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  1. It seems to me you need to get out of this drama and pass this old troop on to another District Commissioner. Reason is, key 3 is not taking your very reasonable advice. It may be that you are too familiar to them and they need someone else. It may be that they are crazy and love drama. Your volunteer time and time away from family is wasted here. 5 parent meetings is beyond crazy. I can't image how many conversations, emails, and phone calls you have been involved in.
  2. Hello, I am looking for a scoutmaster minute that had to do with the contribution of others. It went something like this: "Today at this court of honor we are recognizing the achievements of the scouts here, you have made significant achievements in ..... but remember you haven't done this alone, just like a piano there are xxx keys, all the people who have helped you along your scouting journey are playing the other keys, the base line, the high notes, the ....." the Assistant scout masters, the merit badge counselors, the drivers for the camp outs, ..... your parents and family member
  3. Oh and this troop doesn't trust their oldest scouts to hike alone together. No wonder the 17 year old Philmont, Chilkoot hiker scout thinks scouts is boring. The adults make it so.
  4. Lordy, it's not just my son's troop? The reason everyone remembers cubs as being fun is that we ended every meeting with a game. Boy led does not mean without mentoring or a vision of what the scouting program is supposed to deliver. For years I have tried different efforts to get scouting games or the program guide in the planning. Wanted one night a month for patrol meetings so we could get something done, but we were shot down. When we have one night of games everyone loves them.... then it is back to the same boring planning for the next event (or not). Dodge ball.
  5. Although a MB counselor can not add requirements As a cooking merit badge counselor I encourage the young scouts to work on their cooking requirements for rank FIRST. There is no double counting between the rank requirements and the merit badge. So I have one young scout in my group, but the rest have more than a few campouts under their belts. If that young scout uses his campouts right now to focus on cooking requirements for the cooking merit badge he will be slowing down his rank advancement. In addition, I like to limit the number of scouts in a group (8 being a good number for m
  6. I think there are quite a few things the pack could do. 1) Do you have a social media policy? I'll bet custodial parent doesn't want pictures of her tiger in his uniform posted to facebook, anyone's facebook. 2) Explain the 2 deep leadership policy to Tiger mom and how your pack and den events are supervised. 3) Doesn't the medical part a and b form have a space that tells who can take a child from scouting events? In our pack all uniformed adults knew the allergies and medical issues. Why not this also? 4) Pack events aren't really open to the public. They are open to those in the pa
  7. yup and Den Chief. This often is a position that boys go and find themselves.
  8. File a tour permit for every meeting outside our meeting place, heard this repeatedly at council trainings and DID it for YEARS. Our troop is under the mistaken impression that 2 adults are required for 2 scouts to sell popcorn in a grocery store (2 hour shift btw)... This is why my scout never sells anymore. Adults on hike need to hike with the patrol, every darn step of the way. I've seen a pack at day camp making everyone go to the bathroom at the same time because little timmy had to go and two adults had to go with him. Since they only had two adults .... yep, whole pack mi
  9. Welcome to scouting and thanks for being a willing volunteer! I took a den from tigers to boy scouts and they are now high school sophomores, most of them active in scouting. (I still get to work with them on occasion.) I agree that 3/4's of the cub scout experience is in the den. A lot of the tiger year is really about making and keeping friends in a small group. If you are not intending for your son to change schools next year, these friendships are very valuable to your son's development. If the den is working for your son, work on improving that experience. You started that b
  10. I suspect it is related to the FSLA change in this way: many Hr advisors to the non-profit sector are recommending that all titles, job duties, and payroll procedures be reviewed at this point and time. A full HR audit, so to say. A District Executive is really executive of nothing (no full time direct reports to supervise, no budgetary authority of any magnitude, for example.) Program Associate (or District Associate in this case) makes more sense.
  11. The GSA used to publish a subscription based magazine called 'The American Girl' latter named "American Girl". (No relation to the "American Girl" currently published.) Much like BL of today it focused on interesting "I want to do that" and "You can do it" stuff with a bit of common culture (lip gloss, etc) thrown in. Much like the video game articles in BL. Really who ever is publishing BL for the BSA should make a proposal.
  12. Well based on the scout's sound bite, I think he was working on Citz in Com. 'Do the following: a. Attend a meeting of your city, town, or county council or school board; OR attend a municipal, county, or state court session. b. Choose one of the issues discussed at the meeting where a difference of opinions was expressed, and explain to your counselor why you agree with one opinion more than you do another one.' or Communications: 'Attend a public meeting (city council, school board, debate) approved by your counselor where several points of view are given on a single issue. Prac
  13. Don't take any $ from the Webelo families. Tell them to recruit a couple more boys to form a nice group. 4th grade boys are really good at recruiting. Leadership (even shared rotating leadership) should come from within that set of 12 parents, or someone they recruit from outside the organization. Take the money and applications at that point. I'd love to come lead Webelos again... Everyone in the entire pack has to lead -- weither on the committee, as a special event organizer, or as a den leader / assistant den leader.
  14. After the meeting, Boy Scout Mark Nitkiewicz told the Ann Arbor News it was his first public meeting. "It was very interesting, there were a lot of good points," Nitkiewicz said. "I thought everybody had some fair points." Good Citz in Comm public meeting. I'm sure I'll the scouts I counsel on this badge would have been interested and attentive.
  15. I agree with all the advice here. Except a den of 12 tigers is too big. You need 3 dens. Boys do not feel necessary to the club in a large group. (For Tigers this is their first 'club'.) Full participation will suffer. Part of the advantage of scouts is working on social skills in small group settings. You don't get that in a room full of 24 people (plus younger siblings.) If some families drop out and dens are as small as 5 that is a-okay and very good. (My eldest's tiger den was 5 and they all bridged into boy scouts together.) I always capped my dens at 8 because that was
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