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  1. awanatech

    Webelos - Participation as Den After the Cross Over

    When I was leading the Pack, we never had a problem with recently crossed-over Webelos continuing to participate in Pack activities. As mentioned, they wouldn't earn any award for anything, but many have spent 5 years in the Pack and we had Spring events that they had grown accustomed to. We all knew that they were Boy Scouts now & no longer Webelos, but saw no harm in letting them continue with Pack activities if the choose to until the end of the school year. Whether they paid for the activity, or the Pack paid, all depended on the activity and how the payments were being handled for everyone else.
  2. awanatech

    Privacy of Health Forms

    Your doctor is bound by law to handle it securely. The BSA? No such restrictions. I know that you are aware of that though. It is quite a contrast in how information is handled.
  3. awanatech

    Selling Camp Cards

    This>>> Popcorn is always a hard sell for my Scouts. I have very few who actually participate in the popcorn sale. However, I always have people asking when we will have camp cards and they seek us out to buy them.
  4. awanatech

    Selling Camp Cards

    That would make it much tougher to sell. Ours are still $5, the Council keeps $2.50 and the Unit keeps $2.50. Most of the Units around here apply the $2.50 to the Scout's account. If a Scout sells a certain number of cards, they can earn scholarships to various camping options at our Council Camp. If they earn a scholarship, they still get the $2.50 from each card added to their Scout account. Selling 100 cards will earn Free Cub Day Camp or BSA Climbing or Shooting Weekend, 200 cards earns either BSA Summer Camp or Winter Camp, etc.
  5. And how many BOR adults are registered, female leaders that are at least 21 years of age or older? That sounds similar to how our District runs the Eagle Boards of Review, and we usually have at least 2-3 suitable female leaders that are at the Eagle Boards. However, we only have a BOR when the actually sit with the Board after all of the requirements have been met. The initial meeting where they get their project approved and signed is not a BOR, but rather only the Scout (with a parent present) meeting with our District Eagle Chair to review and sign the project.
  6. When it comes time for these new female youth Scouts to begin working on their Eagle projects, what adult leadership (21 years old & over) will be required when meeting with the District Eagle Chair? In our District, when a Scout is beginning to work on his Eagle project, he meets with the District Eagle Chair to review the proposal and obtain the needed signature. The Eagle Chair always has the Scout bring a parent so that 2-deep leadership(?) requirement has been met. This has always worked in that it could be mom or dad attending. In the future, when the youth is a female, does the policy require that only mom could attend? Or at least another adult female, which would then require at least another Scout so that there is no 1-on-1 contact between Scout/ adult. If only dad brings the female youth, then there would not be an adult female at that meeting. I know that this isn't an issue, yet, but it will come up very soon.
  7. awanatech


    Pole vaulting for sure, but no doubt it would be used to absolve BSA from liability if it comes down to it. These seem like such minor, insignificant changes, but they were intentionally made.
  8. awanatech

    Just got 1 girl

    I understand that. But either we are co-ed, or we are sex/ gender segregated. Either is fine with me, but if the majority wants segregated, which is what BSA also says, then we should stick with segregation and quit playing word games to pretend that we are segregated. I would actually prefer to just go co-ed. My CO does not want a girls unit at this time. Since BSA wrote the rules that units should be segregated, we have nothing to offer to the girls who would like to join us. If BSA just went ahead and called it co-ed, like so many units are creatively doing, then we could accept girls & move on.
  9. awanatech

    Just got 1 girl

    Are there no other Packs in the area that have a girl's den? The way I understand the Lone Scout program to work, is that there not be a convenient Pack/ Troop in the area. Not just that the Scout wants a particular unit. Would you say that the Lone Scout program would work for a boy, let's say a Wolf, who wanted to join a specific Pack that had no other Wolves? So he would register as a Lone Scout, but participate in all Pack activities as if he were a part of that Pack?
  10. awanatech

    Just got 1 girl

    Can BSA just go ahead and say that Pack/ Troop/ Dens/ Patrols are co-ed? I mean, with all of the "joint" meeting non-sense, how much longer before they just go ahead and call the units co-ed? At least then, the units that are actually trying to go by the rules & the spirit of the rule won't look at the other units as looking for "creative" ways to skirt around the rules. If we are going to be co-ed, let's just call it what it really is. If we're not going to be co-ed, then stick to that as well.
  11. awanatech

    Scoutbook Transition from IA

    Any update on this? I have been having trouble logging into Scoutbook as well. I was finally get it to log in and it recognizes my name, but I do not see any option to set up my unit (I am the SM). It won't let me set up for my own son. It has been very frustrating trying to get it setup or even logged in. I'm thinking to just continue using Troopmaster which works well for us, but I don't know if that will be an option going forward. Scoutbook definitely does not seem to be user friendly. I foresee a lot of frustration in my future in trying to get others in my Troop setup to use it also.
  12. awanatech

    What would you do?

    I agree that times have certainly changed. But in your example, at least it is your own parents making the decision to send you off in a taxi. I have no problem with that, we as parents know what our kids are capable of and are ultimately responsible for those decisions. As a SM, I would not make the decision to send someone else's child off in a taxi, Uber or anything else. If nothing else, how would that even come close to meeting YPT standards? I may do a lot of things differently with my own child than I will do with someone else's.
  13. awanatech

    Two Deep - Married, Related ok?

    It's possible that Pack 507 may not be doing everything exactly according to the Guide to Safe Scouting. When did BSA begin allowing Cub Scouts to participate in High Ropes Courses? Perhaps if they are following the GTSS, maybe they aren't exactly following YPT either?
  14. awanatech

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Yes, people are confused that both organizations exist and are separate. I have been surprised at the number of people who truly did not know that the 2 organizations were not the same. And even more so to find out that they are not finally joining into one organization.
  15. Well, the one that I thought I had was not there. So I guess I don't have one to send.