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  1. Absolutely, we have too many testimonials from survivors that their families and neighbors were complying, because, being the good citizens, that is what you did. How different might things have looked in the early- to mid- 1900s if millions had resisted early, instead of complying. I'm afraid that we will have a similar view in hindsight.
  2. That's true that many have the means, but how many will have the mindset to resist? Far too many will comply, at least until it is too late to recognize that the time to resist has passed, at which point they may no longer have the means.
  3. While there are certainly a lot a similarities, I would guess that the Catholic diocese is afforded religious protections that the BSA will not have. It's not exactly an apples to apples comparison between the religious body of Catholicism and the non-profit organization of BSA.
  4. I don't believe that it is the purpose of Congress to step in and buy assets or property that would be primarily for the benefit of any particular business or non-profit org. The government already owns enough property that could be utilized if that were the case. As a taxpayer, if the government bought the properties, I'd want them opened up for public access, not kept nearly exclusively for the use of any particular private group.
  5. So it all comes back to the money? Our Committee Members don't generally lead anything either. They do show up on a troop org chart, but that chart has no bearing on actually leading anything. Hashing out the details of the annual budget as treasurer, keeping track of advancement as the advancement chair or the registration chair preparing the recharter/ processing applications doesn't really constitute "leading" either, yet each of those positions would count as your "registered adult leader". Or are you saying that Committee Members do not count as "registered adult leaders" also?
  6. I have no desire to go questioning at Council level, and especially not at National level. I got to the point a long time ago where I don't go seeking more clarification when it's clear that nothing good will come out of it. At least not through official channels. I had never heard that about MBC not being considered a "registered adult leader", since they fill out an adult application, it is submitted to Council and they are approved (registered) or not. Along with that is the YPT and MBC training. Sounds like they satisfy all the requirements of the term "registered adult leader". But I've been around enough to know that many Councils will have different interpretations and policies. It's just amazing sometimes how hard we try to make it within BSA to get & keep good, willing, qualified adult volunteers (who get to pay for the privilege of serving).
  7. I would also like to know where it states that MBCs do not count as registered leaders. I have not seen that anywhere. And isn't answering privately exactly the kind of thing we are trying to prevent with YPT and GTSS requiring 2 deep leadership, lol?
  8. I agree with @scoutldr, the Council doesn't want the competition. They know who their donors are and don't want to show up to solicit funds, only to find out that they've already donated their allocated Scout gift budget to a specific unit.
  9. Even if the Council or National want to cancel their activities, they do not control unit activities. That would fall more to the CO. If they did control the units in that way, I bet it wouldn't matter if it were just the adults delivering mulch. It would still be a unit activity.
  10. I just want to make sure that I understand... in one post, you mentioned that you flex your YPT muscle and would not hesitate to report someone for violating YPT. But then admit that you have slipped up and violated YPT at least twice. How would it have played out if someone else had seen you and decided to flex their YPT muscle and report you for these violations? I'm not saying that abuse is not real, nor am I trying to minimize it. However, I know that the consequences for a false accusation can be very real & long lasting. And yes, I also understand that the effects of abuse are real and long lasting. I just don't want to be too quick to ruin someone's life and reputation for something that never happened.
  11. Once that accusation has been made, the accused is generally considered to be guilty and will be treated as such. Whether there is any merit to the accusation or not. It may be determined that there is not enough evidence to warrant any criminal action, but the accused will always be branded as such. I have a close friend who was a high school teacher. A female student made a false accusation about him that cost him his career and almost his family. The student later acknowledged that she made up the whole story. There were no repercussions for her and his life was ruined. Many still feel like he must have done something to cause her to make up the story. Once that accusation has been made, or that report made, the accused is as good as guilty in many cases.
  12. You're right, it doesn't. National already is making it hard enough to try and keep volunteers engaged. It is frustrating though to see that many Councils make it even harder for the unit volunteers to do the work of Scouting that they so enjoy. We are generally working a full time job & trying to fulfill regular family obligations along with trying to keep up with the ever changing requirements to keep volunteering. I'm also the one trying to keep other leaders up to date on their 2 year renewal for YPT, along with other training updates. Then to throw in running interference between National raising the fees after we've collected dues, it just really gets tiring trying to keep up and still enjoy Scouting. I can't imagine the grief I'd get from adults if I had to tell them that their YPT was only good for a year, even though their certificate says otherwise.
  13. How is it that BSA can emphasize that neither local Councils, units, leaders nor anyone else can add requirements, take away requirements, nor in any other way modify the requirements that the youth are to meet in order to advance, yet all of these Councils are able to require YPT annually when BSA has established it to be valid for 2 years? Isn't that changing the requirements for our adult leaders beyond what BSA has put in place?
  14. We've bought these for our sons also. They hold up really well and it is nice that they are convertible like the BSA pants.
  15. As Comm. Chair for a Pack & Troop for 11 years, I always did the recharter myself. I have a new CC now who will be doing it this year.
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