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  1. awanatech


    I have not received it, at least not yet.
  2. awanatech


    I am just about at that point now. I'm not sure about rechartering myself for next year.
  3. awanatech


    In #14, it mentions activities where participants shoot/ throw objects AT each other. In frisbee, baseball, etc, you're not throwing the object AT another player. You are throwing the object TO them. The goal is not to hit them with the object, but rather for them to catch the object. There is a difference in throwing something AT someone instead of TO someone. And yes, according to GTSS & YPT, if you are a registered leader, you'd have to cancel the sleep over if a 2nd registered leader is not present. Then consider the implications if your 8th grade son is in a Troop. Your 3rd grade daughter is in a Pack. Your son wants to have a Scout over for the night, but not as a Scout event. Your wife is not a registered leader. Since your daughter is also in Cub Scouts, you need to have a registered adult female present to spend the night also. Try running that one by your wife so that your son can have a friend over.
  4. awanatech

    Need guidance please

    That's good to hear. I was Committee Chair for the Pack for several years. My oldest son crossed over four years before my youngest. I stayed as Pack CC until he crossed over. It took the Troop leaders to realize that I was serious about staying primarily with my youngest until he crossed over. Our meeting nights were the same, so I would go on outings and knew the Scouts pretty well. But many of the parents didn't know me until I finally crossed over.
  5. awanatech

    Need guidance please

    Thank you for that update. That's great news that it sounds like you and him have found a Troop home that works for him. I have told many families over the years that each Troop has a distinct personality and many times a particular Troop may not be a good fit for some Scouts. I'm glad you didn't give up on Scouting, but rather found a Troop that he fits into.
  6. awanatech

    tracking advancement of patrols and troops

    We continue to use Troopmaster for this. We've tried Scoutbook since it became available for free to all units. However, we just couldn't get past the learning curve to make it work for us. We couldn't even get the Scout's data to open in the system properly. After talking to others who have used it for a while, we realized that it wasn't just us, and it wasn't just a learning curve. Many Scouters around here wish they could go back to Troopmaster, but the new price of Scoutbook (free) has locked it in for many units over the competitors.
  7. awanatech

    When beneficiary destroys Eagle Project

    That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.
  8. awanatech

    When beneficiary destroys Eagle Project

    Knowing how much work can go into an Eagle project, I'm sure that this was very discouraging. However, we must keep in mind that the project belongs to the beneficiary. While we always hope that it will provide a long lasting legacy to the Scout who completed it, the needs of the beneficiaries change over time. I have a relative who has a really hard time with this concept as well. This relative will give a gift, but will get quite upset if the recipient does not keep and use the gift. Once that gift is given, it belongs to the recipient/ beneficiary to keep, regift, or otherwise dispose of as they desire. It would have been great if the state had reached out to the Scout first and maybe they could have helped to resolve the issue without destroying it though.
  9. awanatech

    Camp info packet

    Every once in a while we may see a Troop or 2 who will build a gateway, but around here it is not the norm. I have seen some pretty cool ones, but they are usually built by the Scoutmasters while the Scouts are in MB sessions. It's not as cool when you realize that they were built by the SM and the Scouts may not have had much input into them. It is much better when the Scouts take it upon themselves to do it.
  10. awanatech

    Camp info packet

    I give the Scouts a copy of their MB schedule, that they had picked out & signed up for. We also post the MB schedule, Camp Daily Schedule & a camp map on our Troop bulletin board. I do recommend that they look at their schedule to make sure they know where their MBs are, and if they don't know, that they should ask (SPL) so show them before the classes begin. Other than their MB schedule, we don't directly give them any kind of packet or map.
  11. awanatech

    ECOH Complete!

    Congratulations Brian!!
  12. awanatech


    Our District had a lady who used to do a lot of embroidery and sewing. She made the ones around here that I knew of, but she isn't doing much sewing anymore. I think she would take old shirt material and make it into a name patch. That way it matched the thread & font of the BSA fabric/ stitching.
  13. awanatech


    Congrats on getting trained and getting involved. Many units are having a hard time getting new parents to step up and get involved at any level, let alone get trained and have a uniform, too.
  14. awanatech


    The uniform looks great and ready to go. Over the years, I have only seen a small handful with sewn name patches, but they looked sharp. Most around here don't even have a name badge, but the ones that do are pretty much all magnetic backed bars.
  15. awanatech

    Who carries a firearm on Scout Outings???

    BSA also has policies in place about the mixing of males & females in Dens, Packs & Troops, but many here have no problem talking about how they work around those policies, often with an under the table "wink, wink" from the DE, SE or other BSA representatives. So BSA policies have become like employee handbooks. Basically, these are the rules. But some of them we let you break, some of them we don't. You won't know which ones are ok to break until we want to enforce them, even if another Council is ok not to enforce them. Then, we may terminate you (revoke your membership), or we may tell you that your doing great by getting more Scouts signed up. When BSA gets lax on enforcing some policies, they lose credibility at enforcing other policies, too.