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  1. njdrt-rdr

    Duplicate Troop numbers

    While they say co-ed is not the plan and should not be happening. I'm at our local cub pack blue and gold Sunday and one of the boys crossing over has an older sister with a scout uniform on. We start talking to her to find out she is in a troop in another council because the troop in the town next door, runs their troops, boys and girls together. All meetings are together, all campouts are together, every activity and event is together. She went to a different troop because she wanted to be a troop of girls, not a co-ed troop. She said she loves it because they can do stuff and not have to worry about dealing with boys.. So while on paper the two troops (that have the same troop number) are two different troops, they are operating as one.
  2. njdrt-rdr

    Duplicate Troop numbers

    I just think it brings about too much confusion and boots on the ground weren't required to think about the big picture. This wasn't a merger or asking a troop to change it's number. These are new troops forming, cut and dry. New troops should have new numbers. Whether they have the same leadership and charter as another troop really should have nothing to do with it. When it all boils down, no matter what anyone wants to say, they are a separate troop (at this point in time). The boys are their own troop and the girls are their own troop. As far as not being part of "us" if we had a different number, It would be like having a pack and every den having the same den number. Or a district saying every troop has to have the same number to feel they are a part of the district. and don't get me started on B and G...Those darn letters sound so similar, maybe it should be M and F. I will be at roundtable will the person in front will say if you want info talk to troop 64 b...And I'll be like did he say 64b or 64g? It's stupid..
  3. I gotta vent. I have to say that the decision by National to allow a girl troop and a boy troop have the same troop number in the same district is idiotic and then to preference with one is Troop 187 B and the other is Troop 187 G....How do you explain that to the general public...For instance we are working with multiple troop and packs for a food drive. THe flyer would usually says thanks from Troop 87, pack 87 and troop 99..So now Troop 99 has a boy troop and a girl troop. So do we modify it and says thanks from Troop 99 Boys and Troop 99 Girls?...Such an idiotic move to further draw a distinction beween boys and girls that did not need to be there. A troop is a troop, doesn't matter if it's a boy troop or a girl troop. Any new troop formed, even if it shares leadership or a charter org should have had to have a new troop number. But, in my opinion I guess it won't matter in a couple years when all troops are co-ed anyway.
  4. njdrt-rdr

    Recruiting in Scouts BSA Units

    That's some real backwards logic he has there. Scouting is not an infinite program. It's like saying that the amount of kids in school are dwindling because they are graduating...Huh....part of an active well run troop is a solid flow of scouts into the troop. The failure of a troop is not because of scouts ranking out and leaving, it's because of scouts not coming in.
  5. njdrt-rdr

    standards for Scouts

    It happens with my troop also. Highschool brings about other commitments and scouts usually goes by the wayside. Some may hang around just enough to finish their eagle. Unfortunately after 1st class, there's no requirements in the ranks that require them to go on outings. Not to mention balancing any activity in high school with scouts is extremely hard. My kid is in drama club and they practice 6 days a week for the entire school season. If they are in a sport, it's even worse. Also you have to realize that by this point, they've been in scouts for 9 to 12 years and scouts is year round, it never stops. They may just be losing interest. It's hard to hold interest I've seen. There's always a new crop of scouts coming into the troop that run around, fool around, don't listen, etc...The older boys in our troop have not been able to distinguish between leading/teaching vs babysitting..They all forget how they were when they came into the troop.
  6. njdrt-rdr


    I'm a committee chair for the troop and was for the pack. The CC takes care of the Charter, all the SM does is sign it when it's ready.
  7. Total hogwash. If I had to have parents present every time I discussed with a scout about his behavior or remarks or actions being incorrect, parents would have to be present 100% of the time at every meeting, campout, etc..
  8. njdrt-rdr

    possible fee increase coming

    Hmm...That never dawned on me with an eagle project...I'm sure I'm wrong, I guess generally it never clicked to me as a scout event because it wasn't run by the troop.
  9. njdrt-rdr

    possible fee increase coming

    Can you tell me where you saw this requirement?
  10. My kid is a sophomore. There's no shot at him wearing a Class A uniform to school for the day. It would be more possible for them with wear a class B shirt but since that is not an official uniform that can't happen either.
  11. njdrt-rdr

    possible fee increase coming

    While that's totally true, they get paid to do their job and their job is to deal with National and deal with all the crap that should not be happening at our level. However crap rolls down hill and the volunteers at the bottom are the ones that take the brunt of it. Way back, 12 years ago I had fond memories of my time in scouts as a kid and I knew I wanted to be a leader and thought that even when my kid was done with scouts, I'd keep on as a volunteer. Well over the last 12 years, that attitude has severely changed. I don't have faith in the program or leadership of it anymore. I'm just glad my son is close to done.
  12. njdrt-rdr

    Struggling in middle school with grades

    Depends on the reason he's struggling. For my son it was often just not paying attention in some subjects, talking too much and not getting instructions, not writing down homework etc. Others were he just didn't get the info that was being taught, that was math. He struggled pretty much almost every year in math from the 1st grade to now which is 9th grade.  In grammar school after forgetting to hand in homework or forgetting he had homework beacuse he didn't write the assignment down. I did drop the hammer, I told him no more scouts, no more playing basketball, no more friends ever coming over the house, no more dirtbike riding until he figured out how to stop talking and pay attention to the most important thing he has going which was school work. That fixed most things. But on an odd note. One day he forgets his math sheet for homework, I'm ready to explode but stay calm, Of course it's a troop meeting night. I say we will go to the meeting at school early, get your sheet and do it before the meeting. So we do that and he's in the meeting room trying to do the sheet and he can't figure out what to do. With that our SPL walks in to start getting the meeting set up and I ask the SPL...Do you know how to do this stuff? Can you help him. He says 'sure I'm in honors math (Junior)' that became the start of us hiring him for a weekly 1 hour tutoring session. We are on our third older scout tutor. He needed tutoring in 5th, 6th and part of 7th and needs one again now in 9th. Ours tutors have always been older scouts that were in honors math. Seems to click pretty well as they are comfortable with each other. Ask some of the older scouts in your troop, odds are you may have someone available and they like to make extra cash.
  13. njdrt-rdr

    BSA Hammock Rules

    I haven't slept on a hammock in cold weather but I was intrigued about trying a hammock for sleeping. I'm a short really fat dude and didn't want to try one in public. we had an empty lean to at summer camp and I strung one up in there. Didn't want to have the boys watch me try and navigate a hammock for the first time or trying to roll out of the thing.....It was a bit rough for me to get out of. But OMG....I slept solid all night long and never woke up...that doesn't happen to me even sleeping on cot or a bunk...I loved it...
  14.   This isn't about borrowing a hundred bucks and someones intentions. Your buddy asked you a question twice and each time was a different legitimate answer, So no, you didn't lie to him.   But co-ed wasn't a question, it was a statement made by the head of the BSA. You don't run a company based off intentions you base them from fact and business plans.  This is a multi billion dollar organization that is supposed to be laying out ground rules and direction for people to offer their program. People who volunteer and spend time away from family activities to run this program. they spend an extraordinary amount of time. By your correlation we would never have anything solid to go on for any topic because in a couple weeks they may change their intention. Businesses can't run off intentions. They stated "it will not be co-ed", that is not an intention, that is a factual statement they have made. If they were to say "it may not be co-ed"....That would be an intention and that means it needs further clarification after the issue is discussed more. It's just the whole cloudy nature by which they have done everything is what gets people riled up and leaving volunteers to guess at answers and handle all the questions coming to them without any information from the governing body It gets tiring.
  15. njdrt-rdr

    Educating New Scouts on Merit Badges

    Curious to why you give them a binder when it's already in the scout handbook?