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  1. Noah, 1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! 2) I cannot resist this as I love Wilderness Survival weekends. I've seen it done a bunch of different ways. One way I've seen it done is by patrol. Patrol works together building the shelter, doing utensiless cooking etc. Meetings prior to the event were spent on lashings, shelter building, utensiless cooking etc. Morning of campout was spent building the shelters, afternoon spent doing pioneering competitions and having fun. As mentioned, have a back up plan, especially for food. I've seen food literally go up in flames. Another way
  2. JP, Don't know why IOLS and Specific training are required/recommended on tour permit. I am going to assume, and you know what can happen when you assume , that because the scouts should be teaching the scouts these skills, it is assumed that enough folks in the troop have the the skills needed to camp. But again that is an assumption. As for training expiration, with the exception of specific trainings that do have expiration dates, i.e. YP, SSD, SA, etc currently, and I stress CURRENTLY, training does not expire. National was thinking about having folks redo basic training every t
  3. As Juan Sanchez villa-lobos Ramirez once sang, "B-A-L-A-N-C-E, balance." You have to have a balance between parental involvement, and parental interference. That's a hard one for new scout parents, even old fogeys who know better, especially for former, or in my case current, Cub Scout leaders. CS leaders must 'Unlearn what you have learned," as Master Yoda would say.
  4. As Sentinel stated, let the troop committee handle it as your job is to work with the Scouts. Communication is a key, if the committee does not let folks know they need help, it won't happen.
  5. My comments. 1) Unit award seems very easy to do. If the troop isn't doing this already, I think there is a problem. National outdoor awards: Camping: 2) OK you need to earn 3 Eagle required MBs to get this. WHY? let's add some fun ones like Wilderness Survival, Backpacking, and Pioneering. 3) 25 days and nites of camping, why don't you add some more? Hiking. 4) I can live with. Aquatics 5) Again why requiring 2 Eagle required MBs. rest I can live with. Riding. 6) I can Live With. Adventure 7) Maybe I'm reading it wrong, it may be
  6. Also according to The Guide to Awards and Insignia, page 10 Jamboree Insignia Jamboree emblems for Boy Scouts or Venturers are worn only by registered jamboree participants and staff and are centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip or, for Venturers, above the right shirt pocket above the Venturing strip. No more than two jamboree patches may be worn on the shirtâ€â€one current national jamboree patch above the right pocket and one current world jamboree patch on the right pocket. If the wearer has an interpreter strip above the pocket, merely move the jamboree emblem upward suffi
  7. According to this document, only CURRENT national scout jamboree insignia. https://www.scoutstuff.org/media/content/docs/pdfs/34048.pdf
  8. Well it's been over 10 years since I went to PDL-1, but here is what I remember. Prior to going, I had to have basic training completed for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Explorers ( I told you I'm dating myself Flew in to Dallas and rode a courtesy van to the hotel. So transpo was not an issue except on your own time, what little there is. After breakfast classes begins, and lunches and dinners can be working ones, modeling banqets, FOS dinners, etc. Your patrol is given an assignment to do, and the classes cover all aspects of the job. We took a field trip to a camp used by Boy Scouts an
  9. Stosh, I think this is the irony. The troop sent 3 scouts to NYLT. They were pumped and ready to go. I was even asked about the district calendar so that they can plan the year. And that was the last I heard of it. I have a feeling SM doesn't want to plan events until after his son's soccer schedules comes out.
  10. Ok, long story short, the ODL uniform ( circa 1980-2008), the Centennial Uniform, (circa 2008 - present) and microfiber uniform shirt (2010 to present) all are interchangeable. You can wear an ODL shirt, with CU pants. and vice versa. Heck you ALL ( emphasis, not shouting) elements of the uniforms are interchangeable per national instructions, so you can probably get away with the red loops and numbers on the new shirts.
  11. Like I said this situation is really affecting me. I've helped the troop when they were getting started, got to know some of the scouts, helped train the old SM, etc. And there is another reason why I am torn. I was asked to be the SM of the troop and had to refuse it because of my sons in Cub Scouts. I know the old SM is not trying to guilt trip me whenever he says, " The troop wouldn't be so [fouled] up if you would have taken over as SM," But part of me does in fact feel some guilt. But part of me knows I couldn't do it, and it would hurt my kids. Now the situation is so bad, when it
  12. Fred, As I mentioned, the Cub Scout folks moving to the troop do know the leaders as they were involved with the pack. There were concerns when it was announced who the new SM would be because the pack CC, who became CM when he left, was the one who kept the pack from falling apart. Despite the fact that they have canceled camp outs, have not participated in district events in over a year, have major problems when they do go camping and have lost boys over the past year, the parents are happy because the meetings are focused on MBs, and the Scouts are in a "Hi speed,low drag." unit. A
  13. Troop growing up never used them, Troop I camped with this weekend has them and uses them. They are the ones with legs instead of "U" bars underneath, so the 3-4 year old tent floors are wearing out fast and they are looking for new tents. Funny thing is, for one of those years, they only camped about 4 times, including summer camp.
  14. Base, The SM's son is a "spoiled brat and bullies everyone." Hence one of the reasons my son didn't join them. He was the scout I mentioned in a post a year ago who left his patrol during competitions at camporee, He was the one who wouldn't do what anyone told him to do, instead played with in the axe yard. From what I've been told by multiple sources, he is the troop troublemaker who was the reason some folks switched troops or left all together. An he's 13 and Star. How the heck he got that far so fast the way he acts, go figure. If I could spin off this thread, I'd ask How can a
  15. Well here's an update. I talked to one of the parents who was our Cubmaster, I thought she was a MC but found out otherwise, and got some clarifications. In regards to Patrol Leaders, The troop did elect PLs until this past month when they were suppose to be elections; According to her the SM said that it was getting to be cliquish with the same folks getting reelected everytime and everyone needed to get a chance in those positions. And of course his son was selected to be a PL since he just got Star and needs a POR. Sorry no. If the PLs are doing a good job, they will keep getting
  16. Fred, But if the leaders won't listen, you cannot do anything about it. SM did not listen to one young man at his Eagle SM Conference as the Eagle candidate listed all of the troops problems and solutions to them. SM, committee, and troop would not listen to me as I tried to offer help. I helped train the SM, and was told that I need to adapt with the times in regards to how meetings are done. When I tried to get them to send a rep to round tables to get all the vital information that they are complaining they never got, I'm told "we don't have time to attend all these meetings.
  17. Fred, Believe it or not, there is a relationship, to a degree, with the troop. SM and one MC were the prior CMs of the pack. All the other leaders and committee members were DLs ot MCs of the pack. I think that's part of their problem: they are still acting as Cub Scout leaders. So these are folks we know. Good folks, but they don't understand BOY Scouts (all caps emphasis in this post ). Schiff, I hate to say it, I didn't think of unhitching the trailer. I was kinda stunned about the situation. And I SHOULD have remembered they could have done that since the SM forgot the awar
  18. Well my oldest is now a Boy Scout, I admit I cut him some slack and removed the CS insignia and sewed on the new unit numbers and Arrow of Light badge instead of making him do it himself. It was relaxing for me and it needed to be done ASAP, because of his new troop's Court of Honor tomorrow. Plus he helped clean gear from the camp out this weekend. And trust me, I needed the relaxing. This weekend was the camp out in which the troop asked the pack to do the Cross Over on. So we made a pack camp out of the weekend. On the Pack side of things, what really hurt us was the weather. Cold
  19. Yes, I've noticed a decline to the quality of OA involvement when they changed the election procedures int eh 1990s to make it easier to get it.
  20. One that has not , repeat NOT implemented, but folks are trying to work on the details: BACKPACKING CAMPOREE. Events would start at one location on Friday nite. Then you backpacked to the second location. Along the route there would be stations where you did basic T-2-1 Skills.
  21. I been around. some lodges are awesome, some ok, some need work. Some focus on American Indian Affairs, some cheerful service, some promoting camp. It's what the scouts put into it. I'm fortunate in that the lodge I am in does a lot. I'm not as active as I wish I could be, but here are someof the activities my chapter and lodge does January = Lodge leadership Development February= Local camps workday March= Ordeal Weekend at main camp, Chapter fundraiser ( trading post) at Webeloree April= Conclave May= Ordeal Weekend at main camp June-August weekly powwows at summer camp
  22. Glad your SPL had that reception. I was a registered member of the district committee, but the youngest one at 21. And I was told by several I don't know what I was doing, and was never listened to. yet if one of my friends said it, it was BRILLIANT! Must be that 3 Charisma I have.
  23. OOE, All Cub Scout leaders can wear 1 temporary insignia either on the pocket, or above the pocket, just not 2 temp insignia. Female Boy Scout and Venturing leaders also have the option of one temp insignia either on the pocket, or above it. But again not 2 temp insignia. Why female Venturers who may have the same anatomical problems that the over 21 ladies have, I don't know. As for Sea Scouts, no temp insignia is allowed UNLESS it's the Sea Scout 2012 100th anniversary patch. http://www.sgtradingpost.com/product.php?product_id=570&subcat_id=90 Now as to why NOACs
  24. OA Chapter Chief and District VOA president are the youth representatives on a district committee. grant you I've never seen a district VOA pres, and the last time a CC showed up with the OA chapter advisor, the adults behaved so badly that the CA and CC both said, "Never again."
  25. I posted this response in the other thread, and I think it;'s the best one ever. "NewToScoutsDad, why don't you ask the Patrol Leaders' Council, the ones who plan, prepare, and execute the camp outs, to see if they want your son tagging along or not." Gotta remember, youth should be running this program and making the decisions.
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