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  1. Just my opinion but I don't believe that we should be in the "punishment" business with scouts, that is for the Judicial system. Use the incident as a lesson in the importance of telling the truth ( I am sure the scouts got a lecture that day anyways) and then let it go. On a lighter note, it is tough for boys to resist spitting off of anything that is high or crosses anything, kid won't spit all day long, cross a small foot bridge and "spit", why I don't know, it's in the male DNA I think. Putting boys up in a lighthouse and them getting in trouble for spitting seems to be "entrapment" (Let me add this caveat, if the boys were spitting on or at people, that is a different story, that's not funny, it's malicious. Then your problem is the act, not the lying)
  2. Dick's Sporting Goods have Scout Leader packets that they will give you upon request (you don't have to be in uniform) the packet contains about twenty pages of coupons for 10 to 20 percent off items in the store. There are also some $$ off coupons also. Check with the Manager and see if they would like to make a donation, they donated 25 fishing poles and two 2 man tents to my Cub Scout Pack.
  3. Probation Officer "High Risk Supervision Specialist" 22 years Florida Dept. of Corrections
  4. I have read your most thread and then re-read it again, mentally replacing "CC" with "my wife". It was an entirely different article! There is a old Taoist saying "Once we strive for importance, we become unimportant" Food for thought.
  5. Best Wishes for 2008 from Pack 22, Bradenton, Florida
  6. Have you called the Probation Officer? He/she could probably give you great insight on what you are looking for. A curfew extention request will probably being forwarded to a felony Judge for his approval. You can get information at http://www.dc.state.fl.us/. I have worked as a probation officer for 22 years and a cubmaster for the last 2 years, the key is don't lose the scout, he has enough on his plate with out the loss of more positive role models, if the dad is trying hard to change the P.O. will know it, they will also being urine screens and keeping up with his employment, checking on the conditions of the house, etc. If you need to be concerned they will let you know, seems like the offender is trying to do everything above board Call the Prob. Off. see what they think about it.
  7. In addition to the other suggestions I would add two items: first try to see which one has the largest amount of cubs that would be in your sons school, from what I have seen, boys who are in the same Pack tend to look out for one another in school. One dad told me the story of how his son was being picked on and another cub from his den intervened helped him out. Second. This is my personal opinion, watch out for Packs with alot of "drop off parents". You know what I mean, The best packs have families that are involved.
  8. Our CO runs a pre-school so they let us use several of thier class rooms. Five meetings a month seems like alot, I live in Florida so there is a year round competition with baseball, basket ball and soccer, one night a week is tough for some families with every thing else going on. Try to incorperate your Pack meetings into outside events; if we camp we use that overnight campfire as a pack meeting, we awarded the Tigers thier badges around the camp fire and they loved it. As to the issue of time to complete requirements, we stress that scouting is a family activity and the parents should be working on the handbook activities at home, some get the message and some don't
  9. Our Pack meets every Tuesday with the pack meetings being the 1st tuesday of every month, I have a large pack (75 boys) and these meetings are the only way I have a captive audience once a month to pass on schedule changes, etc., the meetings only last a hour and that gets burned up quick handing out belt loops and beads.Advancements are always a big deal. The boys enjoy getting a little bit of the spot light light in front of everbody. We always have cookies and bug juice at the end. I have also noticed that my den leaders like the pack meetings because it gives them a break for a week. Hope this helps
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