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  1. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the insight and resources. To clarify a bit, the fact that all camping is mandatory is strange to me and I needed to know if it in itself was standard practice. It seems very odd to me and makes me question why the group would do that. I understand that they want maximum group evolvement but requiring that a new member participate in an over night with adult and child strangers within three weeks of meeting them is coming off creepy. I think I will reach out to other groups in the area. Thanks again.
  2. My son is in fifth grade and is considering joining a local group but I'm hesitant because they have a policy about all camping trips being mandatory but they aren't being clear about parental involvement/participation being allowed. I can't find any info about this and was hoping you experienced people would know. Is mandatory camping a regular occurrence or is this troop overstepping on requirements?
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