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  1. Forum mates: Any suggestions for the Citizenship in Community movie? Yours in Scouting, Landon
  2. Gosh, I am so thankful I've found this forum. A particular shout out to Scoutldr, Mistysmere, Mike F and Twocubdad. I see the point about differentiating between 'medicated kids' and 'problem kids'. Thank all of you who gave me positive feedback to take to committee. I guess this is what this 'virtual roundtable' is supposed to be about, eh? (Oh, and to 'Scoutldr' the handle 'spitfidget' has nothing to do with scouts and all to do with a certain breed of sports cars, if you know what I am talking about!) Yours in Scouting (and please teach me the way) Spitfidgetx
  3. This is my first post to this forum. I'm a Scouter of ten years, but five away from Scouts (dipped back down to Cubs). I've got five weeks of summer camp under my belt, and in the past four weeks (1999 to 2003), only had to give daily ADD meds to one child at one camp. This summer, as the second in command, I ended up in charge of meds for five boys, and four were ADD and of those, two took multiple meds (for depression, ADD, and I don't know what else all the pills were for). This was my worst week as a Scouter ever, in that an inordinate amount of the time of the two leaders (another and
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