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So what do you do for a living?

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School actually only last 7:50 til 2:45 most days, except for half days, Wednesdays, and almost every other day;)


But then I have either basketball, baseball, etc which is two or three or four hours long.:(


That uncludes Saturday. Last week we had practice at 7:30 in the morning!

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I'm a helicopter pilot for the US Navy.

Okay, then I"ll play nice.  

I build aircraft carriers for Her Majesty :-D

I thought I would bring this back up for one reason: I now have a job.


Every Saturday, or any other school day off when we get a truck, I go in and help to unload the truck and then stock the plants.


I work at a wholesale plants place near my town. This is somethimes an all day job, and others only a couple of hours. When a truck comes (from Florida), we have to unload the truck and unpackage it in the warehouse or pernament semi trailer.


It makes me some money where I can go buy some camping gear or other stuff that I want such as climbing gear;)

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I am an email administrator for the Toro Company. In case you don't know us we make lawnmowers, snowthrowers, irrigation equipment, and other lawncare equipment. If you need something like that we make darned good stuff! (sorry, had to get a plug in :-)




Ted McLaughlin


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Guess I'll just list the things I've been paid for:


Farm Hand (herdsman, equipment operator, stevedore, picker)



Deployment/Mobility NCOIC

Statistical Analyst

Systems Analyst



Retail Salesman

Automotive Mechanic

Production Controller

Production Control Supervisor

Database Administrator

PC Technician

Information Systems Help Desk

Network Engineer

Security Manager



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Let's see, since everyone else is going way back so shall I.


Golf Ball shagger at the local driving range. (OUCH!)


Hamburger flipper at White Castle

Auto Dealer Porter

Parts Driver

Parts Counterman

Parts Manager (Ford)

Service Manager, The most stressfull job I've ever had.

Parts Manager, Again

My last five jobs have been with the same company, they must like me.

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I am a retired Elem. Physical Ed. Teacher & Coach from Michigan.


My wife and I owned a campground for 13 years. We sold the campground in l990, and was the Tripping Director for a Catholic Camp for 4 years. Now I take about 3 scouts trips each summer to Northern Ontario.


In the winter, I play shuffleboard in Flordia. I am still trying to make Pro.



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Troop185, "Tripping Director"???? Catholic Camp is tougher than I thought!!! I'm glad I settled for Philmont!!! ;)



Ok, so . . . my jobs . . .


paper boy

Tom Watt Salesman

stock clerk

meat cutter apprentice

security guard

burger flipper

burger flipper mgr.


"super sub" substitute teacher

high school teacher

Teacher Union Executive

middle school teacher

Asst. Principal

Student Services Administrator (can you say ... Dean?)

Assoc. Principal (they told me it was cooler than Asst. -- still handled everyone else's headaches!! Though, I didn't have to deal with gangs and handguns, anymore!)

Elementary Principal

District Administrator for Technology and Curriculum

STAY AT HOME PARENT (Much cooler to help your own kids than other peoples'!!)





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Somebody :( please :( help :( Spiney :( because :( I :( am :( officially :( TOOOOOOOOO :( old :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









C'mon, someone around here is older than me. . . BW? Eamonn? Methusala? . . . so, so , saddddd . . .(This message has been edited by johndaigler)

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first....Mr. Daigler....Tom Watt salesman....cardboard suitcase full of pocket sewing kits, reusable ice cubes, pocket first aid kits, travel size double edge razors, and other cheap 'easy to sell' items...right?


I am a commercial property manager...shopping centers, office buildings, industrial centers...but did my share of fund raising in the dark ages....

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