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  1. NJ, If you review my statement you will notice I was asking if you didn't think it was worthwhile. It was a question, not a statement of what you said. The owner of WB, at my suggestion, offered at his expense, to provide a place on his website for Scouts and Scouters to discuss Philmont. There are already thousands of posts on Philmont already on WB (Google "Philmont" specific to" whiteblaze.net" to see yourself). I was thinking it would be helpful to have all those posts in one forum dedicated to Philmont. I now see that there is no interest so I'll withdraw the idea.
  2. Beach, I suggest you visit White Blaze again. The site, although primarily an AT site has individual forums for all the major long trails, some of which you've probably never hear of and some which are shorter than the typical Philmont trek. These trails have individual forums on WhiteBlaze.net : Colorado Trail Long Trail in VT Pacific Crest Trail Continental Divide Trail Arizona Trail Florida Trail Ice Age Trail John Muir Trail Benton McKaye Trail Mountain to Sea Trail New England Trail, and several others.
  3. OK, so you don't think that having a forum on the largest, most visited backpacking site is worthwhile? I know there are other places to go but none have the traffic that WhiteBlaze has. They have over 62,000 members, have over 100,000 threads and have almost 2 million posts. Seems to me just to get a spot on that sight is a huge opportunity.
  4. Is there a need for an online public forum to discuss Philmont related topics? I have an acquaintance who owns WHITEBLAZE.NET, the largest online forum for backpacking/hiking. WB has forums for all the major trails including the AT, PCT, CDT, LT etc. I suggested that WB create a forum for Philmont. Considering over 20,000 Scouts and Scouters go to Philmont each year I think this would be a great opportunity to create a community to share experiences and information. I know that when I was preparing for Philmont a few years ago I visited BackpackingLight.com. However that site is a pay to joi
  5. Is it just me or has the site been changed? I find it unusable in its current format.
  6. Smokers, drinkers and gun totin' Scoutmasters have rights too.
  7. Well I guess we do things just a little bit different. Be in uniform Bring your handbook Bone up on the requirements, you will be asked questions. Rank awarded the same night as BOR.
  8. "I have formed a local group with several churches and other scout leaders to put pressure on our Congress man and Senators for change. We have drafted a letter and asked for a meeting with them thru our church minister." Basement, when you have your meeting maybe you can ask that the laws be enforced that are already on the books. If you read my last post you'll know why I ask this.
  9. Hey Basement, 5 years ago my sister in law was murdered by a criminal with a long record who stole a gun, broke into her home and shot her probably because he didn't want to leave a witness. When he was caught the first thing the prosecutor did was throw out the 5 year mandatory gun charge, then they dropped the charges to 2nd degree murder so they could get a plea. I expect that the wife and I will have to go to the parole hearings in a few years to try and keep this dirt bag behind bars more that 10 years. I'm sure he'll be happy about that and since he already threatened my FIL I'm su
  10. Are you concerned about the lead concentrations at hundreds of Scout camp shooting ranges?
  11. Lead (Pb) occurs naturally in the environment.
  12. "After spending 3 days and 30 miles hiking with some boys through areas where no firearms is allowed AND once again having some yahoo discharge a firearm nearby where we were hiking on a designated trail (and wearing orange)I really wish the "gun folks" would support restrict idiots with getting firearms. Some folks are just too stupid." Tampa, did you see the person shooting? How do you know he wasn't on private property? I'm sure you know the sound of a shot can carry a long distance. How do you know they were not acting safely? Just wondering.
  13. "Yah, this has me in stitches. Have yeh been watchin' da news lately? Or readin' what folks have been writin' here in da forums at Scouter.com? " Yes Beaver I have been reading what people say here, especially what you've been saying. What I've seen is that time and time again when someone makes a point that you disagree with you belittle them with some snide little remark like the one above. Something that I've noticed here lately is that if it wasn't for this discussion on gun control or gays in Scouting there would be little activity on Scouter (Currently the "Today's Active Topics
  14. I agree with background checks to prohibit criminal since they having given up their rights by their past actions, Mandatory education to prove you know what your doing since your actions have consequences, Passing a test to you prove you are responsible, And paying a tax before you exercise you rights. The above should be applied to guns and voting!
  15. "Then you know something the Bush WMD inspection team didn't know or was unable to find." Just for you: http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/report/2004/isg-final-report/isg-final-report_vol3_cw-01.htm (This message has been edited by Eagle732)
  16. The NRA will send you a free packet with child safety information. From the NRA website: "The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program can provide you with a sample of materials for your review. Our sample packet includes a copy of a student workbook, testimonials, program statistics and ordering information. To receive a free sample packet, please call 1-800-231-0752 or email eddie@nrahq.org."
  17. So Iraq didn't have large stockpiles of chemical weapons? Oh I know different.
  18. Well Beaver, the good senator from Iowa says the administration would not provide requested information. I take him for his word. The senate does have the responsibility to confirm appointees. If the senate which has a Democratic majority wanted to confirm someone I'm sure it would. Sounds like candidate #2 Todd Jones has some issues with "Fast and Furious" which is a whole other world of problems. Funny how no one went to jail for that little scheme.
  19. Beaver "7. Nomination of a new ATF director (dropping his former nominee who has languished for 4 years without a vote)." Maybe this from a letter to the President from Senator Grassley of Iowa might shed some light on why the ATF DIrector job has yet to be filled" Grassley "One area I agree with the President on is that a Senate confirmed head of the ATF would be beneficial, but if the Justice Department leadership, including the Attorney General, does its job, there should be plenty of accountability for the ATF. In addition, the last time the President nominated a Director for the
  20. Why waste tax dollars on research designed to prove an outcome the government wants? Don't they have more important things to spend money on like how fast shrimp can run on a treadmill
  21. "Why not just repeal the 2nd and then the government can do what it wants?" "Because the second amendment does not grant gun rights." Yes Brewmiester, you and I agree, The amendments prohibits the federal government from infringing upon inherent rights, it does not grant them. When we weaken one we weaken all. All this Constitution talk has me thinking I'll go sign up to be a Citizenship in the Nation MBC!
  22. Taxing ammo in a punitive way would be unconstitutional. Why not just repeal the 2nd and then the government can do what it wants? Again driving a car is a privilege not a right. The State Police will find you and take your license and remove the tags from you car if they are revoked because these items belong to the state.
  23. Well Beaver, the first point I would make is that cars are not protected by the Constitution. However: "We do have speed limits, though, which might be da equivalent of gun-limited zones (but with lesser penalties). Yep and you can't have certain classes of weapons, already a law. We do limit da size of vehicles to a standard; we do charge extra taxes to larger vehicles with higher axle weights, which would be da equivalent of higher taxes on more powerful firearms. Yep and all firearms and ammunition is currently subject to the the federal 11% Pittman Robertson Tax. This was se
  24. Yea we don't ban cars that can go 120mph when the highest legal limit is 70. Focus on the criminal and not the inanimate object.
  25. How about enforcing the 47,000 current gun laws on the books? I know for a fact that the mandatory 5 years for a gun crime is the first charge thrown out. Also there are many states that don't report those who are disqualified under federal law due to mental illness http://www.npr.org/2012/08/15/158758286/the-law-and-reality-of-gun-access So if the Pres wants to start issuing exec. orders maybe he can start with these two suggestions. Make the states report those who have been legally established as being mentally ill and have the feds prosecute more gun crimes.
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