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  1. That I will. Stay thirsty, my friend.
  2. Thanks All! I appreciate the quick and helpful guidance. I have one strip on now, but didn't want to add a second if it was against a rule I hadn't found yet.
  3. Hello, I'm a new Scouter and just found your forums. Sorry for the newbie question, but... I've looked through the online BSA uniform guides and done a number of searches both here and on the internet in general, but unfortunately haven't found an answer to my question... Is there a maximum number of interpreter strips that a Scouter (or Scout--Cub or Boy Scout--for that matter) is allowed to wear on the uniform? I can't find one. I humbly ask that you please point me in the right direction with a reference so I can look it up and have the "definitive" answer on hand. Thank
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