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  1. How do you folks handle late signups for troop activities such as campouts. So say you say the final signup date is Monday and then Monday comes, signup is done, patrols are figured out, meals are planned and then on Wednesday you get 4 or 5 scouts that say, sorry we missed the meeting but still want to go on the campout. Now meal buying needs to have some changes, car pooling needs changes, etc... We have been just allowing the late signups but it's really disrupting and making people have to go through a lot of effort. But we're suckers and we always want the boy to participate so we say yes. Sometimes they are late signing up also because parents don't pay attention. Do you just tell people after the date that they can't go or do you charge them a late fee, how do you handle it?
  2. Our pack has always crossed in February. This year it's my son crossing and he's chomping at the bit to get to boyscouts.
  3. In our pack, we award Arrow of Light and Bridge into Boy Scouts on the same day. Usually the cubmaster reads the ceremony for both ceremonies. How do you guys handle when the cubmasters son is the one crossing over. Do you have the asistant CM read the ceremony while the CM stands with his son? Just curious? Our last CM read the ceremony while the mom stood with the son. Thanks, Mudman.
  4. I feel your pain. We were invited to camp with one troop. Fri night the Webelos wound up arriving before the boy scout troop and had no idea where to set up. We had our own tents and set them up when finally told where to go which wound up being at the far end of the area from where the boyscouts set up so we were kind of by ourselves.Troop leaders did introduce themselves. Sat morning breakfast was to be at 8:30 and we showed up at 8:30, but the boy led cooking team didn't serve breakfast until 10:00. By then the kids were famished. When it was time they said ok, Webelos go first and get your food and that was all that was said. Well they went up to the buffet and grabbed food, I was behind my son and when I saw the amount of food they had, I had to hold him back from taking what he would normally eat and we went back to the table. Then when the food ran out older scouts from the troop came over and yelled at them for taking too much food. After the food was gone they brough out cereal for those that didn't eat enough. My son went for cereal and they were out of mill (keep in mind the know how many people are coming weeks before the event) Then there was supposed to be a flag ceremony, it never happened and an American flag never flew the entire weekend. There were supposed to be stations for the scouts to go to, but they wound up playing games for almost all of Sat morning so much that there wasn't enough time in the rest of the day to get through the acitivites. On a good note, the Sat night dinner and campfire program was done well. We are now invited to visit another troop and camp. That troop had us visit early, split our webelos into two patrols and put two older boy scouts as their patrol leaders. They all planned a menu and a duty roster together. Then were told that they can use troop tents and the senior scouts will put the tents up for them since it will be dark when they get to camp. I'll give a report back after the event. Our guys came out of the meeting visit liking what they had seen and heard.
  5. We had a once a year pack campout at the end of the school year and it's generally the same people setting up, Lately with all the activities, I've found that rather than have people sign up and not be there when needed. I'd have one or two leaders with me that knew what needed to be done and then When it's time for something, like cooking the burgers. I walk to someone standing around, hand them the spatula and say time to cook. then I delegate at the moment whatever else needs to be done to someone that's just standing around. Nobody has ever said no.
  6. At Webelos level, our webelo woods or webelo campout is for webelos only and a parent or two. We have families where it's only one kid and the husband and wife come. Thatt's fine, brothers and sisters are not allowed. Webelo campouts for us are where the scouts are being taught to operate outdoors at a partol and we also introduce the camping in a tent with a buddy if they want.
  7. Almost never at pack meetings. Once in awhile as a treat at a den meeting. My guys are at the Webelo level and sometimes if I need some quieter time with them sitting and talking I'll bring a snack. So at the end of the meeting, grab a drink and a snack and we'll sit and eat and play a game of some sort that practices reciting scout law, oath, motto, etc..They seem to be able to concentrate more while sitting and eating.
  8. I am on the fence on whether I want it to change. While it's nice that it will be the same for all scouts. I also think that it's one of the things that sets Webelos apart to know they they are graduatiing to being a boy scout.
  9. Actually we do quite a bit of outdoors stuff, this is to take the place of a couple den meetings during the weeknight in like December/January (where here in NJ it's snowy and cold...LOL). We already did family campout in June with fishing derby. went hiking in May at an old scout camp, went bike trail riding in July, Webelo Resident camp in August, kickball night in August, camping in Sept with the pack, going camping in October as a webelos campout and in Novemeber camping with the troop at a pioneering weekend. As well as joinging the troop for Klondike derby and skiing this coming February. The troop we are going to is very active outdoor troop. They camp every month sometimes with part of the troop camping one place and part backpacking others. They backpack at least 4 times a year I think. They attend a local summer camp for a week and this year are also taking a group to Philmont. We also have a field trip coming up to a science show where the guy demonstrates all kinds of cool science expiriments.
  10. Webelos unit numbers. When the Webelo does go to the tan shirt, do they continue with red numbers or go to the green and tan? I assumed green and tan so they would need to be replaced with the green and tan at boyscouts. But now I'm not so sure since I've seen pics of it both ways. Is there a right or wrong.?
  11. My den is into it's Webelo II year and finishing on Arrow of light. Between last scout year and resident camp, we have already completed quite a few Webelo badges and have plenty for the Arrow of light requirement. I was looking maybe for some ideas of other fun things to do this year, maybe no so intense as a webelo badge. Maybe a building/craftsman project of some sort that was something really useful in the house or for the scout or a gift to mom. It could be something that takes multiple meetings to finish. Any suggestions. One idea I had was a shadow box or picture frame for the scouts to use to put all the patches, belt loops, etc they've accumulated over the 5 years into for display in the house somewhere. I figured between cutting, glueing, and staining, etc, that would take a couple meetings. Any other ideas.
  12. I have a den of Webelo II scouts that will be crossing over in February. My question is about a webelo camping trip. The guidelines say that a parent needs to be camping with their scout and the scout can't stay in a tent with an adult other than their parent or guardian. Can two scouts share a tent with no adults in the tent? Give that their parent or guardian is in another tent. Thanks, Mudman.
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