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  1. @Nessmuk: Dear Sir. I find your opinions interesting and insightful. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Sincerely.
  2. Thanks ProudEagle! I posted that hoping that someone trolling the board would say "hey! that's ME!" can always hope... I figured that recounting the ordeal would be of some assistance... and recounting parts of the brotherhood ceremony... the admoniton was long forgotten as you suppose... that's that... I do have my brotherhood sash and lodge flap... to my dismay it's not that highly sought after ;-) thanks for the help!
  3. oh.... I'm looking for this to prove my prior membership to join the current lodge in our council...(This message has been edited by ekitchens)
  4. Short history: I was a scout (troop 349, Southaven, MS), I was elected into the OA Chicksaha Lodge, I have no idea what chapter... fell out like lots of boys do before eagle :kicksself: and went on with life (college, marriage, kids etc) Now my son has joined a troop after going from tiger to AoL, and lo and behold I'm now an assistant scoutmaster... so in researching my history I find that my lodge (and I assume former council) are no longer in existance... further research tells me that 406 merged with another lodge and they don't seem to remember anything prior to 1995 :-) I'm trying to find documentation of Lodge activity (and maybe hook up with old friends!) from the Chickasah 406 from the years of 86-91? any photos of lodge events?(This message has been edited by ekitchens)
  5. Short history: I was a scout (troop 34
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