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  1. First off, you don't have to get through ALL the material. All those electives in there, you only have to do 4 or 5 over the two ranks. Only like 7 pins a year. The new Den Leader book is very helpful in giving you ideas on activities to do with your boys during the Den Meetings. We just finished Moviemaking, took 2 Den meetings and a Saturday Finish Filming and Cutting Floor party. The boys presented their movie 3 minute movie about the Scout Law with little skits demonstrating each point at a pack meeting tonight. Each boy did chose 2 pieces of the law to storyboard, got to direct thei
  2. Christineka - Looks like the Kindle edition may be available. http://www.amazon.com/Wolf-Handbook-Boy-Scouts-America-ebook/dp/B00XWF6CA2/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1433108753&sr=1-10&keywords=cub+scout Also, do you know much about other AT devices for low vision, like the RUBY http://www.freedomscientific.com/Products/LowVision/Ruby you may be able to work with his school or insurance to get one.
  3. No, the new Den Leader books are not bound. You will need to get 3 ring binders for them. You can find Pack Meeting guides here: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Leaders/DenLeaderResources/DenandPackMeetingResourceGuide/PackMeetingPlans.aspx (for FREE!!!) There is a Ceremonies book and a Cub Scout Leader book, but I'm not sure how helpful they would be for the CubMaster (I got the Ceremony book and it looks pretty good).
  4. We have a lot of low income scouts in my pack, but we have recently gone to the t-shirt outlet in town and got them all t-shirts and had the pack number heat transferred on the back. We found a wolf picture on clearance there too and put that on the front. Our pack t-shirts costed a whopping $6 a shirt! Our boys were envious at Spring Cub Weekend of all the Packs that had t-shirts, they're excited they are going to Resident Camp with a Pack t-shirt (our boys worked hard selling peanuts and earned almost 100% of the money they needed for camp!)
  5. Very good and helpful information. We left our pack last year because everything was run by a clique of 2 parents and heaven forbid anyone suggest anything else besides an extravagant party that does little to move advancements or even earn belt loops. The pack we moved to does a lot better in the Pack Leadership and Parents talking about what we want to do. Most activities are local freebies or cheap. The tone is "Do WE want to?" and not "We WILL" Downside to this pack, is the person that is listed on the Roster as COR is also listed as the Committee Chair. This person does NOTHING with
  6. We sell peanuts. 12 oz bag for 3 dollars or 2 bags for 5. We buy the nuts wholesale at about 1.30 a bag. Peanuts don't melt and they have about a 90 day shelf life so if we don't get them sold one weekend, we can do another booth in a week or two and not lose money on inventory going bad.
  7. I wish they could have done something to better promote diversity. Perhaps a group of Cub Scouts of different races/abilities (perhaps one in a wheelchair) each with their own area of specialization. 1 could do the 'talking' about sports, a different one for nutrition, etc. Use recent baby name popularity charts by cultural heritage to choose the names. Akela was always to be the leader, so naming the kid Akela, wouldn't be appropriate. I do think using the animal cartoons is deemed a bit babyish by our bears and even some of our wolves.
  8. As a mom, I support the pack to see my son and husband bond. If there is a great photo of the two of you at a Cub Scout activity or both in uniform or something, take it, have it blown up and set into a nice frame. Give it to mom with a note of thanks, reading that many of their greatest moments in Cub Scouting, could not have happened without her support.
  9. well, what if you don't have 6 + knives so each boy can have one to carve something with (I don't even have a pocket knife of my own other than a tiny little keychain pocket knife - I do plan to get a knife this week though for myself)? What if the parent (even with the knowledge they control when the scout gets their whittling chit) won't buy a knife for the scout to practice with? I see using various instruments as training aids, to protect the boys while letting them practice techniques they are learning while allowing us to correct mistakes with limited risks of cuts. No, I probab
  10. Was researching for ideas for our next Bear Den meeting (working on Whittling Chip) and found this: Planning to make one next week. Wonder if it will carve ivory soap?
  11. I noticed that the first time I saw the show too. Don't think he drank his pee that episode, but skinned a dead seal to make a wetsuit to cover his vitals to go for a swim.
  12. As said before, the criteria is to do their best. Also, if you can get the information from the parents, find out what methods work best at school for their child (visual learner vs spoken direction). Perhaps the assistance of a Den Chief to buddy with him may help as well. Also, find out what the parents expectations are from having their son in Scouting. They may just be looking for a way to get the boy involved in a social activity outside of school. One thing I'm doing (well starting) is a Den for scouts with more significant (intellectual) challenges. The boys still interact with th
  13. And with any luck, the boys who have been in the troop with this individual will have more compassion and patience for those differently abled than themselves.
  14. We are starting Den flags in our Pack. My mom has Tigers and she has sewed down the Tiger Rank patch on the flag. Next year, the flag will go to Wolves and a Wolf rank patch will be added until they have all the rank patches
  15. I'm in NC too. Tuscarora Council here. Where abouts are you?
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