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    • Filled by volunteer. I very much get the impression that many (most?) people in this forum won't be happy if any scout executives receive a cent in compensation.
    • $0 as in person fired, position eliminated, or ... restructured and filled by a volunteer? Some of those executives received large increases in just one year. Compare to 2017 Schedule J (page 93) Also of note (page 17) Also of note Schedule F - Activities Outside the United States, Grants and Assistance to Individuals Outside the U S  (pages 52-69). Some serious scout bucks to "Support International Scouting".
    • Of course, the above data does not indicate what these people should make. I understand there are people here who believe that these execs should make $0, but that's not realistic.
    • So, I decided to take a look at this. We don't have National's IRS 990 forms for 2019 year; they have until May 15, but almost every group I've ever known always files for the automatic 6-month extension, so I don't think anything of it. We do have for 2018, which were filed in October 2019 (again, 6 month automatic extension). IRS Form 990 (Tax Year 2018) Part VII Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors (A) Name and Title (D) Reportable compensation from the organization (W-2/1099-MISC). (F) Estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations (D) + (F) TOP 16 EXECUTIVES TOTAL 5,766,148 3,466,893 9,233,041 Michael B Surbaugh Chief Scout Executive and President 793,824 206,878 1,000,702 Michael A Ashline Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer 445,111 141,575 586,686 P McGowan General Counsel and Secretary 394,368 118,673 513,041 John Green Group Director - Outdoor Adventures 471,671 646,612 1,118,283 Mark Logemann ACSE, National Dir Support Services 313,249 295,226 608,475 Al Lambert ACSE, Dir Outdoor Adventures 349,433 232,038 581,471 Patrick Sterrett ACSE, Nall Dir Field Service 387,012 177,445 564,457 Brad Farmer ACSE, Development 349,140 175,450 524,590 Todd McGregor Group Director - Summit 231,916 200,703 432,619 Mark Winkelman Group Director - Supply 280,342 145,828 426,170 Vijay Challa Group Director - Chief Information Officer 257,406 56,698 314,104 Ron Oats Regional Director 372,417 211,699 584,116 Frederick Wallace Regional Director 298,993 283,028 582,021 Lisa Young Group Director - Human Resources 264,054 225,244 489,298 John Mosby Regional Director 292,314 193,521 485,835 Steve Medlicott Group Director - Marketing 264,898 156,275 421,173  
    • Every "style"  is an alternative.  Like the carny barker said, "ya pays yer money and takes yer cherce".  What we are doing, methinks, is making sure our Scouts understand better the choices. The 'alternatives'.  And the results of those choices.  Some folks call it 'Karma', I guess.    
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