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  1. I'm a railroader, and this breaks my heart. Please just pay attention, don't try to beat the train. Look both ways, whether there are lights, gates, wooden crossbucks, whatever. Not only does this affect the family, but the crew on the train as well. We are helpless when this happens, we can't stop in time. The guilt you live with is overwheming.
  2. This will not end well for Philmont, I'm sorry but it won't.
  3. At least have the cajones to be honest, tell us WHY and that it happened, not hide it. They hid it, it's so obvious. It happened in March, they didn't want us to know until it was too late. Unreal. I'm sorry, but clean house. Everyone at top level in Irving has to go. It's not about the money, or lack therof. It's about transparency at this point. There isn't any. It's sad, pathetic and wrong.
  4. This is what frustrates me the most. It's not the higher fees, I can deal with that. It's what appears to be blatant disregard for volunteer input, something that the BSA supposedly prides itself on. Obviously that's not true. No more than right now is it more important to focus on the unit.
  5. Wow. The list of topics related to poor communication from BSA continues.... It's obvious to me something is up. Something bad is happening, and they don't want to tell. If volunteers are so important, why don't they communicate with them?
  6. Yes, parents are going. And I would rather cook out there than eat freeze dried stuff, or sandwiches. I sat down with them (boys) and I asked what does everyone enjoy the most, they all said camping. I suggested a "backpacking" trip and they flipped out. Parents are on board too. This all stems off my oldests AOL experience that has been less than stellar. That's a whole other topic (If you ask nicely, I might tell you) Anyways, he was jealous of what we are doing, and told me he wants to come be in our den. He crosses over in February, and he is very much looking forward to Scouts B
  7. That's a great thread, thank you! We think alike ☺️
  8. I will check, although our Scouts BSA troop has stayed here before. I'm guessing it already is. State Park land..
  9. BSA age appropriate guidelines mention Backpacking-Overnight Backcountry. We would not be in the backcountry (less than 20 mins from automobiles) and the scouts won't be carrying gear for a muti-day trek. Realistically we would be out there for less than 18 hours.
  10. My son's Bear den becomes Webelos I this coming June. Had the idea of taking them backpacking overnight. Ice Age Trail is near our community. We would only hike a mile or so in, stay overnight, come back next morning. Very low key, dads stay in tents boys would stay in the backpack shelter (like a small log cabin) I'd like to expose them to different outdoor activities, keep them interested. Planning process, etc... Anyone done this before?
  11. Yep, that's it. Just curious if anyone has some laying on the bottom or their awards box.
  12. Sad... what did your cost end up being? Ours is $105
  13. Does anyone have some they are willing to part with?
  14. How has your units famIies received this? Have you had committee/parents meetings yet about it? Ours was last Sunday. It went well. Good ideas, good discussion. We made some adjustments, mostly everyone was positive. We set the pack up for future increases and financial stability, even though it meant eliminating a few items we normally paid for to keep costs down. Had several parents that owned businesses offer to donate what was needed to cover defecit, as I refused to ask families for more money to cover a problem that was not our fault on short notice. I wanted this meeting to be abou
  15. I would say I am in these 2 camps.... I will know more after my parents meeting Sunday. I can't say it's been a fun week...
  16. Learn something new every day. Just a few years ago, Cub advancement was super cheap. That's what gets me right now.
  17. I would never discourage any boy from doing anything, but if you earn as many belt loops as one particular Scout I had, it ends up being over $25. With the registration cost going up, now that price is $85 to register and pay for just belt loops if someone earns a lot. That doesn't include any other costs. That's a lot of money for us, especially when last year total cost to be in our pack was $75. That's a really hard sell when you have multiple families on low income or multiple scouts. I think a lot of scouters at the Scouts BSA level don't realize how expensive the Cub Scout awa
  18. I had a few kids that probably hit that amount. 17 belt loops and other stuff adds up. I'm pushing for a limit on that at our parents mtg coming up. Just the 5 required and 1 elective.
  19. I inquired about that, and she said she does not have any info yet. She did say that they have a staff meeting next week and hopefully would have more info.
  20. Had a conversation today with my DE. Was very nice, we were both in agreement on a lot of things. She has kids in the program too.... I let her know that between our pack and troop, we do not have enough money to recharter. My intention is to complete all recharter paperwork and turn it in with the total that would be for recharter before the increase. When we collect dues in January like we normally do (payments 3 times a year), they will get the balance. That's just how it's gonna be, I have no other choice. She appreciated my honesty. I made it clear I place no blame with her, my
  21. Nothing official from mine, Bay Lakes Council, yet. It's not as bad as it could be, but we will still do some belt tightening....
  22. I am. That's what frustrates me the most. I have no idea what the increase will be. Had we known much earlier, we could have more time to spread an increase out over time. Now, I have a month. And if it's too significant a bump, the money is not there to recharter. I got to think most packs don't budget for an increase like this. If it'd not too bad, we will manage.
  23. This makes the entire organization, including volunteers, look unprepared.
  24. Most of that post was due to dumpster fire of a week (scouting and non) and a aggrivating comment a den leader made last night. I feel better, thanks. I like the therapy here. 😂😂
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