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So what do you do for a living?

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If you read my profile, you'll see that I'm a profesional scouter.


What do you do for a living? I'm trying to sample a large cross-section of scouters to make sure we have a large section of scouters.


It's not a scientific survey. I'm just curious.


If you're a lurker -- and that's one who reads, but doesn't post, and I'm okay with that -- I encourage you to take a moment to register and answer the question.


If you're an un-confident lurker who would like to post something, I encourage you to try it! This is a great group of people. After all, if I'm not afraid to try it (profesionals usually get the stuffin' kicked out of them when they jumpp into a well and completely volunter-run group like this,) you shouldn't be.


So go ahead! What do you do?


DS(This message has been edited by dsteele)

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I'm a helicopter pilot for the US Navy.

Okay, then I"ll play nice.  

I build aircraft carriers for Her Majesty :-D

I'm a licensed social worker. I do tobacco cessation phone coaching for a "living." I decided I wanted a job that offers me flexibility to do my Scouter duties (which have expanded significantly over the past two years).


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I'm at present employed by, UPMC Senior Living as the Assistant Director of Dietary Services.

We are about the, if not the biggest provider of Assisted Living facilities in the state of Pennsylvania.

While we are "Owned by the Medical Center, we are a for profit corporation, and accept no State or Federal funds.

In the past I have owned and operated several restaurants.

Worked as a Dietitian.

Taught English History.(First "Real Job")

Been a Royal Gardener.

A bartender.

Worked in a Hardware Store.(This paid my way through school.)

We (Her that must be obeyed and self,) own a small farm in Ireland, and are looking into buying a Dairy Queen.

If all goes to plan we hope to retire in ten years and move to some place warm. The Winter in PA. is starting to get much too cold.(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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I have worked as an electrician and lineman since quitting college in 1973. I am currently working as an electrical and instrumentation superintendent on construction projects at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This work keeps me away for up to 2 1/2 months at a time. With my present work schedule I have not been able to work with Boy Scouts in the past 6 years.



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I am a Medicare Compliance Consultant specializing in Hospital Outpatient Billing. In the past I traveled all over the country visiting hospitals, from Pensacola, Forida to Karmela, Hawaii (big island). With stops on Whidbey Island, Washington to Eagle Pass, Texas. (There's a Dickies plant just one block from the Rio Grande)


Currently I have a unique position in the company, I work from my home. I sit at my desk and answer E-Mail questions, and phone questions from our clients. You have to remember, Medicare regulations come from the same people who bring you the IRS tax code, so its always a challenge and always changing.



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Electromechanical designer, using computer aided drafting programs I make drawings and generate 3d models of things to be built. Plastic molded parts, sheet metal parts, die castings, electronic and electrical controls that type of thing. About to enter the unemployment market.

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Well, in life before my little scouts, i was editor for 2 monthly Broadcast publications (for advertising agencies). Post kids...i'm, still in publishing, working on Who's Who in America books from the comfort of my home (surrounded by scouting stuff!).


I must say scouting is an important part of our family life. I have seen it teach my oldest son (now 14) valuable life lessons, that i know he wouldn't have learned if he wasn't in scouting.

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This is great! Keep those cards and letters coming!


I had a few jobs before graduating college and joining the profession.


My first job, of course, was handicrafts director at Camp Rota-Kiwan in Kalamazoo. They hired me at 14 years old (when the inspectors came that year, the camp director wished me a happy 16th birthday. I kept my mouth shut about my age, but it was a little difficult because my father was on the camping committee and had to pretend to be my older brother.)


I also worked as a library page, dishwasher, clothing salesman and did 7 years of camp staff.


Thanks for you input. Keep it coming, please



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Since moving to the UK last summer: a full time mom (or mum as they say here).


Before that, a legal editor at a publishing company in New York City.


If I turn on the Wayback Machine: I've been a waitress, hotel chambermaid, clerk, contracts administrator and practicing lawyer.


I'm now the leader for my third grade daughter's Brownie troop. This is my first contact with Scouting since I was a Girl Scout myself.


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