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  1. I have a my.scouting .org acct and am a BSA member. I'm trying to create my Scoutbook acct and link it to my son's. It asks for his member number. Where do I find that?
  2. We live in TN and the troop camps all 4 seasons. Summer is super hot and humid, fall and spring a wildly variable. Winter temps avg 40-50 daytime, and 20 degrees colder at night.
  3. Wondering if y'all have general recommendations? I know he needs something that will work for backpacking. He has a summer weight one now. I'm headed to REI to ask a bunch of questions next week, but thought I'd ask the experienced scout peeps here first.
  4. Sorry to have not followed board ettiquette or scout protocol here! The other boards I read work somewhat differently. I only intended to alert posters to a likely fraud so they wouldn't waste time and energy on thoughtful replies.
  5. I only noticed it here because it had drawn attention on a homeschooling board I read sometimes. Her other posts were pointed out there, so I knew of them second-hand. I have never been on the other two, except to follow the link and make sure her posts were, in fact, there. I am only here occasionally, so when that post was at the top of the page when I logged on, it jumped out at me.
  6. As opposed to a legitimate question. She posted the same thing on at least four other sites recently. An odd topic for someone pot-stirring (Jacket-wearing for 8 yr olds is hardly controversial.), so perhaps she is for real. But the denial of other posts is clearly dishonest. So...
  7. Here is one one link. Here is another. Here is a third.
  8. Troll. I've seen her post the same thread on other boards. Most recently on a homeschooling forum.
  9. Thanks for the additional replies. As I mentioned upthread, I am familiar with what the official BSA guidelines say. I also know the pros and cons of Badge Magic vs. sewing. I have an older child in another scouting organization, so btdt. Not soliciting advice on that issue. We left his blue shirt intact. Never had any intention of taking his Bear and Bobcat badges off that. I got the khaki shirt from a friend, and it fits him with enough room for both Webelos years, but not likely beyond. It too will remain as a keepsake, after he crosses over to the troop. For now he will go w
  10. Yes, I've read the official info, both on the website and from the handout the Scout store people gave me. The official info didn't answer my original question. That's why I asked here. Thanks for all the replies! Nice to see such an active board. He needs a uniform shirt for camp Monday. First Pack meeting for this coming year is not til late August and Den meeting a week after that. I have emailed the Cubmaster. Thinking I will send him to camp without any rank insignia on his shirt and we'll figure it out in August. All the rest is on the shirt and he has a hat, slide and nec
  11. Thanks. Your answer makes sense, but conflicts with the official info page and the info that came from the scout store with his uniform.
  12. Thanks for the idea! That would work fine. I have the official info page. It didn't answer my question because it doesn't address the shirts with the deeper pockets.
  13. New here. Only our second year in scouting. Please redirect me if this belongs on another sub-forum. Ds is a Web1 and headed to resident camp next week. Our pack Webs wear the khaki shirt. Got his uniform this week and the pockets are pleated and fasten with velcro, not a button. So the plastic bagde holder won't work. (I don't like those much anyway.) He has a Bobcat and a Bear rank patches to go on the left pocket, but the Bear one won't fit without overlapping the edge of the pocket, which is not flush with the rest of the shirt. Poplin shirt, not microfiber. How do I put the ran
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