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    • Similar notice from Presbytery of Baltimore https://baltimorepresbytery.org/boy-scout-bankruptcy-protection/
    • A minority who don't understand plain English. One who also doesn't understand that the next POTUS could pack the court with a woman who they favor. What would they want the marketers at GS/USA do then? One just can't cow-tow to mobs. Even when they don't see themselves as mobs. There was a similar minority (including one of my scout moms) who were up in arms about what their sons were hearing live from POTUS last jamboree. Online, I defended a practice that, frankly, I am quite ambivalent about. I debriefed a scout upon his return. His mom had called him that evening afterword. He assured her that he wasn't expecting flashing red lights to suddenly appear the day he would first go to the poll. (I think he's eligible to vote this year.) This past couple of years, my faith in the youth of America has only grown. But you do bring up an important point. Twitter is the worst place for an organization to reside. A group should rely on their own website to produce, and defend, their content. On social media leaders of an organization should post under their own names e.g. Miss Firstname Lastname, VP of x GS/USA. That's the sheer genius of Bryan on Scouting, it's official, but personal too. So when he or another writer spouts off an opinion, I know it's him. When it's in Scouting Magazine proper, I know it's more official and impersonal. I don' have to like it, but I know darn well if I want to complain about it, the letter to the editor should begin with "Dear Sir/Madame, ...." (Okay, not really. But anything disrespectful will be deleted.)
    • UM (United Methodist Church) News 10/29/2020:  Churches urged to file legal document in Boy Scouts lawsuit The General Council on Finance and Administration sent notice Oct. 21 to conference chancellors, treasurers and bishops, urging them to organize any local churches that have chartered Scout programs, even if the programs aren’t currently active, to file a “proof of claim” by 5 p.m. U.S. Eastern time on Nov. 16.  Currently, more than 3,000 United Methodist churches charter more than 9,000 Scouting units serving over 300,000 youth, according to United Methodist Men, which oversees the denomination’s Scouting ministries. Though conferences are organizing the process, they cannot file on churches’ behalf. Churches should reach out to their conference office if they’ve not yet been notified. ... When a local church signs a charter agreement to sponsor a Scout program, the church is effectively responsible for conducting the program in its entirety, including the selection and screening of adult volunteers. That agreement could create liability in a sexual abuse claim. The Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy could not only eliminate its debts, but also potentially extinguish liabilities related to future claims. Though indemnification clauses in the charter agreements historically protected churches from liability, bankruptcy could leave those charters vulnerable. The original plan submitted to the bankruptcy court by the Boy Scouts includes protection for charter organizations. The judge sent the proposed plan to third-party arbitrators, who may decide against accepting the entire proposal, making any charter organization a possible target for litigation.   The Council on Finance and Administration’s recommendation to file a proof of claim is a preventative measure that could ensure churches have continued access to the insurance coverage the Boy Scouts provides.   “We’re protected now but the fear is the arbitrators might decide to separate the charters and go after churches as well,” said Gilbert C. Hanke, top executive of the Commission on United Methodist Men ... Churches are being cautioned not to simply suspend their Scouting programs, thinking doing so will protect them from liability. Since the deadline for filing abuse claims against the Boy Scouts is also Nov. 16, ending a scouting charter would not absolve a church of any claims made prior to that date. “It may not matter if you think your church has nothing to do with a BSA unit other than allowing them to use space for meetings. … If your church had been a Charter Organization going back over 50 years ago, your local church may still be fully responsible for damages arising out of a sexual molestation that far back,” Greater New Jersey Conference chancellor Sandy Brown explained in a statement to local churches.    More details at source: https://www.umnews.org/en/news/churches-urged-to-file-legal-document-in-boy-scouts-lawsuit
    • The same people would ban air because their political opponents breath it. 😄
    • There is no URL.  I took a picture of the page out of my binder and attached the photo.
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