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  1. Having served as the district training chairmen, I can also tell you how messed up the training records were. I asked for and received a copy of the records. According to the records, I was never trained, my district commissioner who taught at PTC was never trained, and only three leaders in the entire district were trained. And those three were the new ones who just completed everything for scout leaders. It was a mess. One of the things I did was pass out a 2 page training survey with every recognized training from the District Training Pamphlet and also 3 or 4 additional courses from
  2. Longtime lurker, but first time joining in the forums. Website is a great resource and I am now going to get more active in the forums as I will soon be entering unchartered territory. I've been involved in Scouting for 26 years now as a youth and leader. I 've served as a leader in every Scouting program except Cubs to date and like to say "been there, done that, have the patch and shirt, now I'm part of the problem!" I've been a Cub, Scout and Sea Explorer, and loved Scouting so much that I kept going as a leader. I've been a ASM, Exploring Assoc. Adv., Dis. Comm. member, Venturing
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