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BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

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22 minutes ago, 5thGenTexan said:

I hate to be a "how it used to be" thinker...  When I was a Cub Scout in the 80s we still had arrow points and the plastic beads on a plastic string.  It served fine as recognition.  I think the metal belt loops we have now was a solution to a non existent problem, aside from the Scout Shop gets more money.

Furthermore, our handbooks were smaller, printed in mostly black and white with some spot color illustrations,

 Is the program better today because there is more bling and the books are prettier???  Can I take a Field Book from the 40s and adjust some of the material to Cub Scout level?  Can I take my handbooks from the 80s and use it it my meetings?  As long as I find a way to make sure what I am doing will apply to the requirements in Scoutbook?  


When I was a Cub Scout in the 60s we still had arrow points, no plastic beads. No instant recognition either!  More about Fun and Do than Bling.

When I became a DL and WDL, I dug out the old stuff. We built crystal radios on wood breadboards,  made kites from scratch (Cubs were some impressed with my target kite) whittled neckerchief slides and PWD cars, used hand tools, assembled a covered wagon, rode bikes, went to the shelter and walked dogs, climbed trees (that was a requirement back in the day), made Christmas gifts for parents... the new books were just used for parent sign off, not thrifty. 

Before kids were called "makers", they were called "scouts". Lets get that back. 

My $0.02

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This just in from my Coucil. (Circle 10) https://circleten.ihubapp.org/posts/34541/the-national-executive-board-of-the-bsa-just-approved-a-new-membership-fee?fbclid=IwAR3XPx25zXr6Caf_KUgxzGXLJ4MK

Imagining a young @Eagledad and his Flaming Arrows floating up to the boardwalk intersection, idling the engine, and showting: "Hey, ladies! Throw your tanks on this here hover craft of ours, and we'l

I was looking at one of my Boys Life issue from the 80s.  They should be embarrassed by the product they are trying to sell now.

The belt loops in the 80s were for skill awards as a Boy Scout (not cub). IMO the skill awards were the only good thing about the ISP. They were introductory to the skill, a basic competency which then left the mBs for more advanced. This provided a means for growth over time as opposed to one-and-done. I still remember my patrol leader going over communications skill award with me at summer camp. I am ok with the reqs being put into the ranks, but I think they should all be done "as a _____ rank". So as to provide the building of the skill opportunity. 

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30 minutes ago, Eagle94-A1 said:

I am told the move to belt loops was because parents did not want to sew the arrow points.

Granted, the arrow points were a pain.  But as a Cub, I was most delighted with my Bobcat pin, and my Wolf and Bear patches.  I enjoyed the activities that garnered the arrow points, but I didn't care about the arrow points themselves.  

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3 hours ago, ParkMan said:

I'd discourage that.  Let the boys earn all they can - just build it into your cost for the pack.  It will all work out.

I would never discourage any boy from doing anything, but if you earn as many belt loops as one particular Scout I had, it ends up being over $25. 

With the registration cost going up, now that price is $85 to register and pay for just belt loops if someone earns a lot. That doesn't include any other costs. That's a lot of money for us, especially when last year total cost to be in our pack was $75. That's a really hard sell when you have multiple families on low income or multiple scouts.

I think a lot of scouters at the Scouts BSA level don't realize how expensive the Cub Scout award scheme is.

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19 minutes ago, Cubmaster Pete said:

I think a lot of scouters at the Scouts BSA level don't realize how expensive the Cub Scout award scheme is.

I’ll give you that, but Scouts BSA advancement can be pricey, too. A new Scout who zips up to First Class, earns a solid 10 merit badges in one year, and holds a POR has amassed $45 in patches and pocket certificates.

That doesn’t include a religious award knot ($1.99), Trained patch ($1.79), National Honor Patrol stars ($1.19), interpreter or recruiter strips ($1.99 and $1.79), the Cyber Chip ($3.59), those ridiculous Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit fake flaps($1.79), Paul Bunyan ($1.99), Outdoor Ethics ($3.99), 50-Miler ($3.59), or any of the various and varied conservation, STEM, aquatics, or National Outdoor awards. Or OA insignia, if elected.

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3 hours ago, mashmaster said:

ummmm, no.  Sea Scouts started in 1912.

I meant to suggest that they are now under the umbrella of Ventures, so that is where the new rates would be listed.  Historically they are the oldest senior scout program, predating all the other various programs, such as Explorers, Air Scouts, Rovers, and so on.  Thanks for clarifying it.  

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