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  1. So, we have the real reason for this board. Let's hope perhaps the few who seem prone to forgetting, will get their focus back on the goal. Great post.
  2. A friend of mine gave me a booklet from a recent leadership gathering in Tennessee, and it included a number of contacts for fund raising. I was surprised that there are at least two companies, other than Trail's End. One's web site, Pecatonica River, has little info, other than a wide variety not available from Trail's End, but apparently has been being used by a few councils in the South for a number of years (www.prpopcorn.com). The other seems to have almost everything Trail's End has, at least at their site, plus a different assortment. It has councils listed from a broad area of the
  3. Remember sometime in late 50's losing a couple of corners, the second one for gouging my finger while whittling. The scar is still very clear, even today. I have been known to take corners off cards in my troop, if the scout can find his card. I even literally ripped one up once, then made the scout go through the entire knife and axe safety material again, including preparing kindling and making fuzz sticks. But, I am a mean old man.
  4. Probably Eagle, youth God and Country, Scouters Key, SM Award of Merit (NESA), adult religious, Silver Beaver. Was neve a cub scout; training award is precursor, more or less for Key; District AoM odd man out. Unlikely the total will go any higher than I already have, so would not have to change; but if something more significant occurred it could.
  5. Is there a 1st biennial record book? Have yet to see any notes about it, but perhaps just have not been in the right place.
  6. Since this thread is not really in the right place, and it is basically a "he did/said", pretty unscoutlike list of comments, can we please get rid of it? Thank you for considering this.
  7. Saw somewhere recently that the books were to be sold in regular bookstores soon. Possibly another reason for a more colorful cover. Remember when they offered the Fieldbook to the public; the cover was very different and more interesting it seemed to me.
  8. It's Camp Tahquitz for me tomorrow; first time there. But discovered the camp I attended in 1959 is right next door, but now a church camp. Plan on visiting if at all possible. Only seven scouts this year, but we will do well and have fun. We have to hang bear bags, so that should be an adventure.
  9. This weekend we are going to Camp Tahquitz, one of the only council camps without the OA. But, I found out that my original scout camp, long defunct but still there as a church venue, is right next door. The original fire ring, where I was jerked off a log and hauled to the front for a true "tap out" in 1959, is still there from what I am told. Arataba and the Wisumahi Lodge; I will go visit, and perhaps have a moment of silent renewal in the old bowl.
  10. "Original" is the 1910 two author, BP and Seton, book temporarily issued. Paper is harder to find than hard, probably due to the cove itself, but complete in either version is generally $500+ and can go over $1000. First edition came out in 1911, and had three printings that year in regular formats, the first two in olive drab, and the last in maroon. First, First can be identified by the ads in the back with Kahuna's reference work. There actually were 4 printings in 1913, all in maroon, and noted as 5th-8th printings by Kahuna. There are a lot of oddities in the very early years, such a
  11. All you guys from the same area is interesting; just another reflection of what I have heard of the strength of the old San Fernando Valley Council and lodge. I reentered scouting as an adult a bit later in Canoga Park; but it was now the Great Western Council. Met a lot of die-hard SFC guys the year and half I was there. I did my first adult training at Camp Slauson as part of the infamous Patron Group; still have my flag, neckerchief, slide, and buckle. Served on the staff later, before moving to Ventura County Council in 1977. It was a story told by (Mike,?; old age again)Smith at the
  12. David; I too found it to be lacking in depth. Felt she did not support many of her inuendos very well. Also, she danced all around Seton's tendency towards persecution, but never really dealt with it. I have read a half dozen or more BP biographies, and came to the conclusion that BP, while certainly borrowing from others, used it in a more viable manner which led to the Boy Scouts' success. Overall, BP appears to me to have been fairly typical in his attitudes and approach to things as most men of his position in English society from that period. Seton, on the other hand, has always stru
  13. While in London, try to do the Tower too. I would think kids would be very interested in the myriad war ephemera, including the elephant armor. And of course there are the ghosts of the tower to consider. Also, if time allows, even in passing; observe the "stump" speakers and various exhibitionists in Hyde Park, if you come upon them.
  14. Just finished reading (or re-reading?; thought I had but was not overly familiar) Black Wolf, by Keller. It is a biography of Seton and focuses mostly on his personal life. There is direct mention of his disagreements with B.P. and the BSA, but it generally talks about his work and family life. Still, good read.
  15. If you can find a copy of the book BE PREPARED, by Cochran, read it. He deals early on with some boys, Eagles, he inherits from a previous leader. He very soon is suspicious of some of their "skills". Good perspective on this particular issue.
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