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    Of course there is also the far more likely and sensible probability - that this "next generation" and its parents actually don't mind the terms Scout- or Cubmaster, and in fact are perfectly happy keeping them, and wouldn't even think twice about the matter unless it was pushed on them by overly politicizing factions who only want to look for trouble where there is none to be had. I feel comfortable saying this since, according to you, I fall into the category of the "real" decision makers - and I never, in all my functions at the unit, district and council level, have ever even heard of the terms being questionable, apart from this one isolated thread, in this one isolated forum. And I live in a densely populated, media-heavy, influential and involved part of the country. So I think the term is safe for now. ☺️
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    I'm also not that worried about the PC aspect unless it''s something that is truly offensive but the scoutmaster title has always given me pause well before I ever heard of issues with it. I'm probably repeating myself but I have always thought that for an organization with a history of child abuse, any title with "master" in it is maybe not the best choice. I've heard too many jokes and snide comments over the years. It's also headline fodder, like the most recent, horrific one this month in Overland Park. I also agree with your opinion that the title encourages certain types of personalities to take the title literally and become authoritative and dictatorial when dealing with youth. Advisor, mentor, guide is more in keeping with what I think the job description is in my opinion. I wouldn't think it matters much but we seem to have ongoing issues with units that struggle with scout led.
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    Let him cross over and get him to swim lessons! Summer camps have good swim lessons. I was one of those Scouts who could not swim. I was terrified of the water because I did in fact drown. One minute I am jumping into a raft and missing it. landing into the water and not able to stay afloat, and the next I am in the house, on the floor coughing up water with someone over me that was doing CPR. I had enjoyed Cub Scouts, and was looking forward to Scouts. And my Mom gave me an ultimatum, learn to swim or get out. Swim lessons at the YMCA were challenging until the swim instructor worked with me during his break between classes, and got me swimming. Swimming is a life skill that is needed.
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    To quibble, "scouter", "adviser" should go too as a scout is not called a "scoutee", "advisee", .. I like "ScoutMan". IMHO how's this for a non-gaudy patch AND...and I also came up with a marketing slogan to recruit volunteers...Become a Big Blue Boy Scout.
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    @5thGenTexan When my son crossed over at age 10 1/2, he could not swim. We got him into private swimming lessons at a local YMCA. It took several months with a very patient instructor, but he did eventually learn how to swim. I agree with @Eagle94-A1, swimming is an important life skill, and I'm glad we stuck with it, and he learned how to swim.
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    It's okay to feel strongly. We're in very emotional times. Everyone of us can easily pull ridiculous events from daily news. For me, it's the constant resistance to police these days. Protest in public opinion and fight in court. Don't add pressure on them as they their immediate job. For me, the title "scoutmaster" carries little long term weight and has a lot of baggage due to mis-interpretation. ... But, that's me. And it's not the biggest battle.
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    Speaking of flogging a dead horse
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    Then we’d best look to a couple more examples to be sure the nuance is well fleshed out. With regard to PETA: ...the animal rights organization feels “pet” is a derogatory term and suggested people should stop using it since it is not animal-friendly language. She stated, “A lot of people at home who have dogs or cats will call them ‘pets’ and refer to themselves as ‘owners,’ and this implies that the animals are a possession, like a car, for example, When you refer to animals, not as the living beings they are, but as an inanimate object, it can reflect our treatment on these animals.” “This isn’t the first time PETA suggests using a new word or phrase for it to be less animal-centric. PETA argued words and idioms that involve meat products are offending vegetarians and vegans. For example, instead of saying “flogging a dead horse” or “killing two birds with one stone,” the organization wants people to say “feeding a fed horse”, or “feeding two birds with one scone.” So livestock is next, then the word Animal because someone might use it in reference to savage behavior. Then, let’s look at a corollary to ‘master’ . We’d best tell the churches and families that the word ‘father’ is no longer acceptable because that too is an authority title, notwithstanding its acceptance across the epoch of time. Plus, those children’s who lost their fathers or have abusive fathers might be offended or embarrassed and thrown into deep depression when others use the word. we can’t risk it. Boss? Well, forget that. Boss man is certainly a throwback to slaves and chain gangs, and prisons. In fact, prisoner and convict are tools for oppression so they go out too. I don’t know if anyone who wants to be called prisoner or convict especially if it’s a tool of the oppressive system that puts people down in a judicial and police system that is supposedly so bad that it has to be overhauled. the examples are countless and the point is that anyone anywhere will find reasons to mangle meaning and words to make themselves feel better and speak for others whether they want it or not. It’s the idea of claiming the progress is based on the acceptance of a new word without accepting that ANY word can be made and used to sound ugly. Humans have this odd disconnect between thinking they can change human nature by changing words. Degenerate-lunatic-imbeciles-maniac-retarded-and so forth. Psychiatry changes it’s diagnostic manual to capture the evolving understanding of mental disorders. Each generation changes terms. If, we, outside of psychiatry, use any of the terms on an everyday basis directed at someone, there is no mistake behind the meaning and intent: mentally there is something very wrong with them. Context is certainly important and what makes English complicated. Certain 4 letter words can be used across the spectrum ranging from hate of a person to sex to admiration of a new idea and so forth. I suppose that scoutmaster has consistently meant, the leader of the group but let’s look at alternatives: bossman, Pontifex Maximus, father- scout, fürhrer (which just translates as leader), grand marshal, pasha, sultan, how about king scout (queen scout might be a slap at cross dressers), headman (long accepted term in certain tribes around the world, Shah, Rajah, I would say chief but we know that’s dead in the water in American politics. Maybe if we go to the more egalitarian model the communists used in WWI when they had units in France during the revolution of 1917. They had group elections on whether or not to fight. Officers were ignored. So if we do that, nobody is in charge because there is no respected hierarchy. You see, the second you use words like advisor and mentor they become applicable to adults. That’s authority and power tier one. Well, someone has to make decisions, arbitrate and ultimately be a decision maker and arbitrator. That means you have to give them some type of easily recognizable designation (presumably that fits into scouting tradition...tradition as a word seems to have become profane in PC culture equaling tyranny, bigotry and narrow mindedness but never mind that). once you’ve got the designations in place, Bingo! You’re right back to where you started. You’ve only swept away understanding and function of one set to start over again because of sensitivity or criticism of others. The relationship is what is attacked, the system is what is ridiculed, the uniforms, the symbols, the spirit all of it. The words are a convenience and passive aggressive. Are you seriously going to change your title as an American because of history and actions of others and the rest of the world mocks you as an American? Are you going to start saying, maybe I’ll be accepted if I call myself a North American so they’ll think I’m one of the good guys? scouts is being dismembered make no mistake. Piece by piece little by little sections get condemned and made into something different and it’s not alone. I certainly can’t stop it. But I don’t have to like it or accept it. It’s an ongoing transmogrified experiment in a Frankensteinian lab run by destructive people and duped lab assistants. But I’m a little biased and irked by the whole mess.
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    It's not the program that is at fault. The program is good. It is the executives who are at fault.
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    To use the quote from Blazing Saddles - We've got to protect our phony-baloney jobs, gentlemen. We must do something about this immediately, immediately, immediately! Often times is seems the Councils are more interested with staying in business than serving youth. Rather than figuring out how to do it more efficiently, just sell stuff and raise fees.
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    Dress as modern as you wish. I will still refuse to purchase blue jeans with holes in them. I don't care how trendy it has become.
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    Yes. There is something wrong with it. It is true that some words become obsolete. They fade out of use on their own. People just stop using them. This is different from legislating a word out of existence. It is very different from having an angry mob harass a word out of existence. We are quite right to be indignant when the mob mentality takes over. We are right to be more than just annoyed when spineless bureaucrats cow tow to the braying jackasses who demand the right to redefine and restructure everything in our society from the meaning of simple words to the legitimacy of our most cherished ideals and values.
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    As camp counselors have asked my scouts for a note from their SM confirming that the did x,y, or z prerequisite, I have developed the following template: To whom it my concern, —— is a scout. A scout is trustworthy. Therefore, you may take ——‘s retelling of exploits pertinent to requirements for the badge that you are counseling as fact. My signature is most assuredly superfluous. Sincerly, qwazse
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    If a down vote is mean spirited, why is it on a scouting forum? I thought we all agreed to disagree agreeably. Barry
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