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  1. We did this a couple of years ago, going "outside" the system. We were the unit that merged into another one. Our Scouts & myself transferred into the other unit. In our case, doing it within the system would not have worked. We did not need council intervention into it. They haven't had anything to do with us prior to that, so we didn't need their help in that either. Both of our CO's were supportive (or at least understanding) of the change.
  2. Welcome to the forum. While most of that is not common, I think that all of it would technically be allowed as the Chartering Organization can have a lot of say in the day to day operations of the unit. I would be surprised if the District or Council intervened in any of those situations.
  3. District & Council leadership have been known to turn a blind eye to many things that are actually against BSA policy.
  4. Like many of the "rules". It depends, and we can adjust it if we want to.
  5. The state giving a tax break to religious institutions is far from the state "establishing a religion". There are many different religions and even more denominations broken down within those religions. They can each have very different, sometimes opposing, views on matters of religion. How would be the state be establishing a religion by recognizing so many different ideologies? If the state were to establish a religion, it would give preferential treatment to that particular religion over the over non-established religions. It would not be treating them all the same, regardless of beliefs. R
  6. She had been told beforehand that she would not be allowed to enter. It's her own fault that she didn't believe them. This had been their policy for a long time and she was aware of it.
  7. We never sent any Troop fundraising money to council. We do camp cards & popcorn & they get their share of that. We also allow a FOS rep to come & give his presentation to the parents at COH or Blue & Gold. Whether they give is up to them. I do let the parents know ahead of time that a FOS rep will be there on that night and they can give, or not, as they feel led. If I had offered the council FOS a gift from our Troop fundraiser and got that kind of response, I would have rescinded the gift if possible. If I couldn't rescind it, I would make sure they knew that we wouldn'
  8. Following BSA's model, the CO would choose adults to be on the Unit Committee, not necessarily whichever parents agree to do it that year. Would it include parents from the unit? Probably, and it should. However, following BSA's model could have a Unit Committee made up of church members that have no direct relation to unit. And so yes, the CO could decide where the troop attends summer camp. And where to distribute food drive flyers. And keeping track of adult training. Those are all committee functions when you get down to it. Officially, everything that BSA publishes points back to a CO bas
  9. How silly of me. My apologies for even suggesting that you stoop so low as to bring in the one who's job it is to work with units. Never mind that it is just a lowly, recent college grad without J.D. or an attorney's license. With your training & education, sounds like you should have it all figured out. With such an attitude towards DEs, why-oh-why would you come on the forum for any advice from any of us? I mean, there's no telling what level of education any of us have. There may be some on here who have not even graduated college (gasp!!) What an arrogant post that was. And some
  10. I'm confused at how the Council voted to dump the Charter. In another thread, you talked about how the church decided to not renew, but then decided to renew the Charter until March 31. Was the decision to not renew the Charter made by the church? or by the Council? For the Charter Agreement that was signed extending it through March 31, how did they get that date changed? There normally isn't any provision for selecting your own Charter Expiration Date. Has your DE been involved in this process at all?
  11. MBCs here wouldn't be able to get a sash with their respective badges. The Scout Shop would require the counselors show our ScoutBook advancement report showing that we had properly earned the MBs.
  12. I've never seen the requirement that the leader be registered "in that unit". I would say that a MBC would be allowed to attend outing longer than 72 hours, as they are registered leaders & approved by council. I guess some councils may not agree with that, but I look at it as reading the requirements, not adding to nor taking away from the requirements as written.
  13. My most sincere apologies for reading the post and not noticing that the sub-forum title contained pertinent info for the question. When I look at the forum, I just pull up Unread Content. I look at all of the content as it comes up. I did not pay attention to the sub-forum that it was in. I read the body of the post itself. I literally read the question in the post as it was written, not the sub-forum title. Doesn't change my answer though. Yes, they are still required.
  14. Your original question didn't specify Cub Scouts. I was thinking how it might also apply to Scouts BSA Troops, where most Scouts do not have a parent in attendance with them on outings.
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