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  1. Scouts from our Troop have done the Valley Forge hike 4 times now, and after leaving Redoubt 3, we have experienced four different hikes. While this is a map and compass hike, some of the landmarks are not very distinctive. We have never been close to where we thought we should be when we exited the woods on Mt. Joy Ridge. I don't know what it is about the info in the book, but whoever is in charge of the trail guide could do a better job of being more descriptive of the trail after taking bearings at Redout 3.
  2. Our troop sells popcorn, and we have done Camp Cards, and we have an annual FOS presentation. We also do fundraisers as the need arises. The unit Fundraising Form gets filled out and submitted to the Council office. I've always looked at it as the Troop informing council that we are doing a fundraiser. I've often wondered what we would do if it was rejected. I'd imagine that we would still do the fundraiser, since the Troop, as a whole, found it necessary. Just a personal gripe about the unit fundraising form - I feel that they ask for alot of information about unit finances, that really are of no concern to the council. Whether our treasury has a balance of $4.00 or $40,000.00 shouldn't matter. (Just so you know, if we had $40,000.00 in our treasury, we likely wouldn't need to do a fundraiser).
  3. One of my former scouts went to an auction about a week ago, and was able to make the winning bid on a box of old timey scout stuff. Among the old rank patches and the black on red patrol patches, he had a Fieldbook from the 1960's. I offered him $25.00 for the book, on the spot! He didn't budge - good for him
  4. I bought the latest edition of the Fieldbook, simply because it seemed like a much better book than the last edition. (A little excessive on the LNT principles IMO). I have to agree that I much prefer the older Fieldbooks. I still have my fieldbook from the '70s. I like how there were photos or illustrations to go along with the material being presented. BSA would do well to utilize that approach with any new edition of the Fieldbook.
  5. The Scouts in our Troop have been using cell phones/ smart phones in their personal lives for the last four or five years. Cell phone use has slowly grown in our Troop over the last two to three years. While I personally don't care for the scouts to use them on outings, it has become difficult to police. For the last two years, our Council Camp has been promoting the use of camera phones/smart phones to take and share pictures with other campers, and to submit photos for a contest that the camp runs. With the advent of solar chargers an additional electrical outlets at some camps, it seems inevitable that mobile devices are going to be a part of a scouts equipment list. I am glad to say though, that the boys only seem to use their phones at bedtime, just to check FB status. I have yet to see anyone calling home. So maybe there still is hope.
  6. The adult leadership in our Troop eats what the scouts make for their particular meal. Maybe this is due to usually having ad hoc patrols on any particular outing. I have eaten less than desirable pancakes, stew that was more like watery soup, and other burnt/poorly prepared meals. It is a skill that most boys today don't do much of. It is a learning experience for them. IMO, it helps the boys learn that when cooking for the entire group, it is important to accept feedback, and know what you did right, and where there is room for improvement. Now, on the other side of the coin, I've eaten some wonderful chili, dutch oven lasagna, dutch oven pizza, and some dump cake deserts. As the boys get older, and more confident in their cooking skills, it is rewarding to see them learn and grow.
  7. Ripping patches off of a uniform is destruction of property. Scout shirts are not cheap. patches cost money. I would take the uniform to a tailor and have the patches reattached and then send the course director the bill. Maybe that will help influence his decision to continue the "training method"
  8. This sounds like a case of having a preconceived expectation going in, and then realizing that your expectation did not match reality. I say this as a good thing. Listen, when a Troop plans for a WEBELOS visit, they try and make it fun, or what they perceive as fun for the WEBELOS. So your son knows how to build a fire. Did he pay attention and take notice of what materials the Boy Scouts were using for tinder and kindling? Did he ask any questions? I would think that fire building and toasting marshmallows would be kinda fun. One thing to remember too is that some Troop meetings can be pretty dry. The real action happens on the outings. I would ask the Troop if they would be willing to host you and the WEBELOS on an upcoming outing. That is where you will see the Troop in action.
  9. Typically, the presenter will explain that it cost the council X dollars per scout for a year of scouting. If you can pay that amount the council will give you a gift, such as a special Council Shoulder patch, or some such thing. We were never forced to donate to FOS, and if you wanted to donate, you could donate what you felt comfortable with. Our unit is given a goal, based on our size and location. Some years we hit the goal, others years not so much.
  10. So, if I understand this correctly, I'm just switching from paying higher premiums, (HA!), to paying more in taxes to cover the uninsured, who can't or refuse to pay for insurance coverage. I am covered thru my employer, and if history is any indicator, to reign in the higher premiums, my employer had to increase the deductible and increase the co-pay. It is still good insurance, but coverage for blood work and other medical tests come out of my pocket to meet a higher deductible. So, while the cost of my premium was somewhat contained, my out of pocket expenses have significantly increased. I'm still losing ground. Look, my employer does what is in the best interest of ALL the employees who choose to have healthcare provided to them. The costs are out of control. They are unsustainable. Something like tort reform would be a good starting point to help contain costs. Unfortunately, the lawyers have a tight grip on campaign funds.
  11. Moosetracker, Since you seem to be a fan of the ACA, please sell me on it. I would really like to know how this piece of legislation is going to make health insurance affordable for the anywhere from 20M to 50M folks who currently do not have health insurance.
  12. OK, so now we have a fairly clean continuing resolution, and the debt ceiling has been raised. We know the deadlines for this new continuing resolution, and debt ceiling limit. Is anybody going to lead and/or govern, or are we just going to continue to keep kicking the can down the road until 2016? The problems of this nation still exist, and they need to be addressed. Spending Limits, ACA implementation are real issues that cannot be ignored! Obama needs to meet with the house leaders and hammer out a budget. The citizens of this nation deserve to know what the revenue streams are, and where/how their money is being spent. The budget needs to be greenlighted by the House Ways and Means Committee. (There is still a House W&M committee, right?) Harry Reid needs to bring the proposed buget to the floor of the Senate. No stonewalling! Any conflicts need to go to resolution and thougtfully debated; keeping in mind not only the obligations of today, but how we affect the future for our children. Of all gov't functions, this is the most important, and should be the no. 1 priority of the President and Congress. Period! Now, as far as the ACA is concerned, I have a tough time believing that many folks are cool with Nancy Pelosi's "We have to pass it to find out what is in it..." contention. If she worked for me, and submitted a report and said sign off on it, no need to read it, well, she would be certainly disiplined in the way the world works. There was no good reason to ramrod the ACA legislation down our collective throats, without some meaningful debate and discussion. This country doesn't have a health care problem, it has a problem with affordable health care coverage. This is a problem that has been with us for over 25 yrs. Another two years or so, to put together some meaningful legislation would not have hurt this country one bit. This piecemealed, loaded with political favors, piece of legislation is what upsets a lot of Americans, and IMO, rightfully so. From where I'm sitting, the ACA still discaourages low income folks from purchasing health coverage, because it is not really affordable. Sorry for the rant, but the question remains, is anybody going to lead/govern this country?
  13. I like the idea a merit badges that focus on marketable skills. Hopefully, this will inspire some boys to make a career out of a skill, such as plumbing, or welding or any other trade. In my opinion, the cost of a college education is soaring to the point that many folks are debating the reward of a degree, vs the potential income from said degree. I think it is a shame that young men and women, who have Master's degrees make less than $35k per year, and I am willing to bet that they are in debt for more than that. Now the MB's that cover vocational skills can hopefully lead young men, who may not be college material, to a career that they can utilize to support a family.
  14. Thanks for the links, Click23. Glad to see that there was a coordinated effort for the DoS.
  15. Does anybody know anything about the "Day of Service" at the Jambo? I saw a Facebook posting from a young man who wasn't overly thrilled about the bus ride for the DoS. It struck me that if every scout at the Jambo is to participate if DoS, over ten days, thats 3000 scouts per day! Is there enough work available to keep 3000 kids occupied every day? What type(s) of service are they doing? It seems like a logistical nightmare.
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