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  1. We recently presented Lodge chief and vice-chief's with position patches, and have seen patches of a lodge executive committee patch. We would like to present it to our secretary and treasurer.
  2. rainman29

    Unit commissioner age

    I am woodbadge trained with a scoumaster father, and have several friends and mentors who are commissioners who can help. I was asked by an assistant district commissioner. I also have been an unofficial member of the district committee because of age.
  3. rainman29

    Unit commissioner age

    I was approached at today and asked if I had ever thought about being a unit commissioner. I responded that I am not old enough since I am only 18, the scouter responded that he did not think it had a 21 age requirment but would get back to me. Upon further research I cannot find a age requirment for a unit commissioner. does anyone know the answer?
  4. rainman29

    dry cleaning and patches

    I have a new poly/wool uniform I stiched patches on, If I take the uniform to the dry cleaners will it leave the the residue from the plastic backings on the shirt when I go to change the patches later?
  5. rainman29

    woodbadge expectations

    I am currently a assistant scoutmaster in my troop, a lodge chief canidate, an unnofficial member of the district committee, and am planning to be a professional scouter, and no I have not attended NYLT.
  6. I am 18 years old and have just digned up for woodbadge. What should I expect/plan for?
  7. rainman29


    I recently turned 18, and was approached by the district activities chair to help plan and run the district camporees. Does this make me part of the district activities committee? Am I elligable to wear the position patch for the district committee?
  8. rainman29

    What transfers?

    But when not at camp can I wear the silver loops and camp staff patch on a regular boy scout uniform?
  9. rainman29

    What transfers?

    My Camp staff POR, and my silver loops, and possibly the unit number.
  10. rainman29

    What transfers?

    I have a job at my councils camp as staff. Our staff is a venture crew. I see many of the adults who are council volunteers wearing their insignia on both venture uniforms and boyscout uniforms. Can I wear my camp staff insignia on a boyscout shirt?
  11. rainman29

    OA officer insignia

    Can the officers just drop there troop numerals and position patch but keep the red/green loops?
  12. rainman29

    OA officer insignia

    Again I ask does anyones home lodge do this. If they are on the committee do they get the committee patch and silver loops?
  13. rainman29

    OA officer insignia

    Are there any lodges in the central region that do this. In the past my lodges CC has not activly been at committee meetings, but I am planing on changing that.
  14. rainman29

    OA officer insignia

    I know that the patch for my region is available at the NLS trading post and know many who got one and wear one. should I ask the advisor about the patch or the silver loops?
  15. rainman29

    OA officer insignia

    Can OA lodge/Chapter officers wear silver loops without their troop numerals. What About Regional insignia