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    Deal or No Deal Scouter

    @Nessmuk: Dear Sir. I find your opinions interesting and insightful. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Sincerely.
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    anyone remember anyone from Chickasah #406

    Thanks ProudEagle! I posted that hoping that someone trolling the board would say "hey! that's ME!" can always hope... I figured that recounting the ordeal would be of some assistance... and recounting parts of the brotherhood ceremony... the admoniton was long forgotten as you suppose... that's that... I do have my brotherhood sash and lodge flap... to my dismay it's not that highly sought after ;-) thanks for the help!
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    Order of the Arrow...

    see my thread about Chick
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    anyone remember anyone from Chickasah #406

    oh.... I'm looking for this to prove my prior membership to join the current lodge in our council...(This message has been edited by ekitchens)
  5. Short history: I was a scout (troop 349, Southaven, MS), I was elected into the OA Chicksaha Lodge, I have no idea what chapter... fell out like lots of boys do before eagle :kicksself: and went on with life (college, marriage, kids etc) Now my son has joined a troop after going from tiger to AoL, and lo and behold I'm now an assistant scoutmaster... so in researching my history I find that my lodge (and I assume former council) are no longer in existance... further research tells me that 406 merged with another lodge and they don't seem to remember anything prior to 1995 :-) I'm trying to find documentation of Lodge activity (and maybe hook up with old friends!) from the Chickasah 406 from the years of 86-91? any photos of lodge events?(This message has been edited by ekitchens)
  6. Short history: I was a scout (troop 34