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  1. Ah, the Jamboree death march, don't we all remember it well. I have never really heard of sitting or standing being an issue during a ceremony. When I went through my brotherhood, my ceremony was conducted at a campsite that was being "reclaimed" from the brush and most of the members (mainly adults) were sitting on picnic tables watching the ceremony. Depending on the location of the ceremony, I have a problem with people sitting. If the ceremony is held at a location that has seating, then by all means the members should be allowed to sit, but if the area does not have seats, no one shou
  2. Back in 2003, when I was called-out, it was the first year they did so. The year before someone had their collar-bone broken by the chief. WWW
  3. In my council you can walk in and buy the square knot for anything excluding the James E. West Fellowship, and the Professional Training Award, which are only available from the National supply division or the Professional Relationship division. My councils feelings are, The awards are the medals, plaques, or certificates and not the square knot, and we just keep everybody on the honor system. I personally feel this is the right attitude to have.
  4. It was mentioned that an Eagle BOR Chairman was having scouts recite the oath and Law. That also happens in y council however, we use it as a stress breaker. If the scout cannot recite it due to stress that has no affect on his board of review pass or fail status. He is simply helped in reciting the Oath and or Law which he cannot remember. YIS, S-N
  5. It was stated that the square-knots are all that are presented for the training awards now. That is not true, my council gives everyone who completes the training award requirements the knot and then allow them to buy the medal. I believe the reason behind this is because it helps councils keep cost down. YIS, S-N
  6. wow, that must be an impresive den. I completely agree with you on getting the badges of rank to them as soon as possible without rushing them. When I was in Tiger Cubs my den leader had the same outlook as your cubmaster about not thinking that it was possible to get everything done in under 6 months as a result myself and about half the den dropped out after about 2 months of being told that we where going to fast. I regret that decision that I made every time that I look at another Scout or Scouter that earned the AOL and I wish the program enthusisim would have been there. Keep up the
  7. Thank you to all for the help I guess I'll have to wait a while to get my hands on one. YIS, SN
  8. I am looking for an official BSA beret and all the ones I've seen on Ebay are to small for my head. I need a BSA Large size. Any help would be appreciated. YIS, S-N
  9. I know what you mean about the bad snaps on the sashes. I was serving as an Elangomat at an Ordeal when my sash just fell off whenever I picked it up I noticed that the snap had broken, since then I've gone through two other sashes this year, my current sash seems to be holding pretty well. As for washing sashed I don't believe in washing them however I have had mine dry cleaned on a few occasions. I also keep one new sash around for ceremonial purposes, except when I'm in ceremonial regalia I choose to wear my gruby sash to exemplify that the OA is a service organization to the canidates a
  10. "Therefore any unit requiring their Scout or leaders to be in full uniform (mine included) are adding to the requirements! Example Johnny Tenderfoot shows up for his BOR in a tee shirt & shorts. The SM tells Johnny Tenderfoot he can't have his BOR because his is not in full uniform. Being in full uniform isn't a requirement for ANY rank!" In my council for the Eagle Board of Review if you don't show up in full "Class A" Uniform you fail your BOR. In compliance with that my troop committee has decided that if a scout will not take the time to at least put on the uniform shirt, then they a
  11. The pocket dangle is used to show national membership and the pocket flap is used to show what lodge the person is a members of. The lodge flap is however only supposed to be worn by active (dues paid) members of the lodge.
  12. I believe I read somewhere that the OA sash can be worn with the dress uniform as it is an official BSA uniform. However, I'm not sure and can't remember where I saw this. Also, I was at a Section conclave a while back and it was a cold weekend and many of the section officers and other vigil members where wearing their sash over their jackets. (This message has been edited by scouting-nerd)
  13. I know that the reason the silver beaver was changed to a neck ribbon was because after women where allowed to recieve it wearing where medals are worn would have drawn attention the bustline.
  14. Okay, I've served as an elangomat and I have had cub Scouters come through the Ordeal. Would this be because they are involved in someway with a Boy Scout troop or what? However, in Venturing males can wear the lodge flap as long as it's not on the Sea Scout Uniform, because they would have been elected as a youth Boy Scout.
  15. FOG, I don't now exactly what National means by immitation however I believe that it means making the uniform of one or more of the armed forces and putting scot insignia on them to make it appear as though they are our own unique uniforms, however that in my opinion would be immitation. YIS
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