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  1. And yet still some similarity also. The point being that BSA standards will often differ from US govt standards. Just because Uncle Sam accepts something doesn't mean that BSA will also.
  2. I wouldn't assume that to be the case. It certainly does not apply to BSA Shooting Sports. I've had our Camp staff tell US Army Infantry Instructors that they could not work a Day Camp or Spook-O-Ree BB range if they did not have the BSA credentials.
  3. While it is, of course, preferable to avoid the battle, that is not always possible. Sometimes the battle is thrust upon you not of your own choosing. Those are times where any assistance or additional protection, whether real or perceived, would be welcomed.
  4. I've attended, and help lead in various capacities, Roundtables for many years. Some might say that if Roundtables had info that helped units day in & day out, you wouldn't have to mandate attendance. Leaders would come of their own accord because the info would relevant & useful. I don't think mandating RT attendance is the way to go. Many would not want to share their social media info. You are correct that anyone with objections to that has a reason for it. But those reasons may not be anything close to what you think. That's a similar argument like when you get pulled over by
  5. I don't believe there's ever been as many required as now either. There is no reason they couldn't go the other way have an unprecedented low number of required.
  6. I guess this leaves me kind of confused. I thought that those who had been abused were wanting justice for their abusers. Wouldn't this law enforcement action be a good thing in that it would hold the abusers accountable legally for their crimes? Or is that some who filled out the Proof of Claim forms were wanting some (a lot?) of money, but not necessarily for justice to be served on their abusers?
  7. Wasn't it his high GPA in the computer that got him into this mess in the first place?
  8. "Helping other people" is what the Scouts (youth) are expected to do. That same standard does not apply to Scouters, especially at the national level.
  9. Maybe the GSA should try to retaliate & open their membership to males, or those who identify as other than female. That way they can level the playing field.
  10. This is something that would be handled by the Chartered Organization Rep (COR) or the Institutional Head/ Exec Officer. They should definitely be filled in on what is going on. Many times, the COR is not directly involved in the unit or it's committee, but one of the roles of the COR is to oversee the Scout unit and make sure that it is operating within the guidelines of BSA & the Chartering Org. In our area, the Council never really gets involved in internal unit affairs like this.
  11. When 2 units merge, that is one Charter Fee that is not collected. Better for National to keep multiple units to increase the Charter Fees.
  12. Our council routinely has Packs come to the council camp where they can have a shooting sports day just for their unit. We will have BSA RSOs there to run the range, but the attending Pack does not have to invite nor include other units, at least at our council camp.
  13. We have had three campouts with another Troop this year. It's a Troop with whom we have done many things with over the years. We've selected a location, but each Troop has made their wn arrangements as far as food, transportation, costs, etc. We basically look at it like each Troop is doing their own campout, just at the same location. Sometimes, the activities would coincide with each other. Other times, we are doing separate stuff. We have 1 family where the grandparents are raising the grandsons. One grandson is in each Troop. Last year, they had 2 Scouts who transferred to our Troo
  14. We are having a Fellowship later this month, but only as a day event. It won't be for the weekend as usual. We also have an Ordeal coming up in mid-November.
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