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    • I am not an engineer, so I cannot tell you about nasties and what not. BUT, my sons dismantle old electronics all the time. Computers, iphones, HO scale engines, you name it,they probably took one apart. So far, so good.    
    • As others have mentioned, it's not the MBs and advancement that is the problem, but the abuse, and what else can you call pencil-whipping, MBCs, etc, that is becoming more and more the norm. Even in my own troop, I am seeing folks earn advancement who should not have the MBs and rank. Examples include folks who have "earned"  say MBs at summer camp, like canoeing but do not have the skills to actually do something as easy and a canoe trip on a slow river. Or the Scout who has passed off on the tent requirement for Tenderfoot, yet must have dad outside the tent until he falls asleep, or he complains he wants to go home.  They may have done something, but they have not "mastered the skill" as the older, Green Bar Bill literature has as the standard. Now it is as if National encourages "one and done." Do they still handout little rank emblems at ITOLs for doing basic S-T-2-1 skills?
    • So my scouts want to do a survival skills camp.

      One of things we've got planned is building their own compasses (as well as other natural navigation techniques).

      The actual process of building one out of a magnetised needle is not that difficult. No worries there. What I wanted to do though was take it a step further and raid ebay or similar from some old electronics and get the scouts to extract magnets from them on the spot. As would probably be the case in a real survival situation! Ie break open up your phone, ipod etc and extract a magnet. So far so good.

      However.... I am a biologist by education (hence no problem with showing them how to read a tree to find north!) not an engineer or similar. I am slightly concerned by breaking these things open and what nasties may or may not lurk among the various components. I'm thinking heavy metals and the like.

      So has anyone done this before? And do you know what bits we should avoid going near? Or am I being overly paranoid?
    • You have to register as a volunteer, have parental permission, be over 16, and be accompanied by your parent when installing smoke alarms.  If scouts cannot use power-tools they can't participate in the actual installation but all other help is appreciated. If they wish to canvass neighborhoods on their own and report their survey findings, that is great, but check with the local chapter personnel to coordinate efforts with them and to make sure those that wish to get the alarms actually get them. There is a major push twice a year for installations, one in the fall before the winter fire season and again in the spring.  In spite of what people read in the news and see on TV, the #1 activity the Red Cross is involved with is the response of Disaster Action Team members to single family fires.   Scouts can also help with the Blood Drives by making phone calls and staffing the on-site donation centers. Yes, the scouts will be limited with what they can do, they probably not going to be able to make an Eagle project out of it, but as a service project, it offers a good opportunity to get out and serve in their communities.
    • $100 on the spot would go the the scout who could fashion me a wide brim (3.5") leather hat ... or patch the gaping hole in my old one. I can't even find my make and model in any western store or online.
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