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  1. We are having a Fellowship later this month, but only as a day event. It won't be for the weekend as usual. We also have an Ordeal coming up in mid-November.
  2. With all of the advertising right now by lawyers seeking plaintiffs against BSA, this might not be the best time to use Scouting Heritage in marketing for the area's tourism industry. It may bring unwanted attention in today's society. I truly hope it does not, but you never know with the way things go these days.
  3. That same 17 year old, who could be a scout, could just as easily enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps.
  4. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2020/06/24/answering-common-questions-about-the-bsas-commitment-to-act-against-racial-injustice/ Just as a reminder, the BSA stands with and supports Black Lives Matters. Despite the BLM speakers declaring that (law enforcement) officers should have been strangled by their umbilical cords as babies and that the speakers are ready to shoot the officers. Despite the BLM organizers endorsing the rioting and looting, since businesses have insurance to cover their loss. Despite BLM organizers justifying the looting, by calling it reparations. In the Bryan on Scouting article linked above, it mentions the Scout Oath & Law. I guess we are to overlook the Oath & Law when we look at the words and actions of these Black Lives Matters activists? https://nypost.com/2020/08/13/blm-organizer-who-called-looting-reparations-doubles-down/
  5. Since the COR is also the CC, then I'd have another committee member sign in place of the CC (their own name, not the CC name) and have the IH sign in place of the CC. If the fill-in committee member is the parent of one of the Eagle applicants, I'd have another committee member sign that application (not a requirement, but that's what I'd do). I hope the CC recovers soon.
  6. Hi Cubscoutgirlmom416, Welcome to the forum. I would not think that you have anything to worry about. As MattR mentioned, you might let the Chartered Organization Rep know what happened since you are worried about it. I probably wouldn't worry about it, but since someone got cps involved, in wouldn't be bad to mention it. I would be really surprised if it went further than where it is now and should not necessitate changing plans to become Cubmaster.
  7. Where you and I may recognize the difference in playing football vs. tossing it around a little, when a Scout twists his ankle while tossing the ball, that report is going to be written up as an injury while playing football. If asked, the Scout will say they were playing football. At that point, he was engaged in a prohibited activity. Insurance claim denied. I don't think that we should have to coach our Scouts on how to use the correct verbiage to make sure that we are jumping through all the proper hoops. We would have to make sure that little Johnny knows to say that they were "just throwing the ball", rather than playing football.
  8. My two cents: Once a gift is given, it is the recipients to do with as they please. If it was a conditional use agreement, where they can use the property/ building as long as it stays named after her, then that is a different situation.
  9. Absolutely, we have too many testimonials from survivors that their families and neighbors were complying, because, being the good citizens, that is what you did. How different might things have looked in the early- to mid- 1900s if millions had resisted early, instead of complying. I'm afraid that we will have a similar view in hindsight.
  10. That's true that many have the means, but how many will have the mindset to resist? Far too many will comply, at least until it is too late to recognize that the time to resist has passed, at which point they may no longer have the means.
  11. While there are certainly a lot a similarities, I would guess that the Catholic diocese is afforded religious protections that the BSA will not have. It's not exactly an apples to apples comparison between the religious body of Catholicism and the non-profit organization of BSA.
  12. I don't believe that it is the purpose of Congress to step in and buy assets or property that would be primarily for the benefit of any particular business or non-profit org. The government already owns enough property that could be utilized if that were the case. As a taxpayer, if the government bought the properties, I'd want them opened up for public access, not kept nearly exclusively for the use of any particular private group.
  13. So it all comes back to the money? Our Committee Members don't generally lead anything either. They do show up on a troop org chart, but that chart has no bearing on actually leading anything. Hashing out the details of the annual budget as treasurer, keeping track of advancement as the advancement chair or the registration chair preparing the recharter/ processing applications doesn't really constitute "leading" either, yet each of those positions would count as your "registered adult leader". Or are you saying that Committee Members do not count as "registered adult leaders" also?
  14. I have no desire to go questioning at Council level, and especially not at National level. I got to the point a long time ago where I don't go seeking more clarification when it's clear that nothing good will come out of it. At least not through official channels. I had never heard that about MBC not being considered a "registered adult leader", since they fill out an adult application, it is submitted to Council and they are approved (registered) or not. Along with that is the YPT and MBC training. Sounds like they satisfy all the requirements of the term "registered adult leader". But I've been around enough to know that many Councils will have different interpretations and policies. It's just amazing sometimes how hard we try to make it within BSA to get & keep good, willing, qualified adult volunteers (who get to pay for the privilege of serving).
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