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  1. A short story: Well, this past weekend Gulf Ridge Council held their Council Camporee, 99 in '09, to kick off the upcoming 100th year of scouting. The crew was asked to be the medical Staff for the event, which was attended by approximately 1500 people. After getting to the camp site Friday evening, and setting up in the rain, the crew stayed up talking into the evening. When I returned from the 10:30 pm Scoutmaster meeting they were all asleep. Then about 5:00 am the area experienced either a microburst or a small tornado, along with heavy rain. Rainflys were ripped of tents, shelters we
  2. Last night after a meeting I mentioned this thread to the Crew President(a female)and my daughter who is the V.P of Programs for the crew I'm the Advisor for. I cautioned them that this was a rumor, and only a rumor, with no facts to back it up, and that it would probably never happen. However, after they heard the rumor about a female venturer possibly attaining the rank of Eagle Scout both said "That would be so cool. I wish it would happen. How cool would it be to be a girl Eagle Scout." So what I'm trying to say is that if it ever did happen I do believe that there would be a surge o
  3. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=392733971&albumId=1272474 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=392733971&albumId=1306659 Some pictures of the first aid training and the fall camporee. (Sorry about having to copy & paste) (This message has been edited by clc5105)
  4. The crew hasn't expressed to me that they would like to advance their training any further. The First Responder should have satisfied the Core and Elective requirements for the Ranger Award. I know they do enjoy being medical staff. I think most of the scouts like it becuase the crew is mostly made up of girls (6 girls and 4 guys). The crew also participated in the closing Campfire on Saturday night with skits and a song. As far as fun things go, we have a trip to St. Augustine planned for June and a trip to Alexander Springs in August, with what ever day trips they come with in between.
  5. The crew that we started almost a year ago has made a name for itself in a small way. I work for a larger fire dept in my county so I was able to bring the crew to my station on some of my duty days and trained the members to the First Responder level in first aid. They also got a tour of the apparatus, the ambulance, and the medical helicopter at the airport 2 miles away. After they were trained, the crew was asked to participate the the district fall camporee as medical staff for approximately 200-250 scouts. We got together several fannie packs and made first aid kits out of them, plus
  6. That's one of those things that you can bring up and remind him of at his Eagle Court of Honor. That is, if you'r not too old to remember it.
  7. When I opened a checking account for our crew I was advised by the bank to get a Tax ID number. The account was opened under my number with the understanding I would get an ID # and change it. In fact, about thirty minutes after I left the guy at the bank called me back and said that he had called a supervisor and was advised that the IRS can, and has, tied people's personal accounts with a troop/crew account, which created a mess. A day or so later I called the IRS and got the number. It took about two weeks for the IRS to get the letter to me confirming the number, which I had to take a copy
  8. No, he is the real COR. However, I no sooner submitted the original post when he called and asked if we could talk. He came over and we had a cordial conversation about the crew and it's future. I don't know where the CC came up with the stuff about meetings and activity as the COR never brought it up. The COR's main concern was the training of the officers, making sure that the by-laws were to be followed as written and voted on, and making sure it was a youth run organization. Now I need to have a chat with my CC.(This message has been edited by clc5105)
  9. I'm the Advisor of a new crew that just started in June. We have been on two activities and meet every third Thursday due to my schedule. Suddenly the Charter Org. Rep. has told the Comm. Chair that we are meeting too often and doing too many activities. He stated that a Venture crew is supposed to meet once a month and only do one activity per quarter, because that's he way a crew is supposed to be run. He has also stated that he is "going to straighten us out" about what we are doing. Here's the kicker.... he is the Scoutmaser of the troop we spun off from, and I'm the Committee Chair for.
  10. Well, we had our first outing as a crew. We went to Alexander Springs in the Ocala National Forest, (http://www.tfn.net/Springs/Alexander.htm) and stayed at Camp Lanoche (http://www.camplanoche.com) which is about 15-20 minutes away. Everybody had a great time. All the new venturers got to know each other better and are forming friendships. That was proven last night at our meeting. The first few meetings they were spread out and not very talkative. Last night they were all sitting together and having a great time. So far we are off to a great start. We still have a few rough edges to smooth o
  11. Your last sentence was one of the most insightful things I've seen in a while. It will probably be the one piece of advice I use the most. Thanks.
  12. Central Florida, about halfway between Tampa and Orlando.
  13. We have decided to spin off a Venture Crew from our troop, of which I'm to be the advisor. I'll admit it's kinda for a selfish reason in my case. My son has made Eagle Scout and is now 18. I was planning on staying with the Troop as the Committee Chairman, however, my daughter's GSA troop folded and I think she got her feelings hurt as I was spending so much time helping my son with Eagle. So to spend more time with her we came to Venturing. So far we've had a couple of informal meetings so let others know what Venturing is about and to hand out applications. So far the reaction has been fabul
  14. Lieutenant in Special Operations (HAZ-MAT & Technicial Rescue) for a fire dept. in Central Florida.
  15. I just had this conversation with my son the other day. We were discussing his upcoming Eagle Project and I told him that just because he was going to make Eagle, I wasn''t leaving the troop. He replied " I wasn''t expecting you to. In fact I''m going to stay with the troop to help. So you''ll need to get me an adult application. " I can think of few times when I was more proud of him.
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