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  1. We now have 61,000+ girls in Cubs, and I’m hearing that a very solid chunk - nearly half - are in the Southern Region. Anyone from that neck of the woods able to shed some light on how that region is having such outsized success? Is that in line with the South’s share for overall Scouting membership? Are they actually making magic happen, or is another paper Scout scandal in the offing? (I would link to the source, but it’s from a closed Facebook group. The 61,000 number has been posted publicly, however, and the Southern Region’s numbers have been consistently high in previous reports.)
  2. There are some interesting observations in this article in the New York Times that may have some applicability to Scouting (sorry for the giant text - I don’t know how to fix that): >> “Parents spend a lot of time and financial resources on youth sports, which can prompt some to want a payoff greater than watching their children perform well or enjoy themselves.” >> “... children who perceived their parents as investing heavily in their sport tended to report a greater sense of parental pressure and a reduced sense of enjoyment.” >> “... a desire to belong is another reason some parents become emotionally overinvested in their child’s sports. Traveling to tournaments and other investments of time and money can produce a tribal effect and sense of community.” >> “Dr. Dorsch’s laboratory is also testing parental emotional involvement in the performing arts, such as musical theater, orchestra and dance.” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/01/well/family/why-sports-parents-sometimes-behave-so-badly.html What are your worst parent stories, and how do you counter that and help their kids to grow in Scouts?
  3. shortridge

    What would you do?

    Absolutely have a conversation with him, from the position of “Hey, we need everyone to pick up their Scout as agreed upon,” and not from “Hey, I was really inconvenienced the other day.” They’re probably not going to fess up, but you will have at least cleared the air and establish expectations for the future. Also put estimated arrival times on the outing’s permission slips (both the signed half and parents’ half), so from now own there can be no confusion.
  4. shortridge

    EP YPT requirements

    I have seen and heard many people opining that two-deep means they have to have two 21+ registered adults attending every instructional session at summer camp, or in each classroom at a merit badge fair. Worse is their insistence that a 21+ registered female leader has to be present in the room at every session or class where female Scouts are. That would make every session of summer camp come to a grinding halt for new Scouts next summer. National needs to update the G2SS and YPT with some very clear verbiage explaining the difference between two-deep and no one-on-one, and the meanings of activity, event, outing, etc.
  5. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    I’m going to dip back in here to point out that I never told you or any other member to do anything. I stated that the proper place for that type of commentary and discussion was in I&P, based on my understanding of the longtime precedents set by mods here in years past. Comments and threads critical of the BSA’s previous membership rules were shunted over there out of the main program subforums. That has been the consistent approach, and I’m simply asking* the mods to follow their past practice. * not telling
  6. shortridge

    New to Forum and Advancement Question

    Once a Scout has been advanced in rank, advancement errors subsequently discovered must not be held against the Scout for any future advancement, even if the requirements were not properly completed. As an example, if after a Scout was advanced to Life rank it was discovered the Scout had less than the required six months between Star and Life, that would not be cause to deny advancement to Eagle. https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/eagle-scout-rank/#9013
  7. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    No one’s eliminating anything. You are not being censored. I’m simply asking that the same standard be applied to discussions of the BSA program now that it is accepting girls as was applied when it was rejecting them. Comments of the sort you are making were spun off into I&P threads in years past when they were on the other side of the fence. As to my misunderstanding of your comments - sir, two of the sentences in your original post referred to the video. The others were about how the BSA has changed. That speaks for itself. Please let those of us who want to discuss the program as it is have these program subforums. If you want to change it or bemoan the changes, then go to I&P. That is the place for it. Thanks! I’ll wait for the mods to make a ruling one way or the other.
  8. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    Yes, Barry. It’s the same love-it-or-leave-it line that people on the anti-gay, anti-girl side spouted at me and mine for so many years when we were advocating for inclusion.
  9. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    I appreciate your candor, but ask you and any mods reading this to consider this with deep thought. Many threads from here on out will be about the Scouts BSA program and discuss girls. They will be about YPT, adult leadership, girls’ uniforms, the girls’ handbook, linked troop operations, girls at summer camp, recruiting and marketing to girls, and much, much more. If those threads on aspects of the Scouts BSA program and unit leadership can be detailed and taken over by people who simply oppose the direction of the program, that will be to the severe detriment of this forum and its users. There is a place for threads from people opposing the direction of the program, and that’s I&P. In previous years, threads on inclusion of girls and gays - and those of us advocating for the same - were relegated to I&P. Those topics were not generally permitted in the regular program sub forums. The same principle should apply now. The program has changed, and that’s that.
  10. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    Actually, you were talking about masculinity. Your points all have to do with the fundamental changing nature of the Scouting movement in the United States, and nothing to do with the modern Scouting program. Perhaps I’m wrong, but understanding is that there has been such a decision. All the threads that I’ve seen discussing the creation of Scouts BSA have been in I&P. That is the appropriate place for @The Latin Scot and others who want to debate and express their opinions, ideology, and viewpoints. This is not that kind of thread. I&P-style discussions about the fundamental nature of the program should not consume program threads. The program is here; girls are here. Those of us who are working in this new program should not have to constantly justify and respond to complaints about the program’s very existence when we are trying to do our jobs. That’s what I&P threads are for.
  11. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    @The Latin Scot, I disagree with you 1,000 percent. However, all that aside, this isn’t I&P, and this thread isn’t for debating the merits of girls in Scouts BSA. I&P is the appropriate forum for sharing your feelings about masculinity. This is the open program forum. Do you have specific thoughts on the marketing video separate from your overall opinions about the new Scouts BSA? Thanks!
  12. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    It’s a marketing piece, and they can’t be all things to all people, or expected to encapsulate the entire Scouting program in a short period of time.
  13. shortridge

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    I would agree, but considering what National’s turned out for marketing collateral in the past, this is a pretty giant leap forward. Still, baby steps! We’ll get there. It sparked enough interest on my daughter’s part to reverse some previous teenage apathy, so I’m counting that as a win! 😁
  14. Back in the day, there used to be an oval universal emblem patch with a red backing and the letters BSA (this one). I can’t find it on ScoutShop, and the site in the link suggests it was last produced in 2009. Does anyone know if there is a replacement or successor, or other good “universal” BSA patch out there? Thanks!
  15. shortridge

    Does the Universal Emblem patch still exist?

    I did get a reply from ScoutShop saying their website was indeed experiencing some issues and they were working to fix it. Hopefully that will be resolved soon.
  16. shortridge

    Time to Go.

    Yet some troops, especially those with packs at the same CO, regard Webelos dens as “theirs” and any attempts to poach their property leads to smackdowns. It’s completely ridiculous, but that’s how people can get.
  17. shortridge

    Does the Universal Emblem patch still exist?

    Thank you! That’s it. Guess I just have to do some wrangling. The ScoutShop website seems to have a lot of items that show up on search results pages but then deliver a 404 error when you actually click on them. Seems like they should try to clean up their catalog.
  18. shortridge

    Materials in Spanish?

    The position-Specific training courses are all in Spanish: https://www.scouting.org/training/ As are the applications and other documents: https://www.scouting.org/resources/info-center/forms/
  19. shortridge

    WFA: Required or not?

    Sure, but then why is BSA referring it’s members to them as a training source?
  20. shortridge

    WFA: Required or not?

    What’s the URL? We can try to recover it through the Wayback Machine to see the exact language. Yep, that’s where I threw up my hands and stopped searching. It’s a useless system. Getting trainers to pay their fees, not getting people trained, is clearly the ESCI goal.
  21. He should talk to his Scoutmaster and ask for the names of local Swimming merit badge counselors, then contact a counselor and explain his circumstances. Going with a buddy, he should meet the counselor and discuss what he still needs to do and how he plans to do that. Then he should do it! 😃 If there are no counselors near you, he can ask the Scoutmaster to talk to the District Advancement Chair and see what his options are. There may be a counselor in a neighboring district, or perhaps the district can contact some local experts - a YMCA aquatics director comes to mind - who would be willing to sign up as a counselor.
  22. shortridge

    WFA: Required or not?

    Does anyone know how to *find* a BSA-approved WFA course? Scouting.org refers visitors to three sources - ARC, ESCI, and ACA. (“A participant who successfully completes a 16-hour WFA course based on BSA curriculum will be certified as a WFA provider. This certification is valid for two years through any of the course providers listed below.”) —> ARC has nothing in my area and the search function won’t let me cast a wider net except searching city by city. —> ESCI doesn’t appear to offer courses itself but sells materials and certifies instructors. It does not offer an instructor search function that sorts by type of course. —> ACA only recognizes WFA from ESCI and Sierra Rescue, which operates on the opposite side of the country. If I take a WFA course through REI, NOLS, WMA, or SOLO, those appear to not count. Anyone else sorted this out?
  23. shortridge

    Linked Troops sharing a website, unit number

    I don’t think they have to share it.
  24. shortridge

    Cub Scout Shooting Sports and NRA

    I’ve heard this before, so I looked it up. The NRA Foundation gave the BSA and councils $4 million from 2010 to 2016, according to the Associated Press’s examination of its public tax records. That’s about $666,000 a year. The BSA took in $228 million in the last year for which its tax reports are available (just National, not local councils). Speaking roughly, therefore, we can conclude that the NRA’s support makes up 0.29 percent of the BSA’s total annual revenues. (And when we include council revenues, that percentage will dive even further.) What that means: The NRA’s famed largesse can be replaced entirely with a 20-cent increase in the BSA annual registration fee. At this point, the NRA needs the BSA more for legitimacy and political cover than we need it for financial and program support. @RichardB, can you check with your colleagues and see if these numbers are accurate? Thanks!