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  1. We have a difficult time getting people to attend our local RT. To be frank it's boring and takes basically and entire evening.
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. We have decided that the boys Mother will need to attend the campouts as we don't want the responsibility. The only thing that kind of stinks is that I feel we are sacrificing others "rights" to accomidate this one boy. By rights I mean we have to limit what everyone can have. Hope that makes sense.
  3. We have a boy that wants to join our Troop that has a SEVERE allergic reaction to peanuts to the point any contact could kill him. He wears an eppy (sp) pen 24/7. The problem is so many foods contain trace amounts of peanuts and his mother wants us leaders to read the ingredients on every single item we buy for campouts. I don't like the liability. He's a nice kid but the other leaders are also concerned. Anyone else have issues like this?
  4. Barry, hard to compete with sports/video games. When I was young (I'm 50) sports weren't played year round (also home video games were in their infancy). Also I don't know if it's a problem all over but Scouting in N. IL has the stigma of being for dorks/losers.
  5. Do you think that Scouting will exist in next 50 years? I notice locally that attendance has declined. It's hard to compete with year round sports teams, video games, and the stigma that scouting is for losers. Thoughts?
  6. Our Troop didn't go this year. We have went in the years past but the boys are tired of the event. Not to be putting it down but it really needs a major overhaul. It's the same scavenger hunt every year.
  7. I see scouting on the decline. Locally we are competing with year round sports teams and the belief that scouting is for dorks. Competing with X-box, X-Box 1 and PS4 is also becoming more difficult.
  8. I understand you can donate whatever dollar amount you want, but having the preprinted pledge cards with the $ 150.00 being the lowest pledge turned me off, also having the presenter standing there waiting to pick up the cards seemed low class. Everything with scouting seems like it going up including re-chartering. Many of the parents in my Troop haven't had raises in years.
  9. We had our annual FOS presentation last night and boy was I surprised. The entry asking donation was $ 150.00. Wasn't it only $ 75.00 last year? I live in a somewhat economically challenged area. Not too many folks can afford this. Other?????
  10. We have the same problem in our troop. We are always in need of drivers and it's always the same people.
  11. Once you attend Tesomas I think you will be hooked!
  12. This has been a hot topic for years within our Council. Anyone else??????? We have two camps within our council that are good camps but seem better suited to younger Scouts (IMO). For the last three years we have attended summer camp at Tesomas and have enjoyed it but our troop gets the stink eye from some of the council leaders for going out of council. I say it's up to the boys and the leaders where we go. Thoughts?????
  13. In retrospect, I probably should have excused myself from the EBOR. I guess I'm one of the odd balls that places too high of a respect for an Eagle Scout.
  14. Has this happened to you? Been asked to be part of an Eagle BOR and feel that the Scout in question isn't really Eagle material? I was recently asked to be on the Eagle BOR of one of our scouts that I have known for many years. It was openly known that he was bribed to complete his Eagle. He had a crappy attitude towards scouting and only did it to achieve his bribe. I spoke with several of the other people on the BOR and was told if a scout has fulfilled all the requirements you really can't deny them their Eagle. I guess it's true but to me it diminishes the achievement.
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