USGS offers the latest topo maps that use satellite imagery instead of drawings for download for free. Also has UTM grid on the map, with Lat and Log marked on the side. If you have a plotter, you are good to go. OPtherwise Staples or Office Depot are your friend.
  20. "Explorers/Venture Crews did not exist back then.." With all due respect, SEA SCOUTS, which was called Sea Exploring in my youth and is part of Venturing today, was around when the OA was formed. Sea Scouts is the 2nd oldest program in the BSA, being started in 1912. OA, while founded in 1915, 3 years AFTER Sea Scouts, did not become an official program of the BSA until the 1940s if memory serves.
  21. Yep, SSScout is correct EVERYTHING the troop has is legally owned by the CO, including the bank account. One of the best reasons to have a good relationship with your CO is just that. When my troop had it's storage locker broken into and supplies scattered everywhere, CO didn't do anything about it b/c the supplies that were in it was theirs and one of the groups needed some stuff. Didn't matter to them that the lock was broken, a mess was made, and supplies that we needed were no longer there. While that incident didn't look for us to find a new CO, the brand new fiber glass shed that we boug
  22. Thanks for the heads up! Do you know if it will work with roughed out leather and vibram soles? That's the problem, the sole's base which is attached to the leather sides is what's falling apart. Stuff I've used in the past with success didn't work this time.
  23. Since the thread is revived, I will go ahead and give an update. DO NOT GET THE TACTICAL RESEARCH KHYBER BOOTS!!!!!!! And yes I am screaming at the top of my lungs. Had the boots approx 14-16 months and the stitching started to come apart. While I can sew the roughed out leather together, I can't attach the leather to the vibram soles as they were cemented on. And when I try to sew them together, the filament tears through the rubber. One of my Eagles has suggested Danner's Rugged All Terrain (RAT) boots. He loves them and has done 2 tours overseas with them. Pricey as all get out, anywh
  24. Ok a little history, and EMB, please correct me where I screw up as you are the expert. 1972, Leadership Corps was created for older scouts in a troop. It was a leaderhsip patrol that would dome some things on their own. FYI My troop used them and I liked the concept. 1989, Leadership Corps are replaced with the Venture Crew within a troop. They had an ASM Venture, and a Crew Leader POR patches. Also were able to wear the 'Varsity/Venture Letter" on a jacket or MB sash and would do outdoor oriented activities to earn Venture Pins to wear on the sash like Varsity Scouts. Around 1993 o
  25. 441, Good question, I don't know. EMB can You Help? I am going to assume, and you know what can happen when you do that that it goes back to before the 1980s if memory serves me, when MALE Explorers could be elected into the OA still.
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