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    • Agreed. One of your ASM’s should serve as acting SM while the CO (maybe with input from the committee decides who should permanently fill this position. How they make that decision is up to you all. But be sure to call your DC or DE. I’m sure that folks in your district would want to be involved in paying respects and helping your troop.
    • @curious_scouter, my only advice: don’t suffer fools. Training should be commensurate with the needs. For example, I don’t care how good my counselors are at shooting sports, their of no use to my scouts on land navigation challenges unless I know that they keep sharp in that skill. Regarding mentoring youth … like you said, I need adults who can take a step back. For example, I am a very good cook, as are a couple of other dads. But if the boys are doing their own meals, we make our own adult cooking area. If we aren’t cooking and will be guests of a patrol, we sit apart waiting for them to invite us to table. Although I’m a good cook, I’m willing to eat a serving of burnt grilled cheese sandwich from the hand of a youth. If my committee does one thing for us SM’s, they create an space for the adults to be comfortable at a distance from the boys.
    • Late to the party but plaques and gifts for AOLs in my unit was always covered by the parents.  Some parent groups wanted to drop hundreds on mega trophies, my group bought arrows and learned how to crest arrows so we could keep cost down and give something hand-made.  For "decorations" our crossovers are always outdoors and if there's any "decorating" it's done by the Troop and usually is some form of lashed together furniture/bridges from our already-owned ropes and poles inventory.  Not much to spend on for decorating and doing it outside with a campfire makes it night IMO. Our Pack used to provide the neckerchiefs and buy pinewood kits for all the Scouts for Christmas.  Since the AOLs did not do pinewood and already had their necker, they would get a mess kit or fork/knife/spoon kit instead as something they can use in Scouts.  The Pack I was in also offered to reimbursed families for the scout handbook if their scout was still active in the troop at the next recharter.  I thought that was nice, but don't think it's needed. Our Troop covers the neckerchief, green epaulets, and green numbers for all incoming AOLs.  But, these are all well known, long-established, agreed on, budgeted items. 
    • What's your takes on MB counselors?  My understanding is G2SS does not say the registered adult leaders have to be leaders in your unit.  So for example, a Den Leader from the Pack or a MB Counselor are both registered leaders with BSA.  As long as they were YPT and did not present a concern to me about having enough qualified supervision - I would be able to leverage either should I ever need to fill 2-up for our Troop. FWIW, I am generally happy to allow any interested adult to come camping.  Camping is fun, they should get to enjoy it - with the adult Patrol.  My ask as SM is that any non-ASM who wishes to attend consult with me before committing.  It's important to me to set expectations on how to conduct oneself as an adult on a Scouts BSA outing.  I need them to understand "the way" and ensure they will let the Scouts do.  In the end, we are required to allow parents to observe any aspect of the program they wish.  Noone can really say a parent is not allowed to come camping as far as I understand.  They must be permitted if they insist.  "All aspects of the Scouting program are open to observation by parents and leaders."
    • One of the ASM should immediately become acting SM.  Then the COR searches for a replacement.  
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