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  1. Well oldest has pretty much made up his mind. I don't think he will get a chance to visit the troop I would like him to visit, and instead will be visiting the troop he said "NO!" to out of courtesy. He went camping with a second troop and had a great time. Oldest scout was 13, and the unit as a whole was rough around the edges. BUT the SM and ASM know their stuff, worked through the PL ( one patrol troop at the moment, soon to change though) and have their goal for Philmont in 2016! LOTS of potential and reminds me a little of one troop I worked with.
  2. KDD, Sorry for the delay in response very busy at work and in Scouting. In response to no summer camp when they do their HA trip, they do send kids to camp, but usually provisional or with another troop locally and a leader not going on the HA trip may attend. But not formally as a troop. As for every 3 years, my understanding is 2 years to prep for it, i.e. get proper gear, do shakedowns, fundraising, etc, and one year to take a break.
  3. Berliner, I have been told that "English" interpreter strips have custom ordered for troops in Puerto Rico. And if it is a real language, BSA will make them. I had to custom order some for folks when I worked supply.
  4. Most I've seen worn at one time is 3; Italian, Spanish, and French. jblake47 reminded me of a story my HS Latin teacher, who also taught Greek and a few other languages, told us. Him and a buddy. who also taught Greek, were vacationing in Greece. They had a rental car, and when it broke down, they telling folks, " Our chariot broke down, can you help us?" No one wanted to help them.
  5. The doctors I work with are in it because they want to treat patients, not make money. With the way things are now they A) can't treat patients like they want to instead having to see so many patients an hour to break even, and B) they are not even making enough to cover expenses with medicare/aid patients.
  6. Moose, With all due respect, none, repeat, NONE (emphasis, not shouting at you) of the doctors that I have had contact with are in favor of the current law, including one who was promoting healthcare reform. I too know folks who volunteered for the Obama campaign who work in healthcare, one of whom was a very active promoter of healthcare reform, I would call her the biggest cheerleader for ACA prior to it being enacted, Again once it got enacted and she actually saw the nuts and bolts of it and how it is now affecting healthcare in the exact opposite way that it was suppose to help,
  7. Unfortunately, with more and more laws coming out, I see more camps having pools for swimming than lakes. The camp I grew up at had a huge man-made lake with a swimming area made just for that reason (when water levels are low and you hike to the right spot on the backside of the camp, you can see part of the bulldozer that was left behind). So when I saw pictures of the brand new swimming pool, I had to ask why the council wasted all the money building it and maintaining it when they already had a waterfront. I was told that it was for legal reasons, specifically to be compliant with one
  8. s most of you know, I work in healthcare. No, I am not a MD, DO, PA, ad nauseum, but just one of the behind the folks who provides the info for those folks to make the best decision. I also sit on a committee and get to hear some of the paperwork and BS these folks have to deal with. In regards to ACA, Obamacare, whatever the heck you want to call it, because of the way it was written, so much power and decision making was given to SecHHS, that folks whose job it is to deal with legal implictaions and healthcare could not interpret it because part of the law were still being written AFT
  9. Base, With the new NCAP program, you need nice buildings, pools, running water, etc etc. I had to deal with that some this summer as our CSDC is run on a council camp. the 300+ page document is a major PITA that drove me to drink at time this past year. In fact the NCAP is such a PITA that one NCS staffer made the comment, after reading something I wrote, that alcohol should be a budgeted item for CSDC planning as everyone at NCS had issues with NCAP. My understanding of NCAP, and someone with more expereince with it please correct me if I am wrong, is that it is based upon the most
  10. Well KDD, we are both in the same boat; helping our sons decide on a troop. Mine crosses over in 2 months. Been to 2 meeting and 2 camp outs with 4 different units. All he knows is that 1 unit, the unit that I originally hoped he would join until leadership changes occurred and parents took over, creating a 'high speed, low drag" troop, is out of the question now. SHMBO told me I was to tell him in no uncertain terms that he is not to consider the troop. And I admit I did the 'yes dear,' and merrily went on my way to be subtle in discouraging him. I should not have worried since A) he wasn't i
  11. Skeptic, Are you referring to this? http://www.scoutstuff.org/internatio...em-3-inch.html the International Activity patch, both in a 3" and 5" back patch, is very similar to the WC. requirements are set by local councils. Don't know when they were created, but been around since 1986 or 87. One of my friends hosted a Canadian Scout for a Scouting function and got it. I know I have seen some folks wear it in the spot for the WC in the past. They also made neckers, slides, hats, and jackets. Got the necker, and slide, when I went to Canada. Got a second set and the hat and ja
  12. In my expereince, the weekend backpacking trek is the "Tune Up"or as I've heard them called "shakedown" trip. Like Base, the troops I know use weekly hikes more for conditioning than anything. I sure hope oldest picks a troop that goes backpacking like the one he visited that is going to Philmont in 2016. Although he will be to young to go, I bet he'll love the shakedowns.
  13. We got our previous CM, as well as outgoing leaders gift certificates to Applebees. I hope we do the same thing again with the outgoing leadership as it is well deserved. But I know that the CM will being getting the Scouter Award
  14. I know some beneficiaries do not realize exactly what the Scouts are capable of. I've seen some extremely shocked faces of beneficiaries because they didn't realize what the scouts were going to do and how well they actually did it.
  15. JP, I understand your pain. But there is a reason why some lodges have a youth only policy in regards to speaking at meetings: adults tend to take over. I've seen this happen, and heck had to be reminded of it myself a time or two to sit down and let the youth figure it out. Unfortunately as our society extends childhood longer and longer, I see adults do more and more for "children." Best example I can give is the mom reading her daughter's school assignments and trying to set up with me a job shadowing in order for the daughter to meet requirements for her college, yes COLLEGE (emphasis,
  16. Bando, The hoops were there back then too. I also had the added hoop of a DAC asking me what I would do if I wasn't approved for Eagle. When I asked why and was told because HE didn't approve my Eagle project, I had to emphasize that A) the then DAC, who was sitting on my EBOR, reviewed it, approved it and it was executed as such and if that is the only reason for my denial, then how do I go about appealing the decision becasue it is NOT correct. RS, Agree completely. I prefer how my council growing up did it with a district/council rep on the committee's EBOR. BUT the challeng
  17. My $.02 worth. Isn't that part of the SM's job? i know that way back in the day when I was getting ready to do my project, I talked to my SM about the entire process. I admit my paperwork was a lot simpler than today's, which lead to some problems at the BOR, but the process was the same: plan it, get it approved , revise it if need it, get the revision approved, execute the plan. Any questions I had went to the SM.
  18. Believe it or not, the SPL who really worked with when I was a brand new PL got permission to wear both an Eagle tie bar (an old one that was a gift to him) and his Eagle medal with is military uniform at my ECOH. Also had a recruiter show up briefly with Eagle medal on too. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for his wife, he had to leave just after arriving due to her going into labor. I saw him take it off while leaving.
  19. BTW according to the guidelines on "mix and match" the red numbers on Boy Scouts in the Centennial Uniform is allowed too.
  20. Berliner, Far East also passed the WCs out too. One of my friends had one from his CS days on his uniform when he joined the troop. I can tell you we had a busload of ticked off Scouts when out contingent leaders told us in the middle of our Canada trip that BSA now allowed everyone to wear the WC( that's how I remember the exact date of the policy change). At least our leaders made it up to us by buying the Canadian ones which are on a velvet background.
  21. A few comments 1)Great Pic! My wife, just like yours, hates the current and previous uniforms. So I got her the same uniform. 2) As noted, insignia can be a PITA. Ebay is your friend as well as collectors. One collector, when he found out what I was doing gave me a state strip and a repro of the city strip In regards to insignia 3) World Crest was restricted prior to August 1 1989. You had to earn it by either going overseas on a scout function or hosting foreign scouts for a week or longer. When I got wife's uniform, I didn'r include it. 4) You want the fully embroide
  22. Ok here is the story of the Charlie Foxtrot known as the Centennial Uniform. From April 2008 to August 2008, literature said tan and green for anyone in the new shirts Cub Scout Leader, Webelos, Boy Scout, and Scout Leader. This was prior to the uniform coming out August 2008 until March or April 2009 THERE WAS NO OFFICIAL GUIDANCE FROM NATIONAL (caps for emphasis, not shouting). There was some "rumours" on this website and others that Cubs Scouts would still be in red, but when I called a national scout shop about this matter as i just became a CS leader, I was told by them to wear
  23. Sorry for the delay in response but I've been busy with work and prepping for this past weekend of "camping" aboard the USS YORKTOWN with middle son. I remembered that the entire family took a 12-18 month sabbatical from Scouting due to some health issues the young man had some time back.. Long story short, something happened and everyone:mom and dad from both the crew and district level, he from scouts, and sis from the crew, basically told folks they need to spend some time away for health issues, transferred the records, keys, etc to folks taking their positions over, and essentially
  24. The cards are called pocket certificates. The come in packs of 100 if memory serves.
  25. Mixed emotions on this one. I've seen the 13 year old Eagle who raced through the ranks because daddy was pushing him hard. My uncle was also pushing me too, but once I got Life, I just started having too much fun with opportunity after opportunity. I've seen the 13 y.o. "Eagle Scout" who had mommy, daddy, and grandpa sign off on all his requirements. When you tried to talk to him about some of the work he did for the MBs on his sash, he gives you a deer in the headlight look. His BOR denied him his Eagle, wrote what need to be done, etc etc. When he appealed and national granted the
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