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  1. awanatech

    What would you do?

    I agree that times have certainly changed. But in your example, at least it is your own parents making the decision to send you off in a taxi. I have no problem with that, we as parents know what our kids are capable of and are ultimately responsible for those decisions. As a SM, I would not make the decision to send someone else's child off in a taxi, Uber or anything else. If nothing else, how would that even come close to meeting YPT standards? I may do a lot of things differently with my own child than I will do with someone else's.
  2. awanatech

    Two Deep - Married, Related ok?

    It's possible that Pack 507 may not be doing everything exactly according to the Guide to Safe Scouting. When did BSA begin allowing Cub Scouts to participate in High Ropes Courses? Perhaps if they are following the GTSS, maybe they aren't exactly following YPT either?
  3. awanatech

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Yes, people are confused that both organizations exist and are separate. I have been surprised at the number of people who truly did not know that the 2 organizations were not the same. And even more so to find out that they are not finally joining into one organization.
  4. Well, the one that I thought I had was not there. So I guess I don't have one to send.
  5. I believe I have one I can send to you. I will be at our PLC meeting tomorrow night (11/6/18) & can double check. If I have one there, I'll let you know & send it.
  6. awanatech

    hello everyone

    Hi kristy, welcome to the forum
  7. awanatech

    New girls in Scouting

    It sounds like they do have a plan. Their plan is to remain a boys only Troop. It sounds like the Pack leaders might want to start looking for to identify a girl's Troop where they can refer the Webelos who are female. As I see it, that isn't really an issue for the Scoutmaster. That is more of an issue for the Cubmaster, Webelos Den Leader & Chartered Org Rep. I am a Scoutmaster whose CO has no intention of a girls troop at this time either, but we don't have an associated Pack at this time.
  8. @RennyTompson, I would not expect this to be a major issue to resolve. Not knowing the specifics of how the money is handled within your Troop/ Patrol, I would first make a list of the food you brought, along with prices as best as you can. If it was paid with credit card, even better it you can show that on a statement. After you have that info prepared, talk with your Scoutmaster, and if necessary, the Troop Treasurer, and explain the situation. As others have mentioned, things like this will happen throughout life. Sometimes we just have to re-create the info as best as we can. One thing that I always try to do is to pay Troop expenses in a separate transaction. Sometimes, I'll pick up personal items & Troop items on the same store visit. I have the cashier ring it as separate transactions so that I can have separate receipts. This helps if I need to pull a credit card transaction too.
  9. awanatech

    YPT2 deadline

    Goodness, if only there had been some advance notice of this deadline...
  10. awanatech

    Time between rank

    I have never heard of a Troop that does not count the summer towards time for advancement. I'm not sure how they would justify eliminating a whole season from the calendar.
  11. awanatech

    Class B Question

    I don't see any problem using the same shirt design for the Troop & Pack. Like Thunderbird said, you could always get the same design on different color shirts if you wanted. However, I'd have no problem using the same color for both units. That would cut down on inventory if you wanted to order a few extra shirts. It would stink to need a blue Adult small and not have any, but realize that you have 6 green Adult small. I have ordered from ClassB.com many times and have always been pleased with the shirts and their customer service. They have many designs online that you can select and then customize the text as needed. We have also ordered from a local shop, especially when the pricing would be similar. Neither ClassB.com nor the local shop has had a problem mixing colors within an order, as long as the design is the same.
  12. awanatech

    Fishing, BSA, and PETA

    I have seen the suggestion that PETA be done away with. As soon as they take that suggestion, I'll consider theirs.
  13. I know that the deadline for all registered leaders to complete YPT2 is 10/1/2018. As SM, I have taken it. As a Committee Member, my wife has also. I don't know if anyone else has yet. We are a small Troop and don't have many more than the minimum number of leaders. What happens on 10/2/2018 if we have some leaders who have not completed YPT2? I've been emailing & reminding them about it, but haven't gotten much response. I've only heard from one Committee Member who said she's not going to recharter next year, so she's not taking it. Our recharter is due 1/1/19. I haven't gotten any response from our COR or pastor either, as they each need to do it also.
  14. As others have said, the church can definitely impose more requirements on leaders and volunteers. As the Chartering Organization, they basically own the Scout unit. By default, that means that unit volunteers are also CO volunteers. Most churches in my area have background check requirements for any volunteers or workers who work with youth/ children. I'm surprised, but so far, the church that is our CO has not required that, yet.
  15. awanatech

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    And that's how some will argue that "everyone" is against it, while others will argue that "everyone" supports it. From their own perspective, each is right.