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So what do you do for a living?

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Wife, and Mom to two Boy Scouts (in 2 Troops!) - first and foremost. :)


Fine artist as my other occupation. In several galleries, do several shows in the region - and use artwork to support Scouting in my area wherever possible.


Assistant Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Den Leader, and active with the OA chapter... during the rest of my "spare" time.


So how do you all stuff 36 hours into a 24-hour time frame? I'm still trying to master that. ;P(This message has been edited by featherbear)

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I'm a helicopter pilot for the US Navy.

Okay, then I"ll play nice.  

I build aircraft carriers for Her Majesty :-D


Hi All,


I have been in construction all my life. Carpenter most of the time as a tradesman.

Got out of the labor end of it about 8 years ago and became a Construction Field Supervisor. Worked for 1 company for 7 years as that and called the company the meat grinder.


I am presently working as a Construction Manager for one of the top 25 Construction Management firms in the country. Stress level went down 150% and gained back a month & of life back. Worked in Manhattan 7 years had to get up at 3 in the morning and catch train and did not get home till 5:30. Now work 20 minutes from my home. Life is getting better.


Also work part time for Toys R Us as a bicycle assembler. Wife stays at home ands takes care of her mother. Her Mom is terminal with CHF. We have the front half of our house set up as an apartment for her and hospice takes care of the rest. Life has changed, as we know it. Our son is a scouter, wife is CC to my Pack and I am CM. My son is a big help to my wife with grandma god bless his soul. My wife and son spend almost all their time with the mom.


Thanks EKM


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I am an electrical engineer. I've worked for a small mfg. firm in central PA for 20 yrs. now. While the job demands much time, i still manage to be an assistant scoutmaster and the committee chairman for our Venture Crew.

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I graduated high school in 2006 so I'm still a full time student. My goal is to become a High School History teacher.


Currently I work about 20 hours a week for the local school district as a substitute custodian.


I also have a small lawn mowing "hobby" on the side that brings in some money.


In the past I have been employed as a Head Cashier at Menards, Office Assistant for an Insurance Agent, and an Day Care Assistant for the local school district.

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