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  1. I want to comment on something that someone stated: that just like Boy Scouts, they can continue working on the award with the original requirements. If you read the Boy Scout info on this, Boy Scouts will have a one year grace period, I want to say January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 to use the current requirements for T-2-1, OR their NEXT Rank if First Class, Star, or Life. Once they hit First Class, their NEXT rank, OR January 1, 2017 hits, they MUST use the new requirements ( all bold, underlining etc. emphasis). Which as long time Scouters know is a departure from precedent. M
  2. Well I'll do a follow up. I mentioned folks giving a West Fellowship in honor of someone. Well I found out that 1 gentlemen that use to be in my council, and worked heavily with my district commissioner and his wife, donated a Fellowship to both of them in his new council. He said he didn't know what was up, only that he received a call from his friend asking for his full, formal name. A few weeks later, he got a package in the mail.
  3. Ok back again. Some things about the troop and situation I'm in. 1. Since I am still in a pack at a different CO, I can only meet with the troop when the pack is not meeting. I plan on going camping and summer camp with them. 2. I'm the new guy. Although I know alot about the troop, the SM etc, I am still learning the details and dynamics. 3. One thing different than my troop growing up is they don't do "stealth advancement," i.e. PL, SPL, etc will sign off after you they see do a requirement properly without you asking for the sign off. Examples include SPL signing off First Ai
  4. OK I'm back. In regards to the troop being adult led, to a degree it is. And it's not that the SM and ASM don't know what they are doing, I know both, know their history, and talked about where they want the troop to go. But I also know the set backs they have had: members moving, families going through divorce, and yes transfers to an established troop. It seems as if they finally get someone to do the SPL job completely on their own, and something happens. But, the youth are stepping up to the plate. I told them that they can do anything they wanted to, within reason ( Hint: one scout
  5. Base, We were trying to combine both T-1 FA skills and First Aid MB skills since I am a counselor and had access to some equipment. And one of the requirements for the MB is to teach skills to others first aid skills selected by the MBC. hence why I picked instructors. BUT, you are right in that I need to explain not only to the SPL, but also to the other instructors how I selected them, why I let them choose what skills they would teach, etc. I got all those who I know have the skills, First Class or getting ready for their 2nd Class and First Class BORs, let them review what neede
  6. Same in my council, except I personally know the USPS office in the HQ city is extremely bad from my days as a DE. So some is that, some is council losing PW. What I do is ALWAYS ( emphasis) make copies, and if at all possible, esp. if money is involved, hand deliver it.
  7. Ok, you folks know I try not to push advancement. I don't want anyone to do anything they don't want to. You don't care about getting Eagle, but just want to have fun, that's fine with me. But I had an expereince this weekend that I haven't encountered since I was a youth, A Scout who doesn't even care about getting past Tenderfoot. Now the Scout in my youth, he eventually got Tenderfoot, but was grabbed kicking and screaming to get it. The he became one of the biggest troublemakers. he eventually got his wish and quit. Now this Scout I met this weekend, he just wants to have fun. Ok
  8. Quazse, Has the YPT / VYPT problem finally been fixed in SCOUTNET? I know a few years back, Venturing leaders still needed regular Youth Protection Training AND Venturing YPT. Don't ask me why, but some type of programming glitch.
  9. I know they weren't popular, but who was the idiot at national that decided to pull the skirts from the racks? I say adapt, improvise and overcome.
  10. Unfortunately Tokala is spot on. I've been told by many that the reason why summer camps are more MB focused is because of the parents. I know that the program I HA program I developed was a miss because A) it wasn't promoted, and B) the brand spanking new COPE COURSE that was promoted caught everyone's attention. But the Scouts I talked to were for it , and wanted to come to camp the next year for it. But one parent/leader did ask me what MBs would the folks get who did the program. Very disappointed when I said none.
  11. I want to apologize if I ranted a little in my posts on this thread. Dedked's situation is very similar to the one that I'm in, and it has been extremely frustrating for me to see the troop start failing. I helped get some of the original leaders trained when the troop was started. I've worked with the old SM when he was having challenges with the troop getting started. I've camped with them, worked with their Scouts as an MBC, etc. etc. I admit I took my oldest son to their feeder pack first not only b/c the pack was extremely active, but also because they did have a good relationship with th
  12. Twocub, Although I cited an example of 2 brothers joining a different troop than their 2 older brothers, I have to agree with ya on the "herd mentality." I think part of it is the familiarity and relationships that have developed, i.e. they know what their brothers are doing, here the stories, get jealous, etc. But sometimes the being with their friends does win out. That is what happened with my friends younger brothers: their pack had a great relationship with the troop, and the entire den went together into the same troop. I will admit, I do hope that all my boys join the same troop,
  13. Dedkad, Give it time with your son's troop. I know the troop I grew up in would put new Scouts parents in committee roles before asking them to be ASMs. Part of it was to get them 'deprogrammed" from Cub Scouts, as there are BIG differences between the programs, also it gave the parents the chance to 'get away" from the Scouts and see the troop as it is suppose to be run. Also it gives them a chance to get trained. I think it's a good thing, heck I am now a MC with my son's troop and know I need "deprogramming" ( Let's just say I had fun poking fun at me and reviewing summer camp).
  14. Base, Believe ti or not, one of the intentions of the West Fellowship was to honor those who are involved n Scouting. I know of several long term Scouters who had folks contribute to recognize their tenrue in scouting.
  15. Again every situation is different. Most of the leaders in my neck of the woods would rather have someone in another unit and stay in scouting, than get out all together. And a few would rather the youth be in some type of positive organization, even Trails Life, if that as a better fit than a troop.
  16. Fred, If my pack's CO was to ask me to leave because my oldest son decided to join another CO's troop, this is what would happen. 1) They pack would lose a Scouter with over 30 years in the program, including as a professional. I've been able to help out in some sticky situations b/c of the expereince. 2) The pack would lose their only consistent member to Roundtable. Yes, I can be replaced in this matter, but at the moment I'm it. 3) The pack would lose their only active member of the district committee. Yes, the COR is a member of the committee, but I have only seen him a
  17. Fred, In my neck of the woods, pack shopping is the norm. You might have 2-3 packs visiting a School night round up, so you visit the packs at their meeting. Even after Round up's are over, you still get folks switching around. different packs meet different needs. So your argument for pack shopping does exist and is viable. As for why do you want leaders at the Cub Scout level who are involved in another CO's troop, maybe they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to get the job done and be an asset to the pack. After all it is the SCOUT'S (emphasis, not shouting) decision to jo
  18. One more comment. My wife dated me while I was a DE and knew a little of the stress that was involved. It wasn't until about 2 weeks before had to be cut short (national policy is that they are only required to give you 2 days off for getting married, and I had to come back to work on the Wednesay after I got married) that it her her. After 6 weeks of marriage, she gave me the ultimatum: her or the job. So to quote the 9th Doctor (or is he the 10th now ) "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
  19. There will be weeks where you are working less than 40 hours (not many of them; I can count on one hand), there will be weeks where you are working more than 40( the bulk of them), and there will be weeks when it will be 80+, it all depends upon the cycle of the year you are in. When I was a DE, during the fall, Mornings and Evenings were spent at schools talking to students and doing the evening round ups. In addition, I was meeting with different district committee folks , and prospective COs. as well as prepping for FOS season. Towards the end of the year, if membership goals were
  20. I know someone who had their registration revoked because a known liar (he lied and tried to get 3 leaders in trouble a year before) accused another leader of making a pass at him. The leader caught him out after hours trying to peep into the ladies' showers. Unfortunately there were no witnesses to the incident like there was the year before (3 adults and 3 additional youth), so it was a 'He said, she said" situation and the leader was gone.
  21. Fred, Yes, troops are not there to serve the packs. Troops are there to serve the Boy Scouts. BUT if a troop doesn't do anything with a pack, and another troop does, which troop do you think the Cubs will join? Statistically Cub Scouting provides the most Boy Scouts. I've seen this multiple times. When I was a Cub, the troop my Pack's CO chartered did not do anything with the pack: no invitiations to a meetings, no Webelos overniter, nothing at all. They just expected the Cubs to cross over to them. A neighboring troop with no pack did provide a den chief. They did invite us to a mee
  22. On the flip side, a good DC is worth their weight in platinum, both for the troop and the pack.
  23. DG, Agree that the Boy Scout needs to want to be a DC. DCs forced into the position, like 2 of the 3 DCs we got will not work out well. BUT, an SM needs to constantly remind the youth that the DC POR is available and is a great resource for the troop in getting new scouts.
  24. Dedkad, I can sympathize to a degree with you. My oldest decided to join another CO's troop. So oldest is meeting at one church, while middle son, and in 5 months 24 days youngest as well, meet at another. Going to get real interesting when we do Scouting for Food and Memorial Day Service Projects on the district level. But I let him choose, and he had a better fit with this troop than the CO's troop or the 3rd troop he visited. And I really sympathize with trying to get the troop to be involved with the pack to aid in moving the boys to that pack. I tried and tried and tried to get
  25. Mixed emotions on this. One one hand as others have mentioned, some troops do use aged based patrols. Me personally, I prefer mixed aged patrol to a point. When your older Scouts start taking on troop responsibilities, I prefer to put them together in a venture patrol, what was called in my day the Leadership Corps (LC). ASPL doubles as the PL for the LC, and members were the troop's librarian, instructors, quartermaster, etc. Reason being that sometimes troop duties interfere with what needs to be done with patrols, i.e. patrols are setting up their campsites while the older scouts are settin
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