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  1. Heavy equipment mechanic specializing in Caterpillars
  2. I never thought of getting a "loaner scout" or two from another troop. That might be a possibility. I have a good relationship with several troops in the district and may be able to find a volunteer. I just do not want to scare the boys off before they can really experience the program. Catmechanic
  3. Thanks for all of the advise so far. My username comes from my job. I am a heavy equipment mechanic and I generally only work on Caterpillars. I want the boys to have fun and learn all that they can but I do not want the troop to be run by the adults. I know in the first year the adults will be doing most of the teaching but should the boys decide what we are going to do to learn those skills? Right now I have six boys crossing over and the possibility of another boy transfering from another troop. I do not want to keep the troop a small troop but I think it will be easier working with
  4. As scoutmaster of a new troop that will start in March, I was wondering how to have a boy led troop with boys that are just coming up from a cub pack? I want to give the boys as much responsiblity as possible, but also need to make sure they have the right skills to go along with it. Catmechanic
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